Be free with Bitcoins

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Be free with Bitcoins

Published by on May 11th 2011.

Having money in my pockets gives me (a bit of) freedom. I can exchange the money for a chocolate or for a travel ticket. I can give it to a friend or to a charity. I do not have to ask for permission to do any of those things. Except it does not work online.

How to enjoy this freedom online? With a credit card, a bank account or a PayPal-like service? Not really. I cannot give you half of my credit card without first consulting the company that runs the credit card/bank/service. If I want to use those services, I am forced to accept a draconian agreement with a big company. Or is there a better way?

Enter the Bitcoin

The people behind Bitcoin considered all the problems of current online payments systems and came with a solution.


I fully understand people, who refuse to pay with credit cards online. Credit cards are very insecure payment method. Even if you give the credit card number to a trustworthy company, they may lose it - look at the recent Sony scandal. The risks are even bigger for those of us, who want to sell goods online.

Bitcoins are more secure, because there is no "master password" (credit card number) that you give away when making payments. Instead you send the money by making and publishing the transaction in the Bitcoin network (to prevent double-spending).


The Bitcoin network prevents concentration of power. No one can take away your Bitcoins, just like no one can take away money from your pocket (except thieves). What I am talking about is: no one can freeze your account, because you have no account.


While it may appear that using a credit card is free, it really is not. There are fees that the vendors must pay from each accepted payment. The goods prices already include these fees.

Using Bitcoins is free, because there is no other way.

I accept Bitcoins!

From now on, licenses for RealWorld Icon Editor and RealWorld Photos can be purchased with Bitcoins. People, who would like to donate to RealWorld Cursor Editor or Picture Resizer development may do so using Bitcoins as well.

Starting is easy - if you sell digital goods, simply let your users know that you accept Bitcoins like I do.

Digital merchandise vendors, what are you waiting for?

I believe everyone, who sells digital goods (software, e-books, mp3s, etc.), should accept them.

In the digital goods business, the risk associated with accepting Bitcoins is very low. Creating another copy of the digital merchandize costs virtually zero.

If Bitcoins become popular enough, it would mean more security, no fees, and simplicity. In my opinion, this is a worthy goal and I want to support it.

Do you?

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user icon sixλxis forum moderator on May 12th 2011

Hell yes, mostly because i dont have a single credit card, cause im unemployed... still...

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