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Unknown author (2010-11-30 06:21:07):

how to import image and use for cursor

Vlasta (2010-11-30 09:59:29):

You'll need the Cursor Editor instead of Paint.COM.

Unknown author (2010-12-14 22:00:13):

how to color text

Unknown author (2010-12-21 07:29:49):

how do i create an animated gif?

Daniel W. (2010-12-25 17:30:08):

Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing. Is there even a way. Like maybe with layers or something?

Vlasta (2010-12-25 18:26:47):

No, only static images are supported.

Unknown author (2010-12-28 16:34:01):

transparency color

Unknown author (2011-02-12 05:13:03):

my friend uses realworldpaint and he is able to make the backgrounds change color.
how do you do that?

Unknown author (2011-05-23 21:19:31):

is there a clone tool?

Unknown author (2011-09-09 20:10:29):

The pressure sensitivity isn't working. how do fix?

Vlasta (2011-09-09 21:30:27):

Install your tablet driver. It must be wintab-compatible. It works with the brush tool only and you can enable pressure sensitivity for flow, size or blur in the settings panel.

Sue (2011-09-20 15:02:31):

The resizing works great but would like to adjust the resulting picture size from 3.13 to 3.93 or 4 inches. Is that possible

Vlasta (2011-09-20 15:23:41):

The physical size of a picture is controlled by a single number called DPI. There is no direct way of changing it in the application, because it has virtually no effect except telling the world what size is the picture supposed to be. The program that is then used for printing may or may not take this into account. I would recommend simply setting the required physical size in the program you use for printing.

The printing plug-in that allows you to set physical size before printing is not compatible with the current version of RW Paint. If you would want to use it, you would need to wait few weeks for the next version of Paint.

debbie (2011-09-22 20:23:17):

I have a ohotograph I want to turn into an icon, but when I select making an icon from the photograph, it is very blurred. What am I doing wrong?

Vlasta (2011-09-22 20:45:45):

(Assuming the photograph is big enough.) An icon has multiple images and you can select which ones to create by putting a checkmark to them when creating an icon. If you want to keep a lot of details, you should have the largest (256x256 image) checked. The smaller ones will have less details. When the small image is viewed in the editor and zoomed in, it may look blurred. Look in the lower left corner to see it not zoomed (you may need to drag the pane or close some panels), just like Windows will display it.

Unknown author (2011-10-19 16:59:26):

I cannot see how to convert an image so that the background is made transparent. None of the help or discussion I can find covers this.

Vlasta (2011-10-19 19:50:47):

With RWPaint?

NEOC (2011-11-16 23:04:25):

Looks like he's/she's talking about it. Yes... I really hate the way of Real World Paint handles Alpha Channel.

Unknown author (2011-12-02 20:13:53):

I need to know how to use my created cursor. Thanks :-)

Jerhil (2012-01-18 00:56:05):

Have installed RW Paint free version and thought the layers, brushes, etc had installed but cannot find them. There is no media library icon on the tool bar. What am I missing?

Vlasta (2012-01-18 00:58:11):

If you have installed the media packs from the Online page, you'll find them when opening a layer style, image brush, etc. in the appropriate open file windows - look near the top of the windows for a Tagged library tab.

Unknown author (2012-01-27 09:06:05):

guy can you help me to created cursor pleasa help me ;-)

Unknown author (2012-05-06 16:26:17):

Open the filelist where you can see more then one graphic files.
Then e.g. change colorize (Ctr-i) and remember config.
Now load the next file (to colrize it with the remembered setting)
Unfortunaly RwPaint opens a hole new instance, thus you cannot
revert the remembered colorizing config.

Best Regards from The Netherlands!

Vlasta (2012-05-06 18:36:59):

If you close the old file before opening the new one, the last setting will be there. I decided to keep the configuration of concurrently opened windows separate to prevent unexpected things from happening. For example if you re-configured a panel or a toolbar in one window, other windows would also change. This may change in the future. If I ever implement a tabbed document interface, the configuration will be shared for sure.

Unknown author (2012-10-18 17:27:29):

how to sharpen an image

Vlasta (2012-10-18 17:41:03):

Try the Unsharp mask command in the Effect menu.

Unknown author (2012-10-28 11:56:45):

Please tell me how to insert a clipart to my image ?

Vlasta (2012-10-28 11:57:33):

drag and drop the clipart file to the canvas?

Unknown author (2012-10-28 11:58:37):

In fact, I have a google earth image and I want to symbolize factories and mines in the region.

Thank You

Unknown author (2012-11-30 22:51:06):

Feeling dumb, how the hell do you crop?????

Vlasta (2012-11-30 22:53:08):

With the crop tool in the toolbar above the canvas.

Unknown author (2012-11-30 22:53:54):

It let's me select, then what???

Vlasta (2012-11-30 22:54:18):

press Enter or apply the action with a mouse gesture or by right-clicking and selecting "Apply" from the context menu

Unknown author (2012-11-30 22:56:06):

Not easy to find. Had to right click???
Not very intuitive...

Vlasta (2012-11-30 22:57:29):

you don't have to right click, that is just one of 3 ways

Unknown author (2012-12-04 19:46:54):

Its place an image over another?


Unknown author (2012-12-07 16:04:08):

how do i make meh and my sister name

Unknown author (2012-12-30 01:22:12):

I'm trying to dump a large amount of text onto a layer. How do I resize the textbox to fit the space templated on the other layer?

Wraxtiorre (2012-12-30 01:27:53):

That was me, and I just registered, so let me re-ask the question (unlike Rory).
I'm trying to dump a large amount of text onto a layer. How do I resize the textbox to fit the space templated on the other layer?

Vlasta (2012-12-30 09:42:51):

You should not need to resize it - type or paste your text and it will be all visible on the canvas.

Wraxtiorre (2012-12-30 18:39:59):

But it's multiple rows, and the fontsize is huge because the pixel count is high. How do I control fontsize without resizing the box? Does it have wordwrap, or should I make each row of text a separate box?

Maybe I should just tell you what I'm doing. I'm making a dustjacket for a trade hardback from a .PNG file, and the inside sleeves are 9" tall by 3" wide. I am trying to put the synopsis of the book (about 200 words) in there with a picture of the author on the bottom of the right sleeve.

Vlasta (2012-12-30 18:51:30):

You need to press Enter at the end a of a line, there is no automatic word wrapping. You can edit the text in the small area near the right edge of the window.

Unknown author (2013-02-21 09:25:07):

how can I add shadows to an object ?

Unknown author (2013-04-16 17:55:51):

how can I open .tif images?

Vlasta (2013-04-16 17:56:42):

^ Install a plug-in from the Plug-ins tab on the Online page.

airboat233 (2013-04-17 09:44:57):

Hello, I tryed to download new version of RWP. Download was successful, according to download wizzard. When i tryed to open the application, it crashed and could not recover. Had to do a system restore and i now have older version running. Question, should i just try and reinstall? ..(OS windows7 hp service pk 1, internet explorer 10, 4 gig ram, 400g free space, system all up to date) thanks for any help...airboat233

Vlasta (2013-04-17 10:51:23):

In what way it crashed? Did you use the portable version or the installer?

If you had the older version installed and installed the new one, it is possible that something from the old version remained on your computer. Usually, this should not happen, but who knows. Using the portable version and putting it into a new, empty folder is the easiest way to get it running. If you want the installed version, it may help to uninstall the older one first, then verify the there is nothing left in the application folder (usually C:\Program Files\RealWorld Paint), then go to %APPDATA%\RealWorld\RWPaint and delete the PlugIns folder, which may contain updates for the older version. Then install the new version downloaded from this web (some mirrors, like download.com may have older builds).

airboat233 (2013-04-18 03:24:38):

Hi and thanks a heap. I did the uninstall and checked for left overs (could not find any) and then installed the new version. All is good .Thanks agin airboat233 :-)

Unknown author (2013-04-30 13:38:41):

Is pcx the only option for the size of a new canvas / picture? I would need mm or cm and DPI

Vlasta (2013-04-30 13:49:03):

Yes, only pixels can be used and you can also select dpi (pixels/dpi*25.4 = mm).
But you can use simple expressions when specifying image size. If you want to set the size of your new image to 20mm at 100DPI, you can type "20*100/25.4" (without the quotes) into the Width box and 100 into the Resolution box and it will work.

May I ask why you want to use these physical units at image creation? They only matter at the moment of printing and if you use the print plug-in, you may select desired size in physical units just before printing and see how the image fits onto a page.

Unknown author (2013-05-15 19:45:14):

rwp been walking fine but now all the sudden its not letting me save the pictures. what would cause it to start doing that :-( getting frustrated cause I need the image to save


Vlasta (2013-05-15 20:12:54):

what RWP version? what image format? any unusual circumstances?

Unknown author (2013-06-18 14:45:02):


How to reduce the size of a layer's part, proportionally I mean, using a % for exemple.
I use the tool "transform" but I can't keep proportion.

Vlasta (2013-06-18 14:53:57):

Enable "Preserve aspect ratio" in the tool properties panel by the right side of the window.

Unknown author (2013-06-30 16:54:56):

I clicked hide menu or something in the ps filter section and now I cant import new filters because it only shows the one i installed before (even that didnt work) how to get back the ps filter menu?

Vlasta (2013-06-30 19:11:14):

You can reset configuration (which returns the application to the initial state). Or you can try repairing it manually, but that is quite complicated: go to Tools->Options, enable "Show menu command for layout control", open an image, go to Tools->Configure layout, switch to "Menu configuration" tab, click on "#5 - Document - Condition", then increase the size of the window until you see 4 commands in the right side of the window. Click the 3rd one, then on the blue text on the right to zoom in, then probably do that again until you'll finally see the "Hide manager" checkbox - uncheck it and click OK.

Unknown author (2013-07-01 03:31:19):

thanks a lot

Unknown author (2013-09-05 21:55:32):

How do I change the brush size?

Vlasta (2013-09-05 21:58:09):

Look for the Tool properties panel at the right side of the window (while the Brush tool is selected) and there is a "Size" box.

bioedilapulia (2013-09-15 21:15:18):

Salve ho praticamente nessuna esperienza con questo programma, volevo chiedervi come posso incurvare il testo , volevo creare una immagine con sfondo trasparente (alpha) da usare come timbro sulle mie foto di lavoro. Spero saprete darmi qualche indicazione. Grazie


Vlasta (2013-09-15 21:48:29):

Check out the configuration panel of the text tool.

Unknown author (2013-09-16 17:13:06):

Why can't I print an image - NO "print" is not in the drop down menu under file... HELP please!

Vlasta (2013-09-16 17:53:47):

You need to instal a plug-in for printing. Go to the Online page within the application, switch to Plug-ins tab, click on Install in the Print row and restart the software.

Unknown author (2013-09-20 03:19:18):

how do I print lol

Unknown author (2013-09-25 20:41:41):

hogy lehet kicsinyiteni a kép méretét?

Vlasta (2013-09-26 08:35:42):

Of course: go to "Image"->"Resize (Resample)..." (Ctrl+E)

Unknown author (2013-10-04 02:10:24):

I can not open the Realworldpaint. There is no explanation. From one moment to the next. Successfully re-installed it several times, but it will not opens. Then I installed the RealWorld Cursor, it's opens. RealWorld Paint fit me better for my hands. :-(

Unknown author (2013-10-04 02:41:40):

Now I had just to restart the computer. Although the program is witty, easy to use, does not take up much space, but not the first difficulty. It is quite vulnerable. :-)

Vlasta (2013-10-04 09:09:19):

It is hard to guess what happened, but resetting configuration may help. Or use the portable version.

GSnet (2013-10-21 03:45:50):

Seem to have a problem with saving original image size as GIF. Saving as PNG works fine.

IE: Creating a new image file size 18x18 pixels.

Save as PNG: 18x18
Save as GIF 18x11 <- ?

Vlasta (2013-10-21 09:10:36):

could you send me the problematic png and gif to info@rw-designer.com ?

GSnet (2013-10-21 21:03:51):


Vlasta (2013-10-21 21:54:14):

In case anyone else cares about this problem, the resolution is that the GIF is fine, but Windows Explorer (at least in Win7) does not display its size correctly.

Tom (2013-10-24 22:53:21):

How do I remove part of an image and still save the background?
Thank you,

Vlasta (2013-10-24 23:22:29):

check out this tutorial

MateraL (2013-11-03 06:43:47):

Hi. I took a photo and cut the people from the background because I wanted to edit the people separately from the background. When I pasted it onto the background again it worked well because the people went over the original photo. Then I saved the files and closed the paint. Now the background for the people I cut out is black instead of transparent. I can't paste them onto a photo anymore because the black covers everything. Please help!

Vlasta (2013-11-03 11:38:02):

Have you perhaps saved the files as .JPG ? If yes, then you describe is very probable. JPG does not support transparency. If you want to keep layers and transparency, you should save files in the internal file format .RLI or in another format that supports them.

MateraL (2013-11-03 17:31:21):

I saved it as JPG. Ugh! Thank you for your help. Now I know for next time. :-)

Unknown author (2013-11-16 00:38:56):

how do i draw an animation? :-(

Ludwig (2014-02-02 15:05:48):

Draw an image. Then click on "Create" -> "Create Animation". Then you can add some frames, set the speed and save it as animation. icon-image/10132-16x16x32.png image
I hope that this was helpful!

Unknown author (2014-02-14 00:12:29):

Hey, I am crating a PNG image in order to use it as a timeline cover on facebook.
However when I upload it areas around text on the image lose their quality..
What am I doing wrong?
By the way I have tried exporting it in JPEG too.

Win 7/64Bit/RWImg v.2013.1


Unknown author (2014-02-14 00:35:19):

I scanned a piece of vinyl cloth in as a jpeg. For some reason everything with a purple hue in the original comes in as a shade of blue in the jpg. How can I select a color with the dropper then replace all pixels of that color with another color?

Vlasta (2014-02-14 09:12:08):

GIF does not support semi-transparency and so you may seem jagged edges instead of smooth ones when using that file format. Unfortunately, there is universally accepted image format that supports both animations and smooth transparency. While RWPaint can save you work as either animated WebP or animated PNG, it is unlikely that Facebook will recognize and accept them. WebP works in Chrome, animated PNG works in Firefox.

If you need to change color of the whole image, try the Adjust->Colorize or Adjust->More effects->Shift hue in the main menu

Unknown author (2014-02-15 17:42:12):

I want to try removing object a per the tiger lesson.
also is it possible get the video lesson large so I can see it better.


gianfranca (2014-03-01 18:24:01):

i primi passi per fare un foto montaggio ?? :-(

Unknown author (2014-03-04 18:35:11):

im interested in making my cursor a specific image that performs an animation when i click certain buttons say for instance i click my mouse. how would i do this? i know its possible as ive seen cursors like this before. and it would be pretty neat if i could create one.

Vlasta (2014-03-04 20:11:57):

not possible with standard windows cursor - search the forum for more info

Unknown author (2014-03-18 15:07:00):

I cannot find the 'Print' option. can someone help please.


Vlasta (2014-03-18 15:11:30):

you need to install the plugin first - check the Online tab when you start the application

Unknown author (2014-03-29 11:24:37):

Why does RWP start minimized? :-(
This occurred today when I tried to open a .png file.
Should I re-install RWP?

Screen: http://prntscr.com/3544rp

Vlasta (2014-03-29 16:33:34):

That looks more like your computer was low on memory or some other shared resource. Re-installing probably won't help. I would try to restart the computer, check it for viruses and eventually reset configuration of RWP.

Unknown author (2014-03-30 19:16:02):

Reset helped a lot! :-D

Unknown author (2014-04-09 23:11:12):

How do I move a copied picture after I pasted and click after.

Unknown author (2014-06-02 14:06:54):

how can i write a text?

Unknown author (2014-06-05 18:30:24):

When I open Paint I don't have any color pallet.

Vlasta (2014-06-05 19:09:14):

Once you select a drawing tool that needs a color, it will appear.

Unknown author (2014-07-20 14:34:29):

Jak můžu obrázek, nebo animaci přesunout na nějakou webovou stránku?

Unknown author (2014-08-14 22:21:06):

how to make the icon large

Unknown author (2014-09-02 03:14:34):

how to change the angle of a screenshot

Unknown author (2014-09-04 11:45:05):

How can I print ?

Vlasta (2014-09-04 12:21:38):

Install the plug-in from the Online page within the app first.

Unknown author (2014-09-14 19:25:10):

How do i add words to a image??

Vlasta (2014-09-14 19:26:07):

with the text tool

Unknown author (2014-09-16 00:53:04):

how do I re-size for email

Unknown author (2014-09-16 02:14:16):

How do you overlay one layer onto another.

Unknown author (2014-09-24 22:53:09):

¿Que herramienta sirve para borrar? Encontré el botón para deshacer, pero no la goma...

Unknown author (2014-10-11 21:34:14):

How can i rotate a picture vertically?

Vlasta (2014-10-11 22:10:16):

Image->More transformations->Flip

Unknown author (2014-10-21 15:54:40):

How do I crop an image?

Unknown author (2014-10-23 20:54:08):

I cant find the bleedin "magic wand" lads!

Vlasta (2014-10-23 21:08:16):

In the first drawing tool group, together with other selection tools. (Only works with raster images.)

Unknown author (2014-11-07 20:51:37):

I need to enlarge an image that I imported in so it doesn't look gross and blurry.

Vlasta (2014-11-07 21:50:35):

That cannot be easily done, the information simple isn't there.

Unknown author (2014-12-14 01:14:08):

how do I flip a line

Unknown author (2015-01-22 00:49:01):

Hi vlasta I have a question whenever I create an animation for sometime and save it the drawings and lines are normal then when i save it a different time and open the file the lines are ruined what i mean by that is that when I begin to draw the lines are neat and perfect and i recently opened what I created the animation is messed up because the lines are stat-icky and theyre not neat as when I first created them. Is there any way i can return my drawing to normal? this happens so much my animation is on dithering either I saves the file as it is

Vlasta (2015-01-22 09:56:22):

Could you send me the problematic file to info@rw-designer.com ? I have hard time imagining what exactly happened.

Unknown author (2015-01-24 21:21:36):

how do I crop a particular image out of a photo to use in a separate layout?

Unknown author (2015-02-16 11:09:36):

The magic wand selection isn't working right (doesn't show the full selected area, it's cut off in some points even when the color is the same) and it's slowing down the application. I tried reopening the program and making the image smaller, neither worked. This has never happened before. What might be the problem?

^ Looks like it might be the "continuous boost" option doing it. Nevermind.

Unknown author (2015-02-20 14:35:01):

Every time I save a GIF file, the colors get contra-ed, blue goes red and vice versa, it's so annoying! Is there a way to stop this?

Unknown author (2015-03-05 04:52:03):

I wan to reduce the opacity of a photo. How do I do that?

Vlasta (2015-03-05 10:24:31):

There is a Transparency command in the Image menu. Be sure to save the image in a file format that supports transparency, for example .png and NOT .jpg.

Unknown author (2015-03-10 02:29:46):

How do I save as animated png file?

I am getting error message unable to save as animated png.

Vlasta (2015-03-10 08:23:58):

Are you able to save the file in other formats? If yes, please save it as .rli and send it to info@rw-designer.com and I'll check it out.

Unknown author (2015-03-30 01:46:44):

I was wondering whether there are any effects similar to the "Posterize" effect on photoshop available in the program or for download anywhere else

Vlasta (2015-03-30 11:15:55):

You can use plug-ins designed for Phosothop, here is one for posterization and here is how you can install a Ps plug-in in RWPaint.

Unknown author (2015-05-04 14:29:09):

how to set transparent color for .png image?

Vlasta (2015-05-04 17:54:36):

If you want to make certain color in an image transparent, probably the best way is to use the eraser Floodfill tool in the flood-fill group and clicking on areas with that color.

Unknown author (2015-05-14 03:45:18):

onde fica a borracha?

where the rubber is ?

Vlasta (2015-05-14 07:44:28):

Among the tools, but you can also simply select completely transparent color and it will erase pixels.

Unknown author (2015-05-18 10:44:18):

Is there a spray can tool, it doesn't show up on any tool Icon.

Vlasta (2015-05-18 10:50:50):

No spray paint. You can possibly use the brush tool with a custom image instead.

Unknown author (2015-05-24 18:53:04):

I don't know how to use the animated one it doesn't allow me to apply it

Unknown author (2015-05-30 04:03:21):

Just wondering is there way to adjust the size of brush? Does the program allows such a task?

Vlasta (2015-05-30 10:02:18):

Sure, look in the tool properties pane by the right side of the window with Brush tool active.

PaintUser57 (2015-06-01 06:35:33):

Is it possible to apply texture to a photo? How is it done, please help!

Vlasta (2015-06-01 07:53:36):

I do not understand what do you mean by applying texture to a photo, do you have an example?

Unknown author (2015-06-05 13:22:05):



Unknown author (2015-06-12 03:11:00):

Is there a tool called color selection or color picker? Where is it located?

Vlasta (2015-06-12 09:42:47):

Probably not. The closest you can get to something like that is by typing


into the box below canvas. That will give you a tool that selects colors similar to the clicked pixel, but only near to it. You can SHIFT-click multiple times or you can reconfigure the tool to use multiple source points.

If you like the tool, you can click Tool presets->Add custom preset in the toolbar above canvas so that you do not need to type the above command every time.

Unknown author (2015-06-29 08:38:18):

how can be replace a color with another?

Unknown author (2015-07-20 22:34:50):

how do you mirror an image? for example Ive created an eye in my painting and i copy it and paste the other eye however everytime i use the mirror option it places both eyes in the same direction.I want the other eye to go in the opposite direction, my question is how do i individually mirror the eye?

Vlasta (2015-07-20 23:00:13):

Depending on how exactly you have created it, there may be a better way, but try for example selecting the region around it with the Transform tool or mirroring it, copying the mirrored version, undoing the mirror and pasting it back.

Unknown author (2015-07-20 23:10:03):

every time i select the region I want to mirror It mirrors both the images in the same direction I want to mirror them seperately to where the eyes go in the opposite direction I used this program in 2014 for a while and i never had trouble selecting an image and mirroring it all i had to do was select the image and click the mirror option and it mirrored it seperately but now i cant do that

Unknown author (2015-07-23 16:35:05):

When I use my graphics tablet, the brush is offset from the cursor by about half the screen. Any way to fix this?

Vlasta (2015-07-23 17:31:42):

Maybe installing newer drivers for the tablet could help.

Unknown author (2015-07-24 21:31:13):


Unknown author (2015-08-19 10:48:23):

come catturo immagini con webcam?

Unknown author (2015-09-02 18:49:35):

How do I convert a .png into .ico (icon)?

Unknown author (2015-09-07 06:24:33):

Is there anyway to recover an unsaved file? :-(

Vlasta (2015-09-07 08:52:09):

not at this time

Unknown author (2015-09-15 22:53:42):

How to make a part of a picture transparent?

How to make a picture transparent?!!! >:-(

Vlasta (2015-09-16 08:14:10):

^ look at this tutorial; at the end you can choose to invert selection and delete selected area instead of copying the selection

Unknown author (2015-10-18 15:48:11):

how do I move an image/layer?

Vlasta (2015-10-18 19:09:27):

There is a Move tool in the Transform group.

beelee (2015-12-03 09:37:10):

how do you change your account image

beelee (2015-12-04 14:05:25):

plz I need an answer

and how do you change a fraction into a recurring decimal

:-D :-(

I need an answer urgently :-( :-o

Unknown author (2015-12-09 00:35:47):

How do you add an layer :-(

Unknown author (2016-01-17 18:22:31):

Can realworld paint be for animating??

Vlasta (2016-01-17 18:24:17):

you can do simple animation in RW Paint, create your image "as animation" or convert a picture to animation from the "Create" menu when an image is open

Unknown author (2016-02-21 22:48:03):

why the grid in my program is so small, how can I get the original grid size?

I reinstall the program and again the grid is very small

Thanks I found the way go to view and zoom in

Unknown author (2016-03-14 23:05:47):


NO WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vlasta (2016-03-15 01:28:44):

use vector layer

Unknown author (2016-03-15 19:15:19):

use vector layer?????????
I just want to select something previously done text tool
vector layer...this is much complication for a simple thing

Unknown author (2016-03-22 00:22:59):

how to change the background colour

The Derpy Girl (2016-04-13 16:26:36):

I saved an image (after I edit one) and sometimes, the image has blueish hue on it.

Jen (2016-06-22 00:31:58):


Unknown author (2016-08-14 18:10:19):

Can you insert images?

Unknown author (2016-09-04 03:11:30):

Wheres The Eraser Tool..... ;-;

Unknown author (2016-09-14 13:31:42):

How do you create an arrow with RW Paint?

I'll be more precise : can you make a more professional-looking arrow than just using the line tool three times?? At the moment I am reduced to copying an arrow from Word, but there must be a more efficient way.

Vlasta (2016-09-14 13:39:28):

Try the Polygon tool.

Unknown author (2016-09-22 00:55:50):

I've been having a problem with my pictures not being saved correctly. Either it doesn't save my changes or the file gets corrupted so I can't edit it or publish it.

Unknown author (2016-09-28 04:31:37):

how to i remove shadowwhile editing an image?

Unknown author (2016-11-17 15:27:30):

:-o how do I download the real world paint thing? my computer wont allow me.

Unknown author (2016-11-26 00:40:34):

Are you able to export animations onto sites such as youtube somehow? How?

Unknown author (2016-12-23 22:13:55):

How do you save images to your computer? it wont let me and ive googled it a few times but it still wont let me save them to Gmail or anything

Unknown author (2017-01-23 18:05:39):

Can I add a layer to all frames on a GIF? When I add a layer it only goes on a single frame

Vlasta (2017-01-24 15:26:13):

Each frame is a separate image, nothing is shared. While you could create a script to create a layer for every frame, they would still be separate layers and you would have to copy content from one to the others.

Unknown author (2017-02-12 15:36:59):

Wheres the eraser tool qq.

Unknown author (2017-02-24 20:31:12):

Is there a "sizing" or zoom function to help match one layer for an overlay? Wanting to overlay one image on top of another, to be able to zoom one of the layers would be great so that the overlay matches the size of the background image. Thanks!

Vlasta (2017-02-25 00:37:57):

Not entirely sure what you mean, but I guess the Transform tool may help.

Unknown author (2017-02-25 21:14:01):

is it possable to use color tables in it ? :-D

Unknown author (2017-03-12 11:57:41):

how do I change brush size please

Vlasta (2017-03-14 00:29:22):

In the properties panel on the right side.

Unknown author (2017-03-16 19:07:31):

How do I remove a water bottle image and replace it with lawn? Can't find the "clone" icon.

Unknown author (2017-03-18 17:57:42):

How do I select colour from a png image I imported into the programe?

Unknown author (2017-03-19 10:17:30):

i'm suprised that people still used this program, i thought that i was the only one! X3

Unknown author (2017-07-02 03:24:44):

How can I change the color picker panel? I seem to be stuck with the triangle+ring, but I've seen screenshots with other panels.

Unknown author (2017-07-02 23:02:48):

@Guy who commented on March 16th
It's between the red eye remover and the retouch with brush.

@Guy who commented on March 18th
The most convenient way is to ctrl+click, which selects the color that your mouse is hovering over.

Unknown author (2017-08-18 21:47:23):

There is a way to replace pixels colors? or layer color in pictures?

Unknown author (2017-09-22 18:33:17):

filled rectangle ?

Unknown author (2018-01-22 08:08:09):

I cannot see the picture I opened. it's only grey and white squares

Vlasta (2018-01-22 09:55:47):

If it has multiple layers, check that your view mode is not set to show only the active layer. Otherwise, may be it is just a transparent picture?

jfillenwarth (2018-03-02 17:45:51):

how do I insert columns

Unknown author (2018-03-06 04:35:50):

how do I zoom in/out an layer

Unknown author (2018-03-17 23:37:52):


Unknown author (2018-04-08 20:11:26):


Unknown author (2018-05-20 08:36:45):

I have a raster layer that I extracted the white background from the image, and now I want to copy it over to a vector layer. How is this done?

Vlasta (2018-05-20 10:29:37):

That cannot be easily done. You'll basically have to re-draw the shapes manually in a vector layer.

Unknown author (2018-06-29 04:28:32):

Why do I get black and white pixels instead of the color I choose (red) when I try to recolor an existing (black) cursor?

Unknown author (2018-07-27 11:55:03):

Anyone ever experience the program refuses to save a file when trying to save as animated png, sometimes it works and other times the program just hangs up and the save button no longer does anything

Unknown author (2018-11-16 07:21:36):


Unknown author (2018-11-22 03:40:02):

how do you set a cursor, I'm wondering if u can help me please? :-o

Unknown author (2019-01-20 21:51:33):

On Win10, I edited the default Windows cursors, changed the cursor's base white to yellow, saved it with a different name, (load it) selected the new cursor on the Windows mouse options but the color change doesn't reflect, it still appears white. Any ideas?

Vlasta (2019-01-22 09:54:41):

maybe you edited just one pf the images inside the cursor

Unknown author (2019-01-31 23:17:06):

How can I enlarge a print?

Unknown author (2019-02-25 11:04:36):

Hi! RW Paint user here, been using it since early 2016.

It's a really neat program but I have a few issues with it.

1. I come into a lot of memory issues and the program not working properly when the program is supposedly handling a lot.

If I have a project with a lot of layers, the program might not behave properly, with some layers not displaying correctly, corrupted/unsavable worked on files if some threshold of memory is reached with it and some features just straight up not functioning, at all. And I've never come across an issue like this with other programs and usually if I do results in a crash, there's some kind of autosave feature installed into said program, which RW Paint lacks to begin with.

2. Some simple UI things--
When I add a layer, in say programs like SAI or FireAlpaca, it'll add a layer over the one I have selected, whereas with RW Paint, it'll just add the layer over every currently existing layer which made sense at first, but again; With pieces with lots of layers, this can be a little bothersome.

And another is I can select multiple layers and merge them at once. There's a merge all layers function from what I can see, and I assumed hey, if I select multiple layers and press that, it should put them all together, but it doesn't which kind was kind of off-putting. A feature like that would be really neat.

I think these 2 or 3 issues are the only ones that really stand out to me.

Vlasta (2019-02-25 22:55:30):

You may want to try the 64 bit version from http://download.rw-designer.com/latest/RWPaint64.zip It should be able to handle bigger projects if you have enough memory in your computer and it may even have the layer merging fixed.

The Derpy Girl (2019-04-29 19:02:11):

How do I add a background to an image with a person's shadow and smooth edges?


Unknown author (2019-06-13 23:21:58):

how do i make a cursor?

Unknown author (2020-02-22 01:37:14):
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) 8-) :-o :-o :-D ;-)
Unknown author (2020-04-02 13:40:08):


Unknown author (2020-04-02 23:23:56):

I'm using an acer, can I still make a cursor?

TromboneBoy9 (2020-06-09 00:11:59):

Is there a way you can make a grid sorta thing? I'm trying to make a game board.
BTW, I'm using the portable version.

Unknown author (2020-06-23 15:40:40):

how can I put the image in the mouse and punter

Unknown author (2020-07-27 22:03:52):

Hi. I'm having trouble editing my cursor image. Making it worked just fine, but when I open it to edit it, I can draw outside of what I made, but I can't edit the pixels of what I already made. I tried looking it up, but couldn't find anything. Please help.

mumbojumbo2011 (2020-08-04 21:59:43):

How do i make my own cursor i signed in now what

Unknown author (2020-10-08 17:46:54):

i still dont know how to do this

Unknown author (2020-11-01 05:57:52):

how do i do this

Unknown author (2020-11-15 23:01:00):

How to make the background of a GIF transparent without affecting the subject

Unknown author (2020-12-07 17:27:47):

:-( can't do this please help

Unknown author (2021-01-10 14:32:18):

How do I add text?

Unknown author (2021-01-22 23:44:49):

how do you enlarge a image

Unknown author (2021-01-27 00:23:11):


Unknown author (2021-03-18 15:19:56):

how can i print ??

Unknown author (2021-04-04 08:53:54):

oh soooooooooooooooo hard

Unknown author (2021-04-21 01:05:32):

how do I remove the background on the image???

Unknown author (2021-05-24 02:44:02):

After loading a gif anim created from video to edit individual frames, why is the saved anim quality degraded?

Unknown author (2021-08-29 19:46:26):

What about "all externals conditions" ???

Unknown author (2021-09-28 00:41:05):

How do you build? :-(

Unknown author (2021-11-26 02:20:38):

xin chào

Unknown author (2021-12-15 03:28:05):

How do I Crop a photo

KakashiSimp10 (2021-12-15 20:48:00):

No Idea |-)

Unknown author (2021-12-15 21:14:03):

I saved a raster image as svg but it's not what i wanted.. when i zoom it looks like raster image. How do i prepare the image before exportation to make a Vector image?

Vlasta (2021-12-15 23:34:26):

Converting a raster image to a true vector image automatically is very hard and it is not a part of RWPaint, at least right now. You would have to create a vector layer and create shapes in that layer to mimic the raster image and then delete the raster layer and save as svg. You can try some online services like https://www.rastertovector.com/

Unknown author (2021-12-22 04:15:00):

how do i convert my image to svg

Unknown author (2021-12-30 22:05:39):

how do iconvert image to svg

★ Glitch.KRM BG ★ (2022-02-09 02:47:23):

bruh l:

★ Glitch.KRM BG ★ (2022-02-12 06:36:28):

Oh actually the converting image thing is pretty cool I just tried it out!!!!!

Unknown author (2022-03-18 07:57:33):

Save not work (windows 10)

Unknown author (2022-07-19 03:00:14):

How do you crop anything?? Not seen as obvious as in others prgs,.. thanks

Unknown author (2022-11-08 04:13:11):

I too can't figure out how to crop!

Unknown author (2022-11-20 18:14:18):

how do i import a pic???

Unknown author (2023-01-05 11:37:43):

anyone knows how to edit all animation frames at once?
E.g. removing part of a background, on each frame of the animation

Unknown author (2023-03-25 12:22:32):

hi guys i have hundreds of images that i wanna apply the same effect to. can i make like a script to do that automatically?

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