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Tag: Glass

Semitransparent, colored objects made of glass.

Blue-Glass for Vista TeaserBlue-Glass for Vista Cursors
by Vlasta42kA cursor set designed to be used on Windows Vista together with the g...
Blue Glass TeaserBlue Glass Cursors
by sixλxis4907A set that is all fades. The Unavailable cursor fades to red. The Lin...
Glass Zoo TeaserGlass Zoo Icons
by Sirea1146Small glass figures of animals Look at part 2 of Glass ZOO
Glass Zoo II. TeaserGlass Zoo II. Icons
by Sirea984Small glass figures of animals Look at part 1 of Glass ZOO
Elven Flower TeaserElven Flower Icons
by Sirea639Very fragile flowers from a distant land, where the elfs still live. ...
glassy black bubbles with symbols Teaserglassy black bubbles with symbols Cursors
by msevilgenius496all bubbles,all but two black, have symbols to show what the mean
Crystal TeaserCrystal Cursors
by angelsixteen1790Finalized product. Feedback welcome. =D
Rainbow Gemstones Set in Gold TeaserRainbow Gemstones Set in Gold Cursors
by winger2084Think I'll call this one "When Hobbies Collide." I'm just playing wi...
Burning Glass TeaserBurning Glass Cursors
by winger2979Red hot glass cursors.
Extension 2 TeaserExtension 2 Icons
by sixλxis1961My second version of Extensions! These are much darker themed and hav...
BlueGlass TeaserBlueGlass Cursors
by JDDellGuy3948A set of cursors that I created as an experiment with creating glassy...
GlassyApps TeaserGlassyApps Icons
by JDDellGuy905A set of icons for the Microsoft Office Professional 2010 software. ...
Blue Glass TeaserBlue Glass Cursors
by Panovola1380Well, my 2nd set and it's better than the others! Well, maybe not...
Glass Zoo III. TeaserGlass Zoo III. Icons
by Sirea727Third part of my Glass Zoo. Icon set includes 12 original glass figur...
Gem TeaserGem Cursors
by JDDellGuy1727A set of gem cursors that I have made using Blender and RealWorld Cur...
Gem TeaserGem Icons
by JDDellGuy972A set of Gem icons that matches the gem cursors that I uploaded earli...
Roman Numeral Clock TeaserRoman Numeral Clock Icons
by cdl573Public domain art in 16 colors. Roman numeral clock with silver frame...
Textured Button TeaserTextured Button Icons
by Intellisthetics433Assorted Textured Glossy Button Icons : Beans, Fabric, Noodle, Worms,...
Azul Marino TeaserAzul Marino Cursors
by Matias0211406Bueno, creo yo que algunos quedaron con un buen aspecto y otros no, o...
Black Transparent TeaserBlack Transparent Cursors
by design442809black , windows , transparent , cursor
glass Teaserglass Cursors
by tomerik15193glass pointers!!! they little bit small...
Realworld Logos TeaserRealworld Logos Icons
by design44221Realworld 3-points Logos
Facebook TeaserFacebook Cursors
by design441725Triangular,animated facebook cursors
Shiny gems TeaserShiny gems Cursors
by MA cursors44
Bubble Gum TeaserBubble Gum Icons
by cdl346This set of icons is comprised of 3 dimensional glass and colored met...
Kaleidoscopic TeaserKaleidoscopic Icons
by cdl155This icon set is chocked full of diversity and intriguing designs wit...
Icecream TeaserIcecream Cursors
by Kururu [Moved]470A set of sparkly, shiny, yummy icecream cursors! Includes six smoothl...
Black Recycle Bins TeaserBlack Recycle Bins Icons
by ZeloZelos1164The name says it all. It was made with Windows 7 in mind not sure how...
Gemz TeaserGemz Icons
by cdl50Glassy 3d gem like orbs with reflections.
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