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Graphic design archive

I cant use them
they don't show up please help
updated on April 19th 2016
6 posts
Moving Circle at the right of my Cursor
Moving Circle right of my Cursor
by Overheater
updated on May 15th 2013
2 posts
How do I upload
updated on June 15th 2013
2 posts
Motion blur?
How do you do it?
updated on November 19th 2013
2 posts
How do I mimic this effect?
Like in the ESRB logos?
updated on February 28th 2017
4 posts
How do you create backgrounds for the site?
updated on August 28th 2018
4 posts
select tool
by cali
updated on October 4th 2014
3 posts
What's the best method to caption a gif?
I can do it, but some of my gifs have a TON of frames...
updated on November 23rd 2014
3 posts
Is it possible to make lettering look like stone?
by Teraurel
updated on January 21st 2015
2 posts
online edditer
updated on April 25th 2018
12 posts
male boss contest
week contest
updated on July 23rd 2016
90 posts
virtual dj
vdj loop's
updated on February 10th 2016
1 posts
Blue Images/Imágenes azules
Blue Hue!
updated on April 22nd 2016
8 posts
Rotating things
updated on May 18th 2016
1 posts
lightning strike
updated on October 6th 2017
12 posts
How to invert colour?
How do I invert the colour of my mouse cursor in the R.W. Cursor editor?
by LeeSpork
updated on February 28th 2017
4 posts
MEGA lightning strike
updated on October 6th 2017
9 posts
lightning strike / mega lightnign strike
problem or issues
updated on November 19th 2016
2 posts
You need a cursor sub forum
You need a cursor sub forum
updated on April 21st 2017
3 posts
Icon / Cursor Image Processing
IC Warlock
by codewar65
updated on April 8th 2017
2 posts
How can I create a long shadow?
especially in on reflex arcs
by J
updated on July 22nd 2017
19 posts
How to make cursor always complete animation
in RealWorld Cursor Editor
updated on July 17th 2017
2 posts
Image editing Tools
by Anonymous
updated on April 28th 2018
6 posts
I want to learn about graphic design
by Anonymous
updated on January 14th 2018
2 posts
Paste an image reset tools
by CruzGibbs1975
updated on May 22nd 2018
1 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
Select background