RealWorld Photos released

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RealWorld Photos released

Published by on January 3rd 2009.

After 18 months of development, RealWorld Photos is finally released. The applications targets two main scenarios: retouching of photographs and batch image processing. In both areas it has a couple of unique features to offer.

Why another photo editor?

Isn’t the world already full of different kinds of photo retouching tools? No, there certainly is still room for a software that is able to deliver power without being overly complex. RealWorld Photo’s goal is to deliver the best value when power and ease of use are counted in.

RealWorld Photos screenshot

Lossless retouching out of the box

If you are shooting to .jpg, you may or may not know that opening and saving a .jpg file in most cases causes a small quality loss, even if the same quality setting is used. RealWorld Photos reduces this quality loss in cases, where is it possible. If only parts of an image are changed, which is typical when retouching or watermarking, the rest is copied without quality degradation.

Flexible and easy-to-use batch processing

RealWorld Photos can do apply a simple filter in batch, but it can also apply a complex operation consisting of several filter, conditions and cycles thanks to its JavaScript-based scripting engine.

Starting a batch operation is done using drag and drop with mouse. It is also possible to perform batch operations directly from Desktop via a droplet.


Go get RealWorld Photos retouching software.

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