Vlasta's blog archive for April 2011

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Changing web hosting

Just a quick note. RW-designer has moved to a different web server today. It was a chaotic day and I hope nothing important was lost on the way (ok, the icon and cursor download counters may be a bit off).

Poor man's kaleidoscope

Composing icons from ready-to-use parts was possible in RealWorld Icon Editor for a couple of years. And now, there is another - online - way. And because this is the month of Kaleidoscope, I have prepared a thematic image pack for you.

Fixing the hole in the real world

I have always tried to design RealWorld software as a set of independent building blocks. Each block performs a single function and the blocks can be combined in any way possible. It is very irritating when I discover that certain blocks do not work together.

What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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