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Software support archive

3ds export missing surface texture
by shiftlord
updated on March 14th 2011
13 posts
Cursor Editor with Windows 7 Default Cursor problem
by orbidia123456
updated on February 27th 2011
4 posts
invalid stuff
by constachugga
updated on March 12th 2011
3 posts
OTF Font type Support
Open Type Font
updated on March 12th 2011
2 posts
High-detailed of cursors
updated on March 13th 2011
3 posts
Multiple pictures?
add more than 1 pictures?
by Love
updated on March 19th 2011
1 posts
Uploading icons
updated on March 20th 2011
1 posts
Icon formats
updated on March 21st 2011
3 posts
VbK-round not all files in tagged library
by Pete
updated on March 28th 2011
3 posts
where is it
by cosmos_S
updated on May 3rd 2011
4 posts
layers quit working
updated on April 14th 2011
16 posts
updated on September 13th 2011
4 posts
Tools have quit working properly
all tools, for example the rectangle eraser,
updated on June 13th 2011
3 posts
How to Turn Off Constant On-Line Communications
by Swoop
updated on June 28th 2011
6 posts
Can't change my email!!
Something's wrong with my account info editing!
updated on July 25th 2011
2 posts
Creating exe to link to URL's
process does not shut down
by jcvanmeter
updated on August 9th 2011
4 posts
help idk what to do i realy need help please
how do i set RealWorld Icon Editor back to defalt mode
by viper
updated on October 31st 2011
2 posts
Copy Icon Image?
by asfrye
updated on August 13th 2011
5 posts
Saving a 256 x 256 pixel icon?
updated on August 15th 2011
4 posts
RW Paint Support
by jojois74
updated on December 3rd 2011
7 posts
How do i separate frames from my mouses?
updated on September 17th 2011
2 posts
Cannot Change Cursor
Cursor not changing as imagined
by dilekt
updated on November 26th 2011
2 posts
Should update the buggy translation file...
updated on October 22nd 2011
3 posts
Importing layers/frames
Is there a way to...
updated on October 25th 2011
2 posts
How do I upload these pictures to Tinypic?
by Shadesky
updated on December 23rd 2011
2 posts
I wish there were...
Vista & Win 7 icons
Select background