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Looking for cursor artists
updated on February 8th 2019
5 posts
Loading Sprites
Javascript code for adding Windows 7 or Linux Fedora working in background and busy sprites
updated on May 10th 2019
2 posts
by LOL
updated on December 4th 2019
6 posts
How do I change my Avatar Gender?
I have seen that my avatar icon isn't same as others.
updated on December 8th 2019
3 posts
No 64-Bit?
No 64-Bit support on majority of RealWorld Software.
updated on December 18th 2019
1 posts
How to make cursor sets
I only know how to upload cursors separately
by HungryIronApple
updated on December 26th 2019
1 posts
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Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...