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I make Pokemon cursors
If you want a Pokemon cursor, reply to this topic
by epiccomputerdude
updated on November 15th
3 posts
Default Link Select Cursor in Windows XP
...does anyone know its location?
updated on May 23rd
17 posts
How do i delete a set?
I made a mistake
updated on April 2nd
15 posts
Cursor Editor Problem
A RealWorld Cursor Editor Bug
by Anonymous
updated on November 2nd 2022
59 posts
Make Inverting Cursors
Like the "improve visability" cursors that Windows come with
by ZanderArch
updated on November 23rd 2021
11 posts
Where's the Windows 3.1 cursor files?
by VideoGamePlayer7
updated on September 23rd 2020
6 posts
How to make a cursor from and image on the screen...
People have wanted to know this, so I'm posting it...
updated on July 19th 2020
6 posts
i can help ppl
by ty
updated on December 5th 2019
19 posts
Cursor Frame Fade
Is the a built in tool? JScript?
by Celsius
updated on April 21st 2018
1 posts
Share an icon set?
~how do I do it?
updated on May 8th 2017
5 posts
Do we actually need special left handed cursors?
updated on April 19th 2017
1 posts
Icon Tags
Should I be using Windows 7, Windows XP and/or Windows Vista tags?
by cdl
updated on November 15th 2016
8 posts
by Chronotic
updated on November 15th 2016
3 posts
Weird display error in cursor editor after rotation and/or trans
Arbitrary rotation and transformation.
by Keira
updated on June 21st 2016
4 posts
How to use another cursor to be part of editing cursor?
I mean crop a part of existing animated cursor and paste it into a cursor that I'm editing with this software? How...
by Keira
updated on May 25th 2016
5 posts
Resizing existing icons- how do I do it?
updated on May 6th 2016
2 posts
The favicon.ico nightmare.
by Hippie
updated on April 7th 2016
9 posts
An opportunity for designers: Creating icons for Notepad++
by Yaron
updated on September 14th 2015
2 posts
send link with custom icon
by charlieboy
updated on January 13th 2013
3 posts
Get icons from Office toolbar?
by AndyG
updated on October 17th 2012
5 posts
Mario Cursors
updated on May 21st 2012
5 posts
[ HD ] Kingdom Hearts Icons!
This is TCRcreations tribute account, For tribute art.
updated on February 25th 2012
1 posts
More Shapes For The Unicorn3D Maker
updated on February 23rd 2012
1 posts
Love Windows? Or do you Love Linux Cursors?
Sorry for Linux lovers, I only make Windows Cursors!
by Auni38
updated on January 2nd 2012
1 posts
Please delete this set.
by Dzar
updated on November 13th 2011
2 posts
What about ICL files?
I wish there were...
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