Cursor wizards with vector layers - February 19th stream

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Cursor wizards with vector layers - February 19th stream

Published by on February 18th 2023.

With the major changes in RW Paint and Cursor Editor complete, I can now focus on polishing the user interface and on updating various details affected by the big changes.

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One of things that needs and update are the wizards in the cursor editor. Previously they assumed that layers in the cursor editor are raster layers and that is no longer true. If the top layer in a cursor is a vector layer, the wizards will generate vector objects and place them into this layer (except the wizard that adds a fire effect to a cursor). This means that it will be much easier to modify the generated objects - change their colors and shapes, move them around and apply effects to them. Some of the old wizards will have extra parameters and there will be some new wizards, for example a wizards for generating a busy cursor in Windows 11 style.

rsrc/cursor-wizards.jpg image

Another change in the latest build is an update to scripting, for example the DrawTool scripting helper will work with vector layers, adding a new shape to a vector layer instead of drawing a shape onto a raster layer.

Recent comments

user icon nibbler forum moderator on February 19th 2023

Can you add support for Unicorn3D, or at least other programs that can add 3D Objects to cursors, like in the 2007 release of RW Cursor Editor and the (currently forgotten) RW Icon Editor? That would be helpful for making those 3D cursors like yours. :-)

Also, can you add a type of brush/pencil/flood fill for all RW apps to fill all of one color on the canvas with another? Your current script is pretty finicky sometimes, and the script fails at those times.

user icon RIDDLER registered user on February 19th 2023

Thank you so much Vlasta for making a start on updating RealWorld Cursor Editor. I have requested that multiple times before. Please can you also add all the cursor wizards for each of the cursor roles. The wizards must have advanced customization options and there must be a total of 17 cursor wizards in total. Please add them all.

Thank you.

user icon sixλxis forum moderator on March 5th 2023

Whoa, some updates are actually happening? Now you have my attention :-)

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