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billy Teaserbilly Cursors
by Corben25more coming soon!
Probe Diamond TeaserProbe Diamond Cursors
by Yuki180A fun set of cursors inspired by the cursors on the Terminal 00 websi...
billy verison 2 Teaserbilly verison 2 Cursors
by Corben14billy
billy Teaserbilly Cursors
by Corben9
Cinnamoroll Pumpkin TeaserCinnamoroll Pumpkin Cursors
by Britichi61771Just in time for spooky season 〣( ºΔº )〣 This is the character...
Aero gold shadow TeaserAero gold shadow Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY33It already have a shadow, I have more colors of this awesome cursor.
Aero tailless shadow TeaserAero tailless shadow Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY150Is the natural version of the aero gold shadow, but it have no tail.
Anathema White TeaserAnathema White Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY23The elegant white version of the normal red anathema. Not recommended...
Anathema Pink TeaserAnathema Pink Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY48A pink classic anathema cursor, if you like the pink. Write a review ...
Anathema Red TeaserAnathema Red Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY22The original cursor color, that is the first anathema. This is a conv...
Anathema Blue TeaserAnathema Blue Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY14Is the blue version of the normal anathema red cursors, I have more a...
Windows 7 black TeaserWindows 7 black Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY24Windows 7 custom working in background and busy color. I have a lot o...
Capitaine TeaserCapitaine Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY80Is a multicolor cursor so beautiful and original.
Windows 7 blue TeaserWindows 7 blue Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY26This windows 7 cursor has recolored charge icons in dark blue.
Windows 7 green TeaserWindows 7 green Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY27This cursor of windows 7 have green coloured charge icons.
Windows 7 orange TeaserWindows 7 orange Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY12Is an windows 7 cursor set with orange charge icons.
Windows 7 pink TeaserWindows 7 pink Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY21Another windows 7 with pink charge icons.
Windows 7 purple TeaserWindows 7 purple Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY29A windows 7 cursor set with purple charge icons.
Windows 7 Red TeaserWindows 7 Red Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY22A windows 7 cursor with red charge icons.
Windows 7 White TeaserWindows 7 White Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY31A windows 7 cursor with white charge icons.
Windows 7 yellow TeaserWindows 7 yellow Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY22A windows 7 cursor with yellow charge icons.
Glass Curve TeaserGlass Curve Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY97A glass cursor that is semitransparent like a glass.
Windows 7 Live Blue TeaserWindows 7 Live Blue Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY98A unique windows 7 cursor set in blue color. I have a green color too...
Minecraft diamond TeaserMinecraft diamond Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY314Is a minecraft cursor composed by a full cursor diamond set.
Orange style TeaserOrange style Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY49An animated cursor set that the animations begin with the normal sele...
Chroma TeaserChroma Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY2454The first option of the gamers to have a RGB colored cursor, is aweso...
Black vista TeaserBlack vista Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY151A black cursor with white outline, the charge icons are in blue with ...
Night Diamond v2.0 - Zircon Cyan TeaserNight Diamond v2.0 - Zircon Cyan Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY276My firs night diamond cursor pack it has animations and is cyan.
DIM v3.0 - TechnoBlue TeaserDIM v3.0 - TechnoBlue Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY496The animated blue cursor set inpired by a gamer life and it's comments.
Cristal Clear TeaserCristal Clear Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY45A semitransparent cursor set with white icons, it's animated all of t...
Blue arrow TeaserBlue arrow Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY160Is a semitransparent blue cursor set with windows 7 charge icons.
Alienware Invader TeaserAlienware Invader Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY63A alien inspired cursor set in light gray and light blue.
Breeze Obsidian TeaserBreeze Obsidian Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY155A captaine cursor variation but with light black cursor and different...
Black Royale TeaserBlack Royale Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY189The original cursor pack with silver windows 7 charge icons.
Windows 7 glow TeaserWindows 7 glow Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY140A windows 7 light blue glowing cursor, all of them have glow.
Heli orange TeaserHeli orange Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY79A in game inspired orange cursor set so original idea.
Neutral TeaserNeutral Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY78A mac inpired black cursor that includes the original link select, al...
Mac inspired TeaserMac inspired Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY48This set is so similar to a mac os cursor set, is not the exact so do...
Alienware Eclipse TeaserAlienware Eclipse Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY168A alien inspired blue cursor set combined with black.
The secret TeaserThe secret Cursors
by ADRI_34_YY15The special aspect of this cursors is that the busy icon is transpare...
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...