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Line TeaserLine Cursors
by EdibleInk1128A set of cursors, based on lines. There are multiple busys and workin...
Windows 10 Blue TeaserWindows 10 Blue Cursors
by darix5552803Recoloration of the original win 10 cursors :-)
Brothers Artist Creator's TeaserBrothers Artist Creator's Cursors
by 66Hi flix and phantom i hope yall like it hard work while im in class m...
Hex TeaserHex Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ926This set was surprisingly made in 1 hour and 7 minutes! This was the ...
Random TeaserRandom Cursors
by R0mKa1581I am creating an another cursor set right now, and these cursors were...
Celeste Strawberries TeaserCeleste Strawberries Cursors
by Sendy639A Simple Celeste Strawberry Set.
VS TeaserVS Cursors
by R0mKa4318Hello! As once again, a new cursor set from internet! :D Here is the ...
Touhou Sakuya TeaserTouhou Sakuya Cursors
by Sendy690I was bored and decided to make this.
Underverse XTale Knives/Bones TeaserUnderverse XTale Knives/Bones Cursors
by Sendy6725Credits to Jakei. Underverse is cool.
C TeaserC Cursors
Animated and Other TeaserAnimated and Other Cursors
by inactive account125Cursors I made for fun
Mamamoo Radish Lightstick TeaserMamamoo Radish Lightstick Cursors
by bobaaa._.moo217Since i am a moomoo, i decided to make a cursor set of radish and lig...
Stardew Valley TeaserStardew Valley Cursors
by Frog_Lilly2339I really wanted a stardew valley cursor set, but there weren't any, s...
Simple (White) TeaserSimple (White) Cursors
by inactive account477Simple cursors that support 100%, 150% and 200% DPI scaling. Everythi...
Simple (Dark) TeaserSimple (Dark) Cursors
by inactive account954Dark version. Check out White cursors! [[cursor:152348]] [[cursor:152...
Super Simple Blue TeaserSuper Simple Blue Cursors
by Huh_462After a long time of inactivity, I\'m back stronger than ever, bringi...
GetBusyFix TeaserGetBusyFix Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ632This set was fixed by user Rocked_socks. Thank you Rocked_sock and il...
Taurence.Bass TeaserTaurence.Bass Cursors
by Montreal66I just like it a lot
Quieres? TeaserQuieres? Cursors
by Jstinki212Quieres?
ROG TeaserROG Cursors
by Chevpeppz1362These cursors are made by the actual creators of republic of gamers a...
Luxus TeaserLuxus Cursors
by Bobcat3216I have seen the first five cursors in R0mka's random cursors, so I to...
Taurence.Bass TeaserTaurence.Bass Cursors
by Montreal45I love cursors
Original Windows 10 Highlighted TeaserOriginal Windows 10 Highlighted Cursors
by darix55515kWindows 10 cursors with yellow transparent highlight. They are good i...
Red and Black TeaserRed and Black Cursors
by Chevpeppz1394I copied these off The_Savveir so if he sees this im sorry i copied b...
Him TeaserHim Cursors
by Him 10
Her TeaserHer Cursors
by Him 8TADA
It TeaserIt Cursors
by Him 6
Roblox TeaserRoblox Cursors
by Chevpeppz1321These are the old roblox cursors but a lot weren't made by them. I ho...
red theme Teaserred theme Cursors
by fungusferret339red cursors (kinda, some of them arent red) edit: oof i just realized...
Turquoise TeaserTurquoise Cursors
by Chevpeppz295Turquoise cursors that took me a while to make but i hope u guys like...
Gaming TeaserGaming Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ27kIn one hour, I made this set. Enjoy! (Most voted set to make).
Nights edge (Terraria) TeaserNights edge (Terraria) Cursors
by nightklp1807yeah some of are not nights edge well srry or copy if you see copy go...
Dot2.0 TeaserDot2.0 Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ535Finished in less than one hour, I redesigned my older cursor set, dot...
Gems and Metal Mouse Pointer TeaserGems and Metal Mouse Pointer Cursors
by The Male Boss134517 Different Metal and Gems Cursors. 7 With Gem Symbols. 10 Without G...
MS Paint drawn doodles! (improved) TeaserMS Paint drawn doodles! (improved) Cursors
by BogdanBehemot699MS Paint like drawn cursor doodles. Abstract, funny, beautiful. A com...
HoloWin (Hololive Scheme) TeaserHoloWin (Hololive Scheme) Cursors
by Gkimone888Hololive mixed set of pointers. Kiryu Coco's Asacoco tail, Inugami Ko...
D TeaserD Cursors
Vista & Win 7 icons
I wish there were...