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Batch icon extractor parameter
by bordo
updated on September 1st 2014
8 posts
Wishlist for the next version of RW apps
by ___xed___
updated on June 26th 2017
34 posts
Touchscreen makes cursors disappear
by Mattduke
updated on November 26th 2016
5 posts
I think I found a bug in the Layer Merger.
Ignores blending mode settings.
updated on November 1st 2014
4 posts
Another bug? Arbitrary rotation messes up vector rectangles.
Looks like the rectangles turn the other way?
updated on November 22nd 2014
2 posts
How to copy the Text across the frames precisely and quickly?
by Richard
updated on December 12th 2014
3 posts
tranparent areas in images copied to clipboard become black
by ___xed___
updated on December 26th 2014
2 posts
Nonlinear color scale
updated on December 30th 2014
2 posts
Switch back to old Color Picker?
Can it be done?
updated on February 25th 2015
1 posts
Cutting holes into shapes
by Fedaykin
updated on March 30th 2015
6 posts
Help needed!!
How to use the line tool effectively!
updated on March 31st 2015
2 posts
E-Mail Change
by cuv
updated on April 6th 2015
1 posts
"Error in loadeing dll" on ani export.
by Perrinormal
updated on April 9th 2015
5 posts
GIF Animation pallete optimization options
by Corak
updated on April 29th 2015
2 posts
Beta help for Vlasta?
updated on May 30th 2015
2 posts
Post images in forum?
updated on May 30th 2015
2 posts
Having issues with plugins
from "Online" page
updated on June 5th 2015
8 posts
any 100%-transparent color becomes transparent black when select
by ___xed___
updated on June 12th 2015
5 posts
Deleting accounts
Is there a way to disable, block, or remove a RW account?
updated on April 4th 2016
3 posts
How to "align" coordiantes?
by ___xed___
updated on June 24th 2015
1 posts
having an issue with the RW cursor editor
specificaly in the import /export layer department
updated on July 6th 2015
3 posts
having trouble with the icon editor
doesnt want to load
updated on August 29th 2015
2 posts
Converting U3D model to image
Where is the convert to image command?
updated on November 26th 2015
2 posts
Is it possibe to set a specific cursor to left and right mouse c
by Roy777
updated on December 1st 2015
4 posts
What about ICL files?
Select background
Vista & Win 7 icons