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Tag: Symbol

A symbol is a picture that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention.

Square TeaserSquare Cursors
by e_g.15Square :D
Thick Green Crosshair TeaserThick Green Crosshair Cursors
by testthing01 589Thick Green Crosshair I tried to create classic static crosshair curs...
Thick Green V2 Crosshair TeaserThick Green V2 Crosshair Cursors
by testthing01 1179Thick Green V2 Crosshair "Same as V1, but V2 is thicker." (Using a re...
Curso Megathon TeaserCurso Megathon Icons
by Curso Megathon14Tema do Curso Megathon Oficial.
ALWD (A Literal White Dot) TeaserALWD (A Literal White Dot) Cursors
by Dashat303Its... just a bunch of dots and shapes. This is based off the riddle ...
Pimped Mac Basic Folders (Update 2) TeaserPimped Mac Basic Folders (Update 2) Icons
by rix92Preview Image of the complete Set:
RealWorld Simple (Light) TeaserRealWorld Simple (Light) Cursors
by nibbler702Cursors made with the daily (or 2023 newest) build of RealWorld Curso...
RealWorld Simple (Dark) TeaserRealWorld Simple (Dark) Cursors
by nibbler835This set is a remix of the RealWorld Simple Cursor Set but is for any...
SketchUp Web TeaserSketchUp Web Cursors
by nibbler140Cursors from the web version of SketchUp. Also added some custom ones...
Simple Marvel (Incomplete) TeaserSimple Marvel (Incomplete) Cursors
by K1LL5 ㋡222Minimalistic set of cursors for Marvel fans! Recommendations: 1. Use ...
Random number I TeaserRandom number I Cursors
by ʎppnᙠ ǝsuǝsuoN164This set I made so you can vote wich of these sets I make it full, FA...
White Pluses TeaserWhite Pluses Cursors
by MaroDiamond92063The Inversion Of The Black Pluses Set! (With A Bit Of Tweaking.)
Neon Nights TeaserNeon Nights Icons
by rix187Preview Image of the complete Set:
ole32 Teaserole32 Cursors
by nibbler221These are the so-called "Drag and Copy" cursors ripped from C:\Window...
Avatar The Last Airbender TeaserAvatar The Last Airbender Icons
by tauruzsun173reference i used to make the icons:
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