Live broadcast on Saturday

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Live broadcast on Saturday

Published by on May 6th 2015.

There will be some significant changes in the next RealWorld Icon Editor. I will be demonstrating one of them in a live broadcast via youtube on this weekend.

rsrc/rwie-splash1.png image

The live demo is planned to start on Saturday 8:00 PM CET, that is 3:00 PM EST or 12:00 PM PST. You can set up a youtube reminder on my channel. I'll will be demoing the software while Sirea will be managing and answering your questions. At the end, a new preview build of RWIE will be available for download for you to try all the new functionality.

UPDATE: the broadcast is now over and you can watch it here.

The preview version of RWIE can be downloaded from here.

Recent comments

user icon cdl contributing user on May 6th 2015

icon-image/10305-48x48x32.png image

user icon Anonymous on May 8th 2015


user icon jojois74 registered user on May 8th 2015

Awesome, I won't see it live but I can watch it after the fact.

user icon Anonymous on May 9th 2015

Cool beans

user icon jojois74 registered user on May 22nd 2015

That looks like a really useful feature!

user icon HusenPo registered user on June 27th 2015

finally I heard the sound of the original Vlasta
this cool 8-)

user icon Bianca rerre registered user on October 29th 2015

cool :-D

in some next version of RealWorldPaint will support the BPG image format ?

user icon Vlasta site administrator on October 29th 2015

I have looked at it few months ago and while the quality/size is pretty good, there are potential licensing issues and the currently available library wasn't very portable (it involved calling an external .exe in some cases and it was impossible to compile it with older C compilers). If the situation improves, I'll make a BPG codec plug-in.

user icon Anonymous on January 6th 2016

Keep up the good work! Hats off to you :-)

user icon Vlazteron registered user on September 15th 2020

Is this version of the Icon Editor finished yet or what? Because you can't download the same version directly from the Software section. The only finished version is 2010.1 and this version isn't available on the downloads page. 4 years later and this version isn't finished yet.

user icon Anonymous
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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