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Batch Icon Extractor released
easy-to-use & free
updated on September 24th 2016
3 posts
Internet shortcut maker updated
updated on April 28th 2010
6 posts
Animated previews of cursors in the library
for browsers supporting APNG format
updated on October 17th 2011
3 posts
Icon library becoming more user friendly
uploading from web possible
updated on October 27th 2009
1 posts
Render fractal plug-in
Fractals certainly are eye candy...
updated on November 21st 2009
1 posts
Internal changes in the libraries
updated on November 28th 2009
1 posts
Download statistics
...don't you just love math?
updated on February 24th 2010
1 posts
Contacts on user profile pages
up to 3
updated on March 1st 2010
1 posts
List of most productive artists
in the Gallery
updated on May 7th
5 posts
Personalized alerts
help your reaction time
updated on March 13th 2010
1 posts
Facebook's Like button
Facebook's everywhere
updated on June 20th 2010
2 posts
RealWorld Icon Editor 2010.1 released
few days case you did not notice
updated on August 20th 2010
1 posts
New web design
in progress
updated on September 14th 2010
11 posts
RealWorld Thumbnails updated
supporting rli, .ric, and .rcu
updated on August 27th 2010
2 posts
New version of Picture Resizer
updated on August 25th 2010
2 posts
Make cursors online
...only the static ones
updated on September 3rd 2010
2 posts
Make icons from images online
if you have the right image
updated on September 9th 2010
1 posts
Help section redesign progress
updated on November 12th 2010
4 posts
Gallery tweak
...mainly for authors
updated on December 1st 2010
3 posts
Free blog for everyone
...share your thoughts
updated on November 23rd 2010
1 posts
Lofted surface for 3D
plug-in for the icon editor
updated on December 8th 2010
2 posts
Make greeting cards
...using your own photos
updated on January 31st 2011
9 posts
New links in People tab
...+ 1 new section
updated on December 22nd 2010
2 posts
February 2011 - month of Bevel
everything you ever wanted to know about bevel, but were afraid to ask
updated on February 9th 2011
5 posts
March 2011 - month of Layer Styles
increase your productivity
updated on March 2nd 2011
7 posts
Select background
What about ICL files?
Vista & Win 7 icons