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Editing screenshots
click-by-click for absolute noob please
by nameanyone
updated on May 10th 2013
3 posts
Plug-in suggestion
PortableApps fonts
updated on October 23rd 2013
7 posts
Paint: Animated GIF import not working?!
Well, ok, I'll give you that it at least opens the first frame...
updated on May 25th 2013
6 posts
Panel help
Is it possible to add panels?
updated on September 17th 2013
8 posts
Paint plugin idea
Animation made easier
updated on August 2nd 2013
4 posts
Painting animations
Export to video?
updated on December 2nd 2013
3 posts
Photoshop plugins
For some reason, the list keeps erasing!
updated on July 11th 2013
3 posts
Droplets Realworld photos
by traffwll
updated on July 23rd 2013
3 posts
Directional blur?
Either lend a hand or take this as a suggestion for a new tool.
updated on August 4th 2013
2 posts
Why can't I rotate an image properly anymore?
The canvas doesn't rotate!?
updated on August 11th 2013
5 posts
Info on downloaded files
by ___xed___
updated on September 3rd 2013
5 posts
Needs a restore feature
updated on September 18th 2013
2 posts
Questions (RWCursorEditer)
by Dervilacus
updated on September 18th 2013
4 posts
problem to open .u3d
by tolik212
updated on October 1st 2013
4 posts
Transformation Parameter in Parameterised Objects
by Richard_Reeves
updated on September 29th 2013
4 posts
Is there a PDF or CHM help file to download.
by TedSansScrpit
updated on October 12th 2013
3 posts
Vector + Snap
"Snap to pixel grid" plugin?
updated on October 24th 2013
2 posts
In Paint How do I remove a mask?
by PAEz
updated on October 31st 2013
3 posts
How do I execute a script?
Fine, say it. I'm a n00b.
updated on November 5th 2013
4 posts
Fonts a bit stretched
Is there a way to fix this?
updated on November 11th 2013
4 posts
Edit DPI?
How do I make it... pixelly?
updated on November 14th 2013
4 posts
Automatic Border Remove broken possibly?
I'll just say it doesn't work in Raster images.
updated on November 29th 2013
7 posts
How do I upload
Ok so I create a cursor set and not sure where to upload it
updated on November 21st 2013
3 posts
Splash screen for RealWorld Photos
by mikespeir
updated on November 24th 2013
2 posts
Need to modify color count
by ___xed___
updated on December 6th 2013
3 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
Select background