Vlasta's blog archive for December 2010

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Someone left a box of fireworks unguarded on the People page. Grab a bottle rocket while no one is looking... (you must be logged-in to see it)

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In-place calculator

The purpose of software is to make things easier. Every little bit counts. Future versions of RealWorld applications will a allow you to type simple expressions in some places where only numbers are allowed now.

A good number of the recently added cursor sets were color variations of older sets. I am thinking maybe it would be beneficial if these cursor sets were connected to the original one and to each other and form a group.

I am working on a new micro-tool for the tools section of this web site. I shall not reveal the nature of this tool just yet, but it is of course related to computer graphics and also very loosely to upcoming holidays. Care to guess what is ti going to be ;-) ?

I am really worried about what is happening with wikileaks. It seems like we are witnessing the first censoring of a web server in the western world.

The server that published secret U.S. documents about numerous topics is no longer accessible on its usual address wikileaks.org, which is unheard of. At this moment, you'll have to go to http://wikileaks.ch - the Swedish clone.

I fear this could mean the end of uncensored internet. Don't give up, Julian!

If everything goes well, there will be a new plug-in released next week. It is going to be a 3D enhancement. A new type of surface.

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