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Importing animated gif / png in multi-size cursor file
..And how to invert an image ;)
by Maveltjesplot
updated on September 11th 2018
11 posts
Any way to turn off auto hotspots?
Basically when you generate something in the cursor editor and it changes the hotspot.
by trecmakescursors
updated on April 18th 2019
4 posts
by zachbonetti_nz
updated on August 21st 2018
3 posts
How do you get Pets?
Also Magic Gloves and other special items
updated on August 27th 2018
1 posts
How do you use formatting again?
Like putting Icons and Cursors in forum posts
updated on September 3rd 2018
2 posts
Saving/exiting Auto Merge
Every time I save or exit, it automatically merges with layers that I don't want it to merge with
by Convel
updated on September 12th 2018
3 posts
Fill Style Quick Question
Fill Style Options Are Greyed
by LouiseGrogan58
updated on September 27th 2018
2 posts
Other Programs
Other Programs that you can make cursors with.
updated on October 6th 2018
1 posts
Can you merge vector layers?
Everytime I merge layers, I always get a raster layer.
updated on November 24th 2018
3 posts
Picture resizes properties
Picture resizes properties
by kullboys
updated on September 24th 2019
3 posts
Bucket Fill Commands
How to make the paint bucket fill do something different.
updated on February 6th 2019
7 posts
Zip/Jar Download Available?
Is there an alternative download for those without admin permissions?
updated on February 25th
3 posts
Problem with 128x128 component of icons
doesn't view in some apps
updated on February 15th 2019
3 posts
by Mabzev
updated on April 30th 2019
2 posts
How's development going?
As in, any form of development on anything ever related to RealWorld in any form within a recent time span.
by hello
updated on June 3rd
4 posts
Deleting Sets
I need to reupload a set.
updated on May 5th 2019
2 posts
Tutorial: How to use cursors
This is how you can apply cursors.
updated on December 5th 2019
2 posts
Trying to open a .crs file gives an error.
by TollyThaWally
updated on July 25th 2019
3 posts
Selection tool adding transparency [Solved]
updated on September 24th 2019
1 posts
Copie Past from to Realworld Cursor Editor
by Sky
updated on November 8th 2019
1 posts
gif halp
by agergo100
updated on December 24th 2019
1 posts
How I can request moderative privileges?
I wanted to modify some translation,but I can't because i need moderative privileges, how I can get it?
by Luke22
updated on January 2nd
2 posts
Vista & Win 7 icons
What about ICL files?
Select background