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Seirei no Moribito TeaserSeirei no Moribito Cursors
by Anonymous Me155Cursor set inspired by the anime of the same name The vertical/horizo...
Pixel world swords and blocks TeaserPixel world swords and blocks Cursors
by BAZZI713so this is my pixel world cursors but low quality
Turqouise and Black TeaserTurqouise and Black Cursors
by yeetboi4070I made a Turqouise and Black set, and I will soon start a bright gree...
Crosshair pack TeaserCrosshair pack Cursors
by FoxterF71560You might not be able to view the inverted parts on the site, but the...
ColorFull TeaserColorFull Cursors
by Croimy690A colorful set of cursors for general purpose.
Green and Black TeaserGreen and Black Cursors
by yeetboi4115Shout out to Anonymous and RIDDLER for recommending me to do this. Ho...
Dark pixel TeaserDark pixel Cursors
by Croimy567Here are dark cursors. Comment what you would you would like me to to...
creeper Teasercreeper Cursors
by Wolfmanispro6440
OOF TeaserOOF Cursors
by Wolfmanispro6413
zombies perks (Top) Teaserzombies perks (Top) Cursors
by Tank Dempsey353This set is the exact same set as my last one but with the hotspot on...
Cartoon Hand TeaserCartoon Hand Cursors
by Bobcat1267This is actually the hand from pokemon quest. I loved it, and I reall...
Green and Black Pixel TeaserGreen and Black Pixel Cursors
by Croimy96Here are a mixture of dark and bright cursors. Hope you enjoy and com...
nvm just a mistake ---- Teasernvm just a mistake ---- Cursors
by FoxterF721how can i delete a cursor set?
Windows 10 Yellow TeaserWindows 10 Yellow Cursors
by darix5551511My first cursor set hope you like it! Changelog: Added person and loc...
Windows XP Cyan TeaserWindows XP Cyan Cursors
by darix555731Original win xp cursors recolored cyan Changelog: Added colored cross...
Windows 7 Yellow-Green-Cyan TeaserWindows 7 Yellow-Green-Cyan Cursors
by darix555704recolored original windows 7 cursors
Tiny green TeaserTiny green Cursors
by darix555108cute tiny cursors
Long orange arrows TeaserLong orange arrows Cursors
by darix555147Very big orange arrows
Black and Green TeaserBlack and Green Cursors
by Croimy5467Here black and green cursors. Unfortunately, there is no alternate or...
Big Blue Arrow TeaserBig Blue Arrow Cursors
by darix555128Hope you like it!
Original Windows 95/98 TeaserOriginal Windows 95/98 Cursors
by darix5553321Original Win 95/98 cursors hope you like it! I replaced the working i...
Drain Gang D&G Logo Bladee TeaserDrain Gang D&G Logo Bladee Cursors
by draingang424Drain Gang D&G Logo Heart Black White Bladee Rainbow flashy flash ple...
Rainbow Slow Animated TeaserRainbow Slow Animated Cursors
by shri1899The slow version of rainbow animated . i'm sorry it was late. so i ho...
B TeaserB Cursors
Fun Cats TeaserFun Cats Cursors
by Bobcat329I do not expect a good rating out of this, I did it just for fun! Enj...
Black hand-drawn TeaserBlack hand-drawn Cursors
by darix555673A set of hand-drawn cursors. The best thing about this set is that th...
orange gaming set Teaserorange gaming set Cursors
by pixasniper23this my new account i post it with a (.cur) file. i hope you like it
No Internet Dino TeaserNo Internet Dino Cursors
by Bobcat2484I did not really find a good image of the no internet dino, so I drew...
Cats TeaserCats Cursors
by Note2963this is a cursor set inspired from pusheen the cat. more cursor may ...
Black and Blue TeaserBlack and Blue Cursors
by Croimy7017Here are black and blue cursors! Hope you enjoy them and please comme...
MineCraft Survival Kit (BugFixed) TeaserMineCraft Survival Kit (BugFixed) Cursors
by B Type RetroGraphics3001BugFixes: Removed Transparent borders
BFDI(A) TeaserBFDI(A) Cursors
by Noah119The BFDI cursor sets where I made these cursors! Please enjoy those c...
Zero Two Anime Pack TeaserZero Two Anime Pack Cursors
by FireWolf5590Darling in the Franxx, Anime, Zero Two Pack.
3DMac Teaser3DMac Cursors
by ʄʟɨӼ1934I made these cursors in three days. It took me a while to come up wit...
Line TeaserLine Cursors
by EdibleInk1183A set of cursors, based on lines. There are multiple busys and workin...
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