Vlasta's blog archive for September 2011

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Small pleasant surprise

Today, I have been reviewing RWPaint's clipboard handling code for images and updating it to use the CF_DIBV5 format introduced in the good old Windows 2000.

Optimizing GIF animations thumbnail

Optimizing GIF animations

GIF is a sneaky ancient file format that should not exist. It is a mix of good and bad bits, thoroughly shaken and maybe even stirred. After more than 20 years there still is not a viable replacement. GIF is here to stay for at least a few years. And so I spent the last few days optimizing the GIF codec...

Testers wanted for RealWorld Paint thumbnail

Testers wanted for RealWorld Paint

RealWorld Paint release date is getting near and I am getting more and more nervous. I had to redesign a lot of components and maybe I broke some of them. What now? Beta-testers come save the day!

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