Poor man's kaleidoscope

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Poor man's kaleidoscope

Published by on April 10th 2011.

Composing icons from ready-to-use parts was possible in RealWorld Icon Editor for a couple of years. And now, there is another - online - way. And because this is the month of Kaleidoscope, I have prepared a thematic image pack for you.

Composed icons

Composed icons are icons assembled from parts prepared by an artist for other people to freely combine. This method of making icons was popularized by Axialis IconWorkshop few years ago. The requirements on the application side are really minimal, it only needs to be able to blend a couple of images.

Current RealWorld Icon Editor of course supports this icon creation method and it plays nicely with its layer support. But the method is so trivial, a specialized desktop application is often an overkill.

And so, I have decided to allow composing icons online. The new online tool allows you to pick images by clicking on them and then download the result as an .ico file or as .png image.

And the promised Kaleidoscope?

Here it is - a new image pack created just for fun and to demonstrate what can be done.

extimg/QLUAALoAAL4AAA.png imageextimg/QLYAALkAAL0AAL4AAA.png imageextimg/QLcAALoAALsAAA.png image

There is a Image code field on the icon composer pages. This allows you to use composed icons on this site. Copy the code from there and use it like:

[[image:extimg/<the copied code>.png]]

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