Outline, son of Bevel

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Outline, son of Bevel

Published by on March 15th 2011.

One of the layer effects available in Photoshop is contour (also called outline). This effect will be added to RealWorld tools in 2011.

rsrc/outline-teaser.png image

How does it work?

From a programmer's perspective, outline is very similarly to bevel. As explained in the article about bevel, one part of the algorithm is computation of pixel distance from object edge. The outline filter needs just that and if a pixel is close enough to the edge of the drawn shape, it replaces the pixel's color by the given (outline) color.

Outline effect configuration

Outline color, width and position are under users' control. It is possible to place the outline outside the shape, inside the shape or in the middle. Outline width does not need to be integral number.

rsrc/outline-configuration.png image
Configuring the Outline effect.

If the outline color is semitransparent, the outline can either replace the affected pixels or be blended with the old pixels. There is also the option to completely remove the source object and only leave the outline. This may be useful when the outline is later recolored using the Fill operation with gradients or patterns.

Usable as layer style

Outline is a handy layer effect. It shall make the layer styles in RealWorld editors a bit more useful.

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user icon JDDellGuy contributing user on March 17th 2011

Wow, we are going to get some great additions to the software. You've been demonstrating some awesome features.

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