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Icon Tags
Should I be using Windows 7, Windows XP and/or Windows Vista tags?
by cdl
updated on November 15th
8 posts
by Chronotic
updated on November 15th
3 posts
Share an icon set?
~how do I do it?
updated on July 1st
4 posts
Weird display error in cursor editor after rotation and/or trans
Arbitrary rotation and transformation.
by Keira
updated on June 21st
4 posts
How to use another cursor to be part of editing cursor?
I mean crop a part of existing animated cursor and paste it into a cursor that I'm editing with this software? How...
by Keira
updated on May 25th
5 posts
The favicon.ico nightmare.
by Hippie
updated on April 7th
9 posts
An opportunity for designers: Creating icons for Notepad++
by Yaron
updated on September 14th 2015
2 posts
Default Link Select Cursor in Windows XP
...does anyone know its location?
updated on August 8th 2015
15 posts
Cursor Editor Problem
A RealWorld Cursor Editor Bug
by Anonymous
updated on March 8th 2015
49 posts
send link with custom icon
by charlieboy
updated on January 13th 2013
3 posts
Get icons from Office toolbar?
by AndyG
updated on October 17th 2012
5 posts
i can help ppl
by ty
updated on June 30th 2012
18 posts
Mario Cursors
updated on May 21st 2012
5 posts
How do i delete a set?
I made a mistake
updated on March 3rd 2012
9 posts
[ HD ] Kingdom Hearts Icons!
This is TCRcreations tribute account, For tribute art.
updated on February 25th 2012
1 posts
More Shapes For The Unicorn3D Maker
updated on February 23rd 2012
1 posts
Love Windows? Or do you Love Linux Cursors?
Sorry for Linux lovers, I only make Windows Cursors!
by Auni38
updated on January 2nd 2012
1 posts
Please delete this set.
by Dzar
updated on November 13th 2011
2 posts
I make Pokemon cursors
If you want a Pokemon cursor, reply to this topic
by epiccomputerdude
updated on July 11th 2011
2 posts
Selective animation
by tanolen
updated on May 2nd 2011
2 posts
Can't see favicon.ico
www or not www
by Chris - Newbie
updated on April 16th 2011
9 posts
Animated Cursors Don't Move :(
by Anonymous
updated on January 16th 2011
15 posts
Busy.ani in .bmp
by alex
updated on January 1st 2011
6 posts
Animated Cursor
blah blah
by Fade K
updated on December 26th 2010
7 posts
I wish there were...
What about ICL files?
Select background