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Vlasta (2011-08-18 22:44:00):

Great, as always :-). I really should add better support for sets with multiple color variations.

JDDellGuy (2011-08-18 23:06:09):

Thanks! I am working on a matching icon set, but it will be a short while. The icons take about an hour or so to render. I went all out on these. We've got raytracing, highest level anti-aliasing, fresnel, IQR settings, reflecting,and more going on.

It takes about an hour to two hours for one of the 256x256 icons to render. I have a quad core 3GHz AMD Phenom II CPU and 4GB RAM. Just an idea of how much is going on in those.

Unknown author (2011-08-20 22:05:49):

You seem to have too much freetime ;-)
nice stuff :-)

Teddy (2011-08-23 17:53:39):

damn youre a genious ^^

o.O (2011-08-26 13:40:30):

AND, some boys will actully grab these :-D

Daniel W. (2011-08-26 22:21:11 / 5 stars):

Thanks for all the work you put into these JDDellGuy! I can see you spent a lot of time here.

absterninja (2011-09-05 19:51:40 / 5 stars):

These are very clever! Its great how you took the time to make all of the different colors icon-image/5386-16x16x32.png image!

I tried using blender once without much luck. You are very talented!

JDDellGuy (2011-09-05 21:19:09):

Thanks Absterninja!
If you want to use Blender, I definitely recommend watching super3boy's tutorials on youtube. He helps get some basics down on using it. He might not have Blender 2.5 tutorials though, so you might want to check out the tutorials on Blender.org as well. I may also post a tutorial on using blender to make cursors when I have more time someday.

jojois74 (2011-09-05 22:45:08 / 4 stars):

I can see that you spent a lot of time on these. I have to say you seem to like creating cursors and icons. My only suggestion to this set is that you add more colors.

sixλxis (2011-09-08 23:29:45 / 5 stars):

Holy crap, they look almost real O_O


Erik (2011-09-12 14:29:30 / 5 stars):

It looks hard to make these, so you will get 5 stars from me :-)

Unknown author (2011-09-18 22:40:14):

Waooooooooooooooooo its so realistic O_O

Ricon (2011-09-18 23:16:30 / 5 stars):

I wish there were 100 star ratings.
Those are the best cursors that I've ever seen.
I know that you spent at least almost like 2 weeks or one
with this set.
You put a lot of effort JDDellGuy.
From Ricon

Unknown author (2011-10-30 22:28:19):


Cameron (2011-11-04 10:29:06 / 5 stars):

these are very good they are fantastically detailed and the movement is exquisite :-) very good mate well done. :-)

cdl (2011-11-04 23:07:15 / 5 stars):

very well indeed! icon-image/4608-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2011-11-05 00:33:58):

Son perfectos!!!!... 8-)

Unknown author (2011-11-06 20:49:37):

That's good!

Unknown author (2011-11-09 23:25:01):

O_O I'll buy them from u LMFAO :-D

Unknown author (2011-11-14 23:51:57):

son re lindos!!! ya twngo una banda descargados :-D

Intellisthetics (2011-12-11 19:14:28 / 5 stars):

icon-image/6385-48x48x32.png image icon-image/6489-64x64x32.png image

Pointer Adic (2012-01-26 02:04:02 / 5 stars):

nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D ;-) :-)
there so cool! 8-)

stripeycat100 (2012-02-03 15:28:45):


infinite stars *********

Unknown author (2012-02-17 01:36:47):

omg lol so shiny :-D

Lost Girl (2012-02-22 04:00:50 / 5 stars):

I like these. It would be good if you could do a 3D effect on them though, just to give it more depth.

JDDellGuy (2012-02-23 07:16:33):

Lol, these are about as 3D as it gets. I modeled them in Blender, a 3D program. Unless you mean 3D as in "3D glasses 3D." That, I am unfortunately unable to do. icon-image/4612-16x16x32.png image

Lost Girl (2012-02-27 00:22:05):

Hahaha. That would be mad if you could. Good cursors JDDellGuy. 8-)

NEOC (2012-03-16 21:15:57 / 5 stars):

NEOC fainted.

TOO IMPRESSIVE! Gemstones always looks cool because of they reflex the light. You are that skillfull: virtualized that effect.

The only difference between a real gem and your cursors is that… I can touch the real one! (If I didn't explained that well, here's what means: It's THAT realistic. THAT realistic.)

Note: Why 4.9 of 5 stars, if Intellisthetics, Pointer Adic, Ghost and me were the only ones scoring you, and we all gave you 5 stars? Isn't that rare?

JDDellGuy (2012-03-16 21:21:11):

Thanks for the great review! icon-image/4589-16x16x32.png image Actually, if you click on "all comments" You'll see one 4-star review.

Matias0211 (2012-03-17 01:32:46 / 5 stars):

Woooooooooooooooooooooooo cuantos comentarios!! jajajajajajajaja.
Me gustó la idea de las gemas!! :-) están excelentes! :-D te felicito!! :-D y cuanta paciencia hay que tener para hacer tantas jajajajajaja. Muy buen trabajo :-D. Creo que 5 estrellas estarán muy bien! :-D

SoaringEagle789 (2012-03-27 03:29:19 / 5 stars):

:-D i could tell you worked hard on these cursors beacuse of the reflect effects. it is really great. good job! :-D

Unknown author (2012-04-27 01:24:21):

Oh wow! These are absolutely breathtaking! Thanks!

Virum64 (2012-05-20 13:00:27 / 5 stars):

5 stars is not enough !

Lizzzard01 (2012-05-23 02:11:52 / 4.5 stars):

This is awesome! Great job. It would be neat if they were transparent so it seemed like they were truly real.

Jason (2012-07-03 03:46:17 / 5 stars):

Awesomeness!!!! ;-)

SYNTHCRѺ (2012-07-25 06:34:25 / 5 stars):

5/5 these are the most realistic looking gem cursors I have ever seen. Good job.


Richard (2012-08-05 19:03:21 / 5 stars):

I just have to give you five stars all the hot spots are in the right spots. They look perfict and you have fifty seven cursors :-o just for one set now if there were more peopel like you on this then I would be looking at cursors all day. :-D :-) 8-)

AA_Xatron (2012-08-22 12:10:15 / 4.5 stars):

This is totally awesome, and looks like real! That is TOTALLY awesome, because it's shining... but you should do that diamonds transparent. ;-)

AmberZen (2012-09-24 23:33:42 / 5 stars):

another case of needing some extra rating stars!
The set is HUGE!
Colors, animations, reflections... omg!

icon-image/7541-48x48x32.png image icon-image/5950-48x48x32.png imageicon-image/7541-48x48x32.png image

marblezee (2013-01-20 20:46:49 / 5 stars):

Just wonderful!! Very realistic.

Unknown author (2013-02-12 16:24:18):

it was really coooooooooolllllllllllll

Unknown author (2013-02-15 00:06:35):

:-D Awesome!

ctarmansy (2013-02-20 02:25:15 / 5 stars):

Awesome! But does anyone else get scared by the busy cursors? They look like they're staring at me...

mikun002 (2013-02-27 09:47:12 / 5 stars):

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

HNMunchey (2013-03-07 16:43:25 / 5 stars):

Nice job with these! Nothing else to coment otherwise ;-)

Unknown author (2013-03-23 01:11:14):


Unknown author (2013-04-23 22:25:00):

Add news colors plis... :P

Wexutar (2013-08-04 20:01:28 / 0.5 stars):


Unknown author (2013-11-04 01:31:02):

It's fantastic!!!
Can you upload in other colours?... :P

Ludwig (2013-11-05 20:40:52 / 5 stars):

You could split it into four cursor themes... :-)
But every single cursor is very nice, great animations, really awesome

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2013-11-06 19:18:10):

:-D love these

isabelle5458 (2013-11-09 11:16:05):

That peron saying love these was me when i had no account. But now i do, and i appreciate all of these. 5 star! (btw i see how the red-pink one is red and the black-clear one is black. :))

P.S. Isnt the black alternative animated? XD

OMCE (2014-01-04 04:29:46 / 4.5 stars):

As always, an ***excellent*** job from you. Hope to see more. I think you could add some stuff though, like making it a little less irritating for the eyes. 4.5 stars!

Unknown author (2014-08-09 15:03:39):

Not an excellent job or an amazing one, words can't describe how AMAZING THIS IS! You must have spent hours on this huge set! Congrats man, congrats

Unknown author (2014-09-09 06:18:56):

cool and 3D :-D

Unknown author (2015-01-05 14:15:56):

OMCE quejica... están bien así y no molestan la vista...
Más colores plis... :P

snowtigress0415 (2015-01-13 22:35:56 / 4.5 stars):

Pretty cool! 8-)

MinecraftGirl1227 (2016-02-15 03:52:40 / 5 stars):

Wow. First off, I would like to say how absolutely amazing these are. You must have spent a really long time on these. I love the link ones. Really, the only thing that has to be fixed is the red unavailable, because it is hard to tell that it is red, and that is the only thing. These are again, amazing!!! Great job, 5 stars. icon-image/11663-16x16x32.png image

P.S. Could you make a purple one? That would be great. icon-image/11663-16x16x32.png image

Galactic Nerds (2016-04-29 00:38:10 / 5 stars):

These must have taken days to make! Awesome set!

Unknown author (2016-08-04 01:12:12):

Omg theses are gr8
How long did they take to make
10 stars :-D

Devkhan (2017-09-18 22:34:56 / 4 stars):

cool! lots of options! :-D
hope to see more!

Unknown author (2018-04-23 20:25:40):

It is very irritating when the default cursor is animated.

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