Cursor Set - Diablo IV

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Diablo IV Cursors

Diablo IV
  • Published on July 10th 2023 by .
  • Released under the Attribution Required (CC by) license.
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Full set of custom Diablo IV cursors, 32px version only

May include 64px set at a later date, if there is enough demand

Since there are so many issues with the title of this set, allow me to clear something up: There is a game called Diablo IV, and this is a set based on the in-game cursor.

Tags: Game ■ Silver


by ernest_mecca

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user icon ʎppnᙠ ǝsuǝsuoN registered user on July 20th 2023

1.5 out of 5 stars.

Cool design, but very monotone and... What is that name I see on the title? "Diablo" and then "IV"and even there's no version 1,2 or 3

user icon Anonymous on July 23rd 2023

So far no one has understood anything! Diablo IV, is the artistic name of this cursor. Will you also want to change the artistic name of the films you watch?? Think about it, and make a fair assessment.

user icon Anonymous on August 3rd 2023

looks amazing, love it, thanks! :-D

user icon Anonymous on August 3rd 2023

its cool but when i take it out and go to my home screen it isnt there anymore

user icon Anonymous on August 13th 2023

:-D 8-) |-)

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-) Will use

user icon Anonymous on August 14th 2023

is it from the diablo iv video game?

user icon Xudatxa registered user on September 2nd 2023

5 out of 5 stars.

The cursors is homologated for good use. rsrc/okay1.gif image :-)

user icon Rukasu13 registered user on September 20th 2023

4.5 out of 5 stars.

I like this design, but don't understand the inspiration for it, is it from the game? I didn't play. Well anyway, good work with that! :-D

user icon Anonymous on January 3rd

To the people whining about the name, these are the cursors from the game "Diablo IV".

user icon Anonymous on January 12th

Would love to see that 64px version! Been using your 32px for almost six months and it's awesome!

user icon Anonymous