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Unknown author (2006-08-25 00:00:00):

Perfect! This is exactly what I needed.

Broojo02 (2007-02-02 00:00:00):

This is really great.

Unknown author (2007-02-20 00:00:00):

mine says invalid icon file when i press the save shortcut button

Vlasta (2007-02-20 00:00:00):

Well, then your icon file is probably not a in the .ico format. Here is an article explaining icons.

Unknown author (2007-03-17 00:00:00):

I CANT USE THIS!!!!! ITS NOT WHAT I NEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown author (2007-03-17 00:00:00):

i need to just make a simple icon w/ out downloading anything!!

Unknown author (2007-04-09 00:00:00):

i hate this i hate it so much i cant use this at all

Unknown author (2007-05-11 00:00:00):

wow ! did not work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vlasta (2007-05-11 00:00:00):

Read the instruction and make sure you understand the purpose of this tool before you attempt to use it.

Max (2007-05-21 00:00:00):

I wanted to make an icon-like shortcut for my toolbar, as most of the XP shortcuts were the same image (that blue "e"). So, I downloaded the logo from a site, converted it to an ico file, and then used your app to make an exe to put in my toolbar. It worked great!!! Thanks......

Unknown author (2007-07-31 00:00:00):

Does what it says on the tin! Fantastic. Thanks.

Unknown author (2007-08-13 00:00:00):

It is funny how these people complain about something free. If it is too complex for you, then just don't use it.

Unknown author (2007-09-11 00:00:00):

Hey dude, Thanks alot! It worked Great!!

Tubby (2007-10-06 00:00:00):

does this make shortcuts for folders too?

Vlasta (2007-10-07 00:00:00):

No, it is limited to internet shortcuts for security reasons.

Unknown author (2007-10-08 00:00:00):

I tried with windows VISTA, but there's no icon with the .EXE i downloaded from your site!!
But, it works with windows XP!
Could you tell me what i should do in order that it works with VISTA??

Thank you for your help.

Vlasta (2007-10-09 00:00:00):

Unfortunately you cannot do anything, to fix it. I would have to investigate why Vista refuses to show the icon and change the tool. Until then...

Unknown author (2007-10-09 00:00:00):

Thank you for your answer.

Unknown author (2007-10-22 00:00:00):

Wanted to use a programmable function key on my Nortek keyboard to run a web link but you can only set it to work with exe files. Used your little app. & it works AB.FAB. Cheers for that. Norman

Unknown author (2007-11-25 00:00:00):

its not loading why wont it work??

The Sword of the Heart (2007-12-02 00:00:00):

When you say "default browser" do you mean what the system says is my default browser (Firefox), or the -default- browser that comes with Windows by -default-? I know that all the links in the Online page of RW Icon and Cursor editors always open in IE, even though my browser is set to Firefox. Explain?

Vlasta (2007-12-03 00:00:00):

It will open in Firefox in your case.

pixelstuff (2007-12-15 00:00:00):

I too am looking forward to making some Windows Vista icons.

pixelstuff (2007-12-15 00:00:00):

IA couple suggestion options. 1. With Vista icons the 50K limit is easy to excede, might be nice if the limit was 100KB. 2. I'm curious if an option could be created to load a browser window to a certain size. 3. An option to go with #2 to allow the browser menus and such to be turned off, for loading things like a flash program or other specialty pages.

pixelstuff (2007-12-20 00:00:00):

A note to my previous suggestion on browser sizing. I was thinking how the Google Talk gadget is more feature packed than the desktop client, but there isn't a way to launch it upon windows start or other such methods. Having an exe that launches the browser at a certain size, with no menus, and with the talk gadget loaded would be ideal.

Vlasta (2007-12-20 00:00:00):

I'll see what can be done, but I am not very optimistic about the window size. Not that it is impossible, but since it uses the default browser, which may be anything, it is unlikely that it would always work correctly.

Unknown author (2008-03-08 00:00:00):

My Norton Anti-Virus popped up an alert.

Vlasta (2008-03-08 00:00:00):

Of course it did. You are downloading an .exe file.

Pato Howard (2008-05-12 00:00:00):

Please, this is great, make also the desktop aplication!

Unknown author (2008-05-27 00:00:00):

the icon image did not load on my vista machine, why is that

nix_nz (2008-06-07 00:00:00):

I'm also having the problem with Vista not displaying icon image correctly. Exes are fine if installed on desktop of XP PC. I hope there will be a fix for Vista soon as I wanted to go ahead and purchase your icon editor and start creating.

Vlasta (2008-06-07 00:00:00):

...OK, now it is working on Vista (just a one-bit-change ;)). Also, the maximum allowed size of the .ico file was increased to 250kB.

nix_nz (2008-06-09 00:00:00):

What great service - I gave gone ahead and completed software registration!

Unknown author (2008-06-17 00:00:00):

hi nice

Unknown author (2008-06-17 00:00:00):

What great service

Unknown author (2008-06-19 00:00:00):

i keek gettin invalid icon file, what formats are allowed?

Vlasta (2008-06-20 00:00:00):

only Windows icons (.ico files) are allowed (200kB maximum size)

Unknown author (2008-06-20 00:00:00):

Beautiful little program...

Unknown author (2008-07-20 00:00:00):

Why not add an option to grab the favicon for the page automatically?

jgarcia (2008-08-07 00:00:00):

I can not upload a .bmp or .jpg file from my directories to create the icon, I keep getting: "Invalid Icon File" File sizes are 13KB and 2KB . I'm using an XP SP2 box with IE7 latest updates.

Vlasta (2008-08-07 00:00:00):

Only true "Windows icon files" -> .ico are supported.

Unknown author (2008-09-24 00:00:00):

I dont like having to click "Run" every time i use it because its an executable and windows thinks it might be dangerous

Unknown author (2008-11-14 00:00:00):

blood and sand. does it work or not? so bloody frustrating to not know!

Vlasta (2008-11-14 00:00:00):

It works.

Unknown author (2008-11-28 00:00:00):

How to create shortcut icon with file extention????????????????????

Unknown author (2008-12-02 00:00:00):

This is really helpful, but there is a drawback like shortcut will be created with the extention .exe

lisapony (2008-12-22 00:00:00):

Hi, How can I email a premade icon to my customers? It would be eaiser than having to make the go to the site and download.

lisapony (2008-12-22 00:00:00):

Also, we I make an icon and add it to my site as a link it does not download correctly. The exe works, but the icon does not come with. Do I need to upload the icon to the site? I thought it was embedded and that would not be needed.


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hi guys

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Unknown author (2009-02-14 03:21:26):

You people realize there is such a thing call "new shortcut" if you don't like running the executable.

Unknown author (2009-04-03 23:16:26):

Sup my peoples!

Unknown author (2009-04-16 08:09:07):

This is really helpful great work

Unknown author (2009-07-29 17:05:07):

Executable file does not self terminate after use and cannot be moved or deleted from its saved location, as its still running in memory.
More work needs to be done on this before its perfect.

Vlasta (2009-07-30 20:12:34):

Works OK on my computer and on numerous others. Maybe there was something wrong with your browser or computer.

Unknown author (2009-08-06 06:16:19):

This is great


Unknown author (2009-09-10 11:41:59):


Unknown author (2009-09-28 19:32:50):

Works great, but can you add an optional field BEFORE the address that allows to enter a path to an especifc browser other than the default?
Thanks a lot

Philly Tech Support Guy (2009-10-28 20:09:50):

This seems to work OK. The fact that it's an executable file is a show stopper to me though. I'm trying to find less intrusive way of creating a web shortcut. Thanks

Unknown author (2009-11-11 11:59:30):

1. Right-click your desktop
2. Select "New" ... "Shortcut"
3. Enter website address
4. Enter shortcut name
5. click "Change Icon"
6. click "OK"

Vlasta (2009-11-12 09:57:13):

7. get an ugly arrow in the corner
8. Send the shortcut to a friend and the icon is gone

...there IS a reason for this tool.

Unknown author (2009-11-18 16:34:09):

this is MINT but the exe factor dam... Excellent tool though :-)

Unknown author (2009-12-09 21:49:40):

As said above... is not self terminating... otherwise its ok

Erik (2010-01-15 17:32:02):

Very good !!! !!! !!!

Unknown author (2010-01-30 12:05:14):

Since it is an exe people would think twice before opening it after they downloading it from a webpage. Can a code signing certificate (such as verisign) be used on this?

Vlasta (2010-01-31 10:18:33):

Well, there is no other way to embed an icon into a shortcut than .exe. Unfortunately, there are problems with certificate: I do not have one, I would have to figure out how to sign a Windows .exe on a Linux box and I would have to place the certificate on a web server :-(. Too much work and yearly fees...

Unknown author (2010-02-08 18:35:55):

Does anyone know of a mac version.

Unknown author (2010-08-06 21:58:35):

Exactly what I want to do except I need the -nomerge option to be added to the launching of IE 8.

Unknown author (2010-08-15 17:46:40):

This is extremely pro guy! I want to do something like this cuz' i need to make a heavy amount of shotcuts!

I'll link you to my page!

Unknown author (2010-09-02 20:59:12):

So nice.

Unknown author (2010-09-24 17:23:35):

I want a .app, not a .exe! (I want a mac verison)

Unknown author (2010-09-26 06:55:29):

this is really extremly ossom and really intresting i really want to make this something like this. ;-) :-) :-D 8-)

Unknown author (2010-11-15 00:10:21):

Welcome to :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2010-12-05 00:43:45):

Well, how do you put it on your desktop? i'm not sure, can you use Google Chrome as a Browser- or no? :-o

Unknown author (2010-12-15 17:59:36):

This is great. I want to use this to give visitors to our site a shortcut to have on their desktop but if I try to download the exe from our site it saves it elsewhere. How can we force it to save to the desktop?

Vlasta (2010-12-15 18:01:12):

You cannot, it is the user's choice (influenced possibly by their web browser) where downloaded files end.

Unknown author (2011-01-07 16:12:56):

Thank you, this was easy!

Unknown author (2011-01-15 03:07:19):

:-D WWOOOOOWWW.... i have been looking for this all night long...
Finally i found it... Awesome

Unknown author (2011-01-20 10:10:37):

Thank you very much!!! I've been looking for this for hours :-D :-D

Unknown author (2011-01-22 00:35:20):

This Is Dumb

Unknown author (2011-02-03 22:26:09):

is there a way to do this with other files(Adobe, Mp3...)?

Unknown author (2011-02-20 01:14:51):

cool !! :-)

Unknown author (2011-03-05 16:01:35):

Thanks, This is great for my kid's computer so they can easily find the websites they like without bugging me to find it in their favorites!

Unknown author (2011-03-30 02:46:28):


Unknown author (2011-04-12 19:00:26):

;-) wanna cyber fuck .lolz !!! bye the way nice awesome

Unknown author (2011-04-19 00:12:57):

Is there any way to get this to do what the user wants? forces you to use http urls, need to use steam:// urls

Unknown author (2011-04-21 22:21:36):

Спасибо !!!

Unknown author (2011-04-22 08:17:47):
-) Dosen't worl with ubuntu. Sucks!
Unknown author (2011-04-30 18:57:46):

this sucks

Unknown author (2011-05-02 07:45:32):

Awesome! good Job Guys!
Most people DO NOT UNDERSTAND how this can be used and are quick to judge.

Imperial Dragon Hero (2011-05-15 14:56:33):

to make a shortcut of somthing just right click it and click creat shortcut. why do u need a speicail program for that when you can do it without download!?

Unknown author (2011-05-19 09:52:57):

:-( i tried to create on... it keeps downloading a .php file

Vlasta (2011-05-19 10:00:23):

Is it really a php file or does your browser just refuses to save it under the suggested name (try opening it it notepad and see if there is legible text)? What browser are you using?

Unknown author (2011-05-19 10:29:52):

i am using Mozilla firefox
i opend the .php file with notepad and it shows:
"Invalid or missing icon file (size must be less than 250kB)."

the size of the icon i chose is 6.88kb

Vlasta (2011-05-19 10:46:34):

That really looks like the php file. Maybe the web server here had a temporary problem, because it seems to work fine right now (for me at least). Please try again, possibly using different browser. Hopefully, it will work. Sorry for the trouble.

Unknown author (2011-05-19 10:48:14):

i think the problem is from my browser....i'v just installed Chrome browser and it worked...

Vlasta (2011-05-19 10:50:59):

We cannot blame it on Firefox, the first incorrect result from the web server was probably cached, but it should not have happened in the first place...

Unknown author (2011-07-15 18:15:35):


Unknown author (2011-07-29 10:49:06):

Thanks for this. Now I am able to distribute a shortcut for my website to my users.

Unknown author (2011-08-06 18:09:33):

I have tried this now with Safari and FIrefox but can not get it to work. The custom icon is not coming through. It is an .ico file less than 50KB. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is a really great service. I have been pouring over the internet all weekend for it!

Vlasta (2011-08-06 22:01:12):

is it an .ico file?

ak (2011-09-01 20:08:27):

i dont think it will be good

Unknown author (2011-09-09 21:31:59):

I'm use Google Chrome Browser...
& this .exe file open on Internet Explorer..
How can I change the setting.. Internet Explorer to Google Chrome...
I Try to open this .exe shortcut file to my Google Chrome Browser..
Pls.. tell me how can I do this.. :-(
My Email ID: indrajeet27@in.com

Thank You,

Vlasta (2011-09-09 21:35:08):

Make Chrome your default browser. The .exe opens the link with the system default web browser.

Indrajeet (2011-09-09 21:44:32):

How can I change this...
pls tell me...
Now I'm use windows xp..
how can I change Chrome default browser..??

Vlasta (2011-09-09 21:48:33):

Chrome by default asks if it should set itself as a default browser. If you have turned off that notification, google "make chrome default browser" for a guide.

Indrajeet (2011-09-09 22:09:20):

when I click this shortcut icon.. open with Internet Explorer..

I just want when I click this shortcut icon.. my link open my Google Chrome Browser...


How can I do this..??

Vlasta (2011-09-09 22:09:51):

I already answered that, please do not ask the same question multiple times.

Unknown author (2011-10-03 20:11:08):

Brian ~ I want to name this link ?

schadam2011 (2011-10-04 00:36:06):

I am using all kinds of files of pictures on this but all it comes up with is ' Invalid icon file'. What am I doing wrong?

Vlasta (2011-10-04 01:03:20):

You need an actual .ico file - use for example the image to icon converter to get one.

Unknown author (2011-10-31 02:58:46):

good thing , thx

Unknown author (2011-11-05 15:28:14):

good one

Unknown author (2011-11-22 09:05:53):

hi this is very helpful for me,and can i use this exe for mac to install icon,otherwise please help me

Vlasta (2011-11-22 11:23:53):

No, it does not work on Mac.

Unknown author (2012-01-04 04:40:47):

this page does not convert *.png to *.ico file, when creating a custom icon.
please solve this problem.

Unknown author (2012-01-04 19:03:41):

I get the error "shortcut.exe is not a valid Win32 application"

Unknown author (2012-01-27 20:55:28):

Is there any software in which this function can be performed

Unknown author (2012-02-16 06:20:36):

what is the file type needed for Icon..?

Vlasta (2012-02-16 09:55:26):


Unknown author (2012-02-28 16:32:43):

Two things to make this the perfect website for this purpose:

1) Make the .exe NOT come up with a security warning when you try to open it for the first time, normal programs do not do this, this one should not either. For personal use this is fine, however if you are putting this on a CD for a client, it is very tacky.

2) Make the .exe file a combination .exe (windows) and .app (mac) file - once again very tacky when your client cannot open your shortcut file because it is not designed for their computer.

Aside from that thank you for this website, it is a very valuable tool!

Vlasta (2012-02-28 16:43:40):

1) Nothing can be done about it. It is caused by the web browser. Change properties of the file or make a copy and it should be fine.

Lost Girl (2012-03-07 02:07:43):

How do you work this thing? icon-image/4582-16x16x32.png image

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-07-28 06:23:52):

This is an interesting tool but, I think its easier to just right-click on a web page and press "Create Shortcut" :-) I don't know if this works for all web sites(or on your computer) but I have never had a problem with it. Another way to make a shortcut is to program one which takes longer but still works just as good.


Unknown author (2012-09-21 21:35:42):

.exe files do not work on mac because exe is based off windows. :-(

if you have a windows pc, it will work on that. :-D

Unknown author (2012-09-24 14:42:37):

This has solved a problem I've had recently. If I make any money off this deal I am doing, I WILL DONATE SOME MONEY TO YOU. Thank you very much for this quick and easy tool.

TEKnoobMan (2012-09-24 16:37:23):

It's most likely the .ico file format. Actually, that's the only thing that works for this. And by the way this is awesome I enjoy using this 8-).

TEKnoobMan (2012-09-25 15:19:09):

Could you make a software version? It's a pain to have to come back here every time I need to make this :-(

Vlasta (2012-09-25 18:34:19):

There is a plug-in for the icon editor that does the same thing as this tool.

Unknown author (2012-10-01 14:02:54):

can i use the same for mobile devices?

Unknown author (2012-10-02 23:32:22):

Yeah but you have to buy the icon editor vlasta.

Unknown author (2012-10-09 12:00:44):

Be really good if you would make the URL parsing optional so that a local DFS path could be used instead of a web location.

Twe (2012-11-08 20:55:05):

H icon-image/7192-16x16x32.png image y vla icon-image/7210-16x16x32.png imaget icon-image/7184-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2012-12-04 13:38:04):

It is very help full for giving it to client for accessing website, oood one

Unknown author (2012-12-30 11:11:42):

Best one for creating website shortcuts

Unknown author (2013-03-18 19:58:20):

The best! But its more better if you have shortcut for MAC

LoganDark (2013-04-05 01:05:13):

Nope. Macs are stupid. Get a life and understand that mac mouses make your cursor go SO SLOW I CAN'T STAND MACS

Elroacho (2013-04-21 06:06:48):


Unknown author (2013-04-22 05:27:50):

Hey vlasta i there any online program creator


Unknown author (2013-04-23 13:34:48):

nah u can get free stuff for mobile

jojois74 (2013-06-08 00:42:31):

It doesn't let me delete the .exe because once I use it it remains open (not good!). I had to go into task manager to end the process and even then it said something like "operation not valid for this process". It did end it though, and I was able to delete it. Any way not to make the process remain open after use because people might have lots of these running and I know it's not a very big process but still?

Unknown author (2013-07-14 15:51:09):

jojois74 you are wrong :-(

Unknown author (2013-08-10 21:26:01):

Thaks for your Internet Explorer, Internet Sxplorer and Internet Axplorer logo, Twe. How you maked them?

Hey, WTF is Twe?!

Unknown author (2013-10-05 22:09:07):

:-)fantastic !!

thekittyperson (2013-10-18 21:09:43):

Yes icon-image/7109-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2013-10-23 13:18:59):

Wow, we need this app as a service.
I that possible with a API o something like that?

Godric the cat (2014-02-19 18:14:39):

How can i make the icon the icon for a webpage

Unknown author (2015-10-13 13:25:56):

is this suitable for distributing to mobile phones as well?

Vlasta (2015-10-14 00:38:09):


do not exist (2015-10-19 21:22:51):

I used it to make a Shortcut Application to /r/EverythingRage, for quick easy access to Rage Comics! Find a download on the /r/EverythingRage sidebar!

Unknown author (2015-10-24 21:39:40):


RWCursor (2015-12-05 09:59:45):

No This Website is real
Is Created by the Creator
;-) ;-) ;-) ;-)

Lisa (2016-01-25 20:49:10):

It doesn't work... :-(

efueguchi (2016-04-04 19:31:01):


Unknown author (2016-05-04 02:59:07):

I created my exe but Chrome tells me it's unsafe and that I should discard. Any way around this?

Benderbee (2016-05-24 22:08:31):

it protected me from this piece of software... :-(

Unknown author (2016-07-14 00:16:26):

it works :-)

Unknown author (2016-07-20 20:13:23):

After saving the file you need to right click the file and go into properties. Then check the Unblock. This will allow the exe to run.

Unknown author (2017-11-23 11:32:53):

If chrome tells you it is unsafe, that is because of .exe and you can keep. :-)

Unknown author (2017-12-01 11:57:02):

If you get "protected" by smartscreen, then click more and then run anyway. It should remember your choice. :-D

Max (2018-06-13 05:39:46):

Works like a charm! Tricked my sis into thinking it was a virus! (When it wasn't) XD :-D

Unknown author (2019-03-31 03:27:15):

im surprised that this website is completely free and its over 12 years old and it still works!

cain (2019-06-04 03:05:42):

cool man not as cool as me still 8-)

TeraSoft (2019-11-30 18:40:41):

I can't believe that this software is still going on. That's very good. It's so funny that Windows + Other Antiviruses thinks that this old software is a virus, but I recommend to right click the .exe files, then go to properties and finally click Unblock so, the .exe file can run normally and open the shortcut of the website you wrote. :-)

Unknown author (2020-04-05 11:07:44):

Remember that these are executable files and that most browsers will warn you. There is a way around this, but if you cannot be bothered to google it, then I can't be bothered to help you.

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