Vlasta's blog archive for February 2012

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Saving files with UAC enabled

In the past years, I have received numerous emails from users, who were having trouble saving their files. In most cases, the users have opened one of the stock Windows cursors from C:\Windows\Cursors and were attempting to save a modified cursor into the same folder. Because this folder is protected by UAC in Vista and Win7, the operation failed.

RWCE's new splash thumbnail

RWCE's new splash

You might have noticed the 2009.1 version of the cursor editor was the only one of RealWorld applications without a splash screen. That was actually a bug. The splash image existed, but I accidentally deleted it from the final executable. It did not look particularly good anyway and so I left the poor cursor editor splash-free.

RWCE 2012.1 beta is here thumbnail

RWCE 2012.1 beta is here

It has been more than 2.5 years since the last version of RealWorld Cursor Editor was released and I am quite happy with the number of people that have downloaded and used it. But now is time to move forward.

Hard to select thumbnail

Hard to select

It just so happens that when the release date of my software is getting near, I get an irresistible urge to add a new, unexpected, unplanned, and long-overdue feature. For RW Cursor Editor 2012, it happens to be a revamp of item selection handling.

Put on your wizard hat thumbnail

Put on your wizard hat

One of the most frequently used functions of the old RealWorld Cursor Editor is the "Make arrow shape" wizard. How do I know? I have deleted hundreds of cursors that were generated using that wizard from the Gallery. Makes sense to make it better in the new version.

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