Vlasta's blog archive for January 2009

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Documents vs. Windows thumbnail

Documents vs. Windows

A couple of years ago, the decision was made to adopt the so called “multiple single document interface” used for example by Microsoft Word 2000, where each open document gets its own top-level window. Has the time come to change this approach?

Push the plug-in

The time has come to leverage the plug-in based nature of RealWorld Designer applications. While the plug-in architecture can help to cut development times of larger projects, its true strength lays in allowing people to make their own plug-ins. Applications released in 2009 will be much more plug-in-friendly :-).

RealWorld Photos released thumbnail

RealWorld Photos released

After 18 months of development, RealWorld Photos is finally released. The applications targets two main scenarios: retouching of photographs and batch image processing. In both areas it has a couple of unique features to offer.

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