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Gemstone TeaserGemstone Cursors
by ARGs4139The reason I call these cursor gemstone is because with a bevel effec...
Simple Minimal Right-Angle TeaserSimple Minimal Right-Angle Cursors
by 2PXL161Simple Right-Angle Cursors
Green Gemstone TeaserGreen Gemstone Cursors
by ARGs1570I created these cursor because again, RIDDLER wanted these. So, anoth...
Blooming Panic TeaserBlooming Panic Cursors
by Sharky Overlord205If you've clicked on this set I can only assume you have excellent ta...
pixel cur Teaserpixel cur Cursors
by selever_pink1370this cursor set was inspired by one already created as a modification...
Cute :3 face TeaserCute :3 face Cursors
by Pumkin0w02053This is my first ever cursor set! It\'s just a little cute blob that ...
Colour decu TeaserColour decu Cursors
by ARGs221Now right of the bat, I know the name is very wierd. But I had no oth...
Awsome SSet TeaserAwsome SSet Cursors
by Nathan1534I Have Added An Inverted text Select I Hope You Enjoy
Burning Oreo TeaserBurning Oreo Cursors
by Chickenlover20260Credit to quackyduck for the oreo normal cursor ---------------------...
Character TeaserCharacter Cursors
by Grimoire9
Touhou Theme TeaserTouhou Theme Cursors
by calico39A small Touhou themed cursor set.
Retro TeaserRetro Cursors
by ARGs819Now first of all, I know about the inconsistency about the shadows bu...
Pointy TeaserPointy Cursors
by ARGs714These cursors were inspired by Vlasta's RealWorld 3D cursors. Oh, and...
Crescent Circle Trans Blue TeaserCrescent Circle Trans Blue Cursors
by Neo42Crescent Circle Transparent Blue Cursors - Normal - Link - Text
Simplistic Precision Tool Inverted TeaserSimplistic Precision Tool Inverted Cursors
by Nouma6Same as Simplistic Precision Tool Cursors except with center pixels i...
Simple arrows GodRage 01-19 TeaserSimple arrows GodRage 01-19 Cursors
by GodRage1098Simple arrows cursors by GodRage 2022
Small TeaserSmall Cursors
by Matterboy968Just a small cursors. But fun!
Sci-fi TeaserSci-fi Cursors
by ARGs2177I created these cursors because a user called GodRage commented on my...
Dot TeaserDot Cursors
by ARGs417I created these cursors because I was inspired when I was playing The...
Energetic TeaserEnergetic Cursors
by ARGs1232These cursors were inspired by when I was playing SPORE. Oh, and thes...
Lego Digital Designer TeaserLego Digital Designer Cursors
by LegoStreets215110A cursor set made extracting all these cursors, it means that these a...
Red and blue pointy TeaserRed and blue pointy Cursors
by ARGs290I created these cursors because I thought they would be a great remak...
Drop TeaserDrop Cursors
by ARGs285These cursors where inspired by the android cursors. They are called ...
Macro TeaserMacro Cursors
by ARGs358These cursors were just an idea that popped into my head randomly at ...
black and red Teaserblack and red Cursors
by Matterboy3266Cool not tail cursors. Colors: black, red. Install!
Volant Dark TeaserVolant Dark Cursors
by MikeRoberta1431Cool gaming cursors
Aesthetic pack <3 [ Not completed ] TeaserAesthetic pack <3 [ Not completed ] Cursors
by ✧•SkylerYT•✧1780[ No completo ]
Jett Kunai - Valorant TeaserJett Kunai - Valorant Cursors
by ATT1807This pack has all 17 cursor roles based on Jett's Kunai from Valorant...
aero 2 Teaseraero 2 Cursors
by Matterboy253I made aero 2 cursors. I want to do it so much fun!
cool :)  :)  :) Teasercool :) :) :) Cursors
by Henry4next time i will make more
PowerCityNight TeaserPowerCityNight Cursors
by LegoStreets215224I improved my cursors, too tiring and i put effort on it.
Petscop 'Guardian' TeaserPetscop 'Guardian' Cursors
by betah192Cursors based off of the main character from the hit 1997 Playstation...
blue mettalic Teaserblue mettalic Cursors
by Matterboy203blue mettalic cursors
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...