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Published by on January 10th 2011.

The old year is gone, all that is left are memories. Or in the language of computers, 'data'. Data wants to be used. Since I am using Google Analytics to monitor the traffic to this site, it is trivial to generate a graph or two. Let's look at some!

How do people find this web?

There are three major sources of visitors of a web site.


Majority of visitors comes from a search engine. This is not surprising, many other websites report even higher percentage of visits coming from search engines.

Search engines

Google is the number 1 here with 92% of the searching visitors. Others are far behind - Bing has 3%, Yahoo is at 2.5%. The remaining 2.5% is divided among several small search engines.

Referring sites

These are visitors that clicked on a link pointing to on another web site. The situation is different than with the search engines. There is no single website that sends a significant amount of traffic.

Number 1 here is youtube with 9%, followed by a couple of freeware download sites having about 2-3%.

From the social sites, stumbleupon and facebook have about 0.5%. I hope this number increases in 2011.

Direct traffic

Direct traffic means visitors who:

  • typed in the address bar,
  • clicked a bookmark, link in an email or in an IM tool,
  • or clicked a button inside one of the RealWorld tools.

Since the most popular landing page is the homepage of Picture Resizer, majority of visits are in the third category.

Most visited pages

It is no surprise that the main pages of the cursor library and icon library are in the top 5 visited pages. The other spots belong to the Picture Resizer, the online icon maker and the RealWorld Icon Editor. The RuneScape Items was the most visited icon or cursor set in 2010.


rsrc/stats-2010-browsers.png image

Internet Explorer still was the most used browser in 2010, but Firefox has a very nice second place. Chrome gained an incredible market share in 2010. Google pushed it really hard.

The report from December indicates that Firefox and Chrome will gain a few percents in 2011 at the expense of Internet Explorer.

The recommended browsers to use on this site are Firefox and Opera. If you are using one of the others, you won't be able to see animations. Chrome has a bug that sometimes does not display images correctly (you'll see a image being loaded and then replaced by the error image). Older versions of Internet Explorer do no show the tabs correctly.

Languages and countries

rsrc/stats-2010-languages.png image

English is the native language of about half of the visitors (or at least they have English set as the default language in their browser).

rsrc/stats-2010-countries.png image

The darker the color of the country, the more visitors came from that country.

Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not seem to be able to divide the number of visits from a country by the number of people in that country (or even better the number of people connected to the internet) to show relative popularity of the web site there.

27% of visitors came from US, 8% from the UK, 4% from Germany, 4% from Canada, 3% from India, 3% from Australia. The remaining 49% from the other countries.

Goals for 2011

There is one company that can make or break That company is of course Google. More than half of the people that visited came from Google. It may even be close to 75% - some of the direct traffic only happened because the person has visited the web and downloaded an application before.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket is easy to say but harder to do in the world dominated by Google. Nevertheless, that is what needs to be done. I hope to see more relative traffic from referring sites in 2011. What can be done to achieve that?

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