Vlasta's blog archive for December 2008

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Introducing RealWorld Paint.COM thumbnail

Introducing RealWorld Paint.COM

RealWorld Photos (to be released next week) is going to get a freeware sibling called RealWorld Paint.COM, a lightweight, easy-to-use, general purpose image editor with some notable features. Why Paint.COM? To give Paint.net a hard time and point out all .net framework weaknesses. .com has always been better than .net, don't you think?

+1 feature for RealWorld Photos thumbnail

+1 feature for RealWorld Photos

The topic of color management is a one of those ugly untamed beasts. Many graphic applications choose to pretend it lives on another continent, but in reality it sits right next to you. No, the first release of RealWorld Photos will not be fully color managed. Instead, it will provide a simple solution for the most important scenario: sRGB profile.

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