Recomend Other Cursor

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Recomend Other Cursor

Published by on April 29th 2021.

Cursor of the week

[Not Copy] cursor-teaser/angel-heart-angel-heart-blue.png image cursor-teaser/lazitorosamdbowtie.png image cursor-teaser/angel-heart-angel-heart-purple.png image
[Yes Copy] cursor-teaser/pinkheart.png image
[this dude support who made it]

Cursor of the week [by request]

You may wanna see others

Its Simple to see just click them'

cursor-teaser/black-transparent.png image cursor-teaser/super-simple-red-1.png image cursor-teaser/night-1.png image cursor-teaser/daniel.png image cursor-teaser/got-talent-star-the-reader.png image cursor-teaser/bold.png image cursor-teaser/delta-neon-red.png image cursor-teaser/delta-neon-green.png image cursor-teaser/mb-green.png image cursor-teaser/easter-2021.png image cursor-teaser/bullet-point-pink-by-light.pngv image cursor-teaser/light-blue-glow.png image cursor-teaser/youtubecs-thereader.png image cursor-teaser/ecliz.png image cursor-teaser/delta-neon-blue.png image cursor-teaser/delta-neon-purple.png image cursor-teaser/delta-neon-yellow.png image cursor-teaser/pyster11-pvp-pack.png image cursor-teaser/bullet-yellow.png image cursor-teaser/assorted-undertale.png image cursor-teaser/blackwatch-cur.png image cursor-teaser/cute-kitty.png image cursor-teaser/cute-cup.png image cursor-teaser/dim-nitro-green.png image cursor-teaser/riddler-premium-xxl.png image cursor-teaser/purple-glowing.png image cursor-teaser/dim-premium-primismatic.png image cursor-teaser/blue-glowing.png image cursor-teaser/save-the-earth.png image cursor-teaser/nero.png image cursor-teaser/dim-technoblue-premium.png image cursor-teaser/dim-infra-red-premium.png image cursor-teaser/mac-lover.png image cursor-teaser/vs-mac.png image cursor-teaser/dim-nitrogreen-premium.png image cursor-teaser/animated-bill-cipher.png image cursor-teaser/tailless-blue-beveled.png image cursor-teaser/flashing-white-1.png image cursor-teaser/procress.png image cursor-teaser/edge-general.png image cursor-teaser/radioactive-2.png image cursor-teaser/delta-gold.png image cursor-teaser/silver-faiencesque.png image cursor-teaser/purple-sticker.png image cursor-teaser/aero-moderno.png image cursor-teaser/command-block-cur.png image cursor-teaser/metal-grey-1.png image cursor-teaser/rainbow-ultimate-horizontal-xxl.png image cursor-teaser/dark-indicator.png image cursor-teaser/rainbow-dark.png image

Best or Most Download Cursor

above 4200+ downloads
cursor-teaser/chroma.png image cursor-teaser/undertale.png image cursor-teaser/glowing-rgb.png image cursor-teaser/gold-orb.png image cursor-teaser/szubidub-s-glitch-pack.png image cursor-teaser/tron-green-glow.png image cursor-teaser/gamerflix.png image cursor-teaser/breeze-hacked.png image cursor-teaser/fiery.png image cursor-teaser/breeze-hacked-green.png image cursor-teaser/retro-wave.png image cursor-teaser/synthwave-night.png image cursor-teaser/reaver-pack-valorant.png image cursor-teaser/ruination-pack-valorant.png image request your most download idk how many?

If your requesting..

share your old cursor not new
also when your cursor show up n your gallery like popular i will not post there until it got out

[also i might just auto recomend other cursor without knowing]

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user icon inactive account registered user on June 26th 2021

Can you add my latest RGB set? It has 10k download in 2 weeks

user icon nightklp registered user on September 30th 2021

srry if i dint update this forum i offline so long
you will see at my profit why

dont worry im Back!!


user icon ATT registered user on September 30th 2021


user icon RIDDLER registered user on October 1st 2021

This page is super.

user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on October 25th 2021

you should put 1 of my cursors here :I

user icon ♣Aworld♣ registered user on November 9th 2021

Hey! my rgb rainbow cursor set is above the 4200+ downloads! :-D

user icon ꧁ Ryjerun ꧂ registered user on February 10th 2022

Can You Please Add My New Cursors!!

user icon Anonymous on June 21st 2022

el de glitch wooooooooooooooow you're ganna want a bad time 8-)

user icon ツ☪ spunch_bop♡♥ registered user on December 13th 2022

icon-image/15613-16x16x32.png image

user icon ツ☪ wubtastic ♡♥ registered user on March 23rd 2023

icon-image/15613-16x16x32.png image

user icon Anonymous
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
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