Vlasta's blog archive for October 2011

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Quick look at MyPaint thumbnail

Quick look at MyPaint

Last week, I was browsing various freeware sites and adding RWPaint to them. Some of them mentioned a drawing tool named MyPaint. I downloaded it and gave it a try. It was a pleasant experience.

RealWorld group on DeviantArt

Thanks to thedeadwarrior (aka chains here), we now have a dedicated DeviantArt group, where you can publish your art created with any of the RW tools.

Gallery updates via Twitter

So, I have been watching this talk about importance of social media by Laura Fitton on the live stream from the Business of Software conference and decided I have postponed the Twitter integration for too long. Time to do something...

Color restoration attempt thumbnail

Color restoration attempt

My grandparents have celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary (60 years together) this year. After looking on some old photos, we decided to scan them and turn them into an electronic photo-album. And I thought: "How hard it would be to restore colors on these old photos?"

RWPaint's new EULA

Software EULAs (End-User-License-Agreements) are boring. I bet you have encounter a few of them when installing your favorite applications and (most likely) simply ignored them and clicked "I agree" to continue. Most EULAs are broken.

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