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New graphs

Published by on October 2nd 2013.

Which RealWorld software is the most popular one? If you guessed RealWorld Cursor Editor, you guessed right. RealWorld Paint takes the second place. Both of them are free and so it is no surprise that they are more popular than the paid ones. Here are two graphs that may be interesting and will get more interesting in the future.

Here are two graphs showing number of times the Online page was displaying within the software:

The numbers shown in the graphs are daily averages in each month. You can click on months to view statistics for each day in the given month.

The numbers do not indicate the number of people that used the software. I have no way to obtain that data. The number merely shows how many times was the web server asked for the Online page for the given application. One person may contribute to the number multiple times if he or she displayed the Online page multiple times. On the other hand, some people may never see the Online page, because they have selected a different start-up tab or they are not online while using the software. So, the only interesting thing are the relative changes in time.

What conclusions can we draw from the graphs?

  • RWCE (~4000 daily hits) is more popular than RWPaint (~2000 daily hits).
  • RWCE is used more during weekends and holidays, while RWPaint is used more during workdays.
  • There are significant groups of people that simple refuse to upgrade. The number of people still using version 2009.1 is stable. People either upgrade soon after a new version is released or they ignore the new version.
  • Even if RWCE is more popular, RWPaint users donate more than RWCE users donate.

Why is the Cursor Editor more popular than Paint?

This seems counter-intuitive at first sight. RWPaint is a more general application and has much more potential users, right? True, but RWCE is a bit older and it is the best cursor editor on the planet. RWPaint is 3 years younger and it is only one among numerous other image editors.

Experienced marketers would not be surprised by this result. In the internet economy, specialized tools have a great advantage. If a particular software becomes the king of a small niche, it will be much better off than a merely good software in a much larger but overcrowded niche. It seems like RWPaint needs more specialization. Any suggestions?

Recent comments

user icon jojois74 registered user on October 4th 2013

Not sure, what can one image editor do that others can't?

user icon cdl contributing user on October 4th 2013

Each image editor seems to have something they do better than the others.
They all do pretty much the same things, a few do more.

RW Paint seems to do 3d-ish graphics better than most other image editors with an easy to master user interface, many image editors can be quite complicated.

icon-image/6385-16x16x32.png image

user icon Anonymous on October 6th 2013

Are the apps Linux compatible?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on October 6th 2013

No, they kind of run under Wine on Linux, but there are some issues. For example the Online page is not working, scripted operations are not working, the tabs that switch between Create, Open, Recent and Online pages are not visible.

user icon jojois74 registered user on October 6th 2013

Ok, I know it would be very hard to maintain, but I think people would go for paint apps and cursor apps on Linux.

user icon Vlasta site administrator on October 7th 2013

Parts of the application would have to be rewritten, because they directly use Windows functions. That would be too much work for me, but I'll try to change a few things to make run better under Wine.

user icon jojois74 registered user on October 8th 2013

Ok, you should advertise it works under Wine when you do though.

user icon Daniel W. registered user on October 18th 2013

I would say that one of the most common needs for a photo editor is to be able to separate parts of the picture. IE take a picture of someone and cut out the background so that you can drop the person onto a new background or take a picture of an item and give it a solid white background. Tools like the magic wand in Paint are great for that kind of thing and save hours of tedious edge defining but even the magic wand has its limits. Improving on that would be huge. Maybe some kind of a tool that allows the user to click and drag a rough line and then the program uses the magic wand concept to define the edge more precisely.

I don't really even know about other image editors so maybe there is already such a thing out there in photoshop or something. I started out using the RWCE such a long time ago that the RW tools are all very intuitive to me now.

user icon Anonymous on September 13th 2014

I love my RealWorld Tools. They are very cool. They (to me) are better than Photoshop! But it would be an interesting fight if to compare to Adobe Illustrator. They both have interesting features but the one that gets me is Illustrator's feature for turning text 3D and adding perspective. But hey, we're talking about RealWorld Paint here, so I'm not going to get into detail on Illustrator.

user icon Anonymous
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