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Unknown author (2010-11-19 17:13:49):

How to make a hole in a volume on RWIE

Vlasta (2010-11-19 17:17:54):

That's not easy, but try using textures with transparent areas.

Unknown author (2010-11-19 17:52:03):

thank for the idea

Unknown author (2010-11-20 02:22:57):

that I try to make a hole in a volume does not work. Who have an idea to do that ?

Erik (2010-11-21 09:36:08):

Mybee possible with a Mesh Plugin (like in blender)...

Then you can delete the mesh(es) and there will be a hole :-)

TekSeller (2010-11-23 04:57:58):

Hey you have a great program here. I do have one question though. Seeing some of you tuts how do you change the size of an object in the (.25,.5,.75,1) increment style? I am sorry I can't explain what I mean well. Please respond. Thank You.

Unknown author (2010-11-23 05:05:15):

Not sure...

Vlasta (2010-11-23 08:29:45):

You are probably talking about the grid. There is a dropdown button on the toolbar above the 3D editor that allows you to set the grid. Then also, the arrows and PgUp, PgDown move points in steps.

Unknown author (2010-11-23 19:38:43):

Thank You.

Unknown author (2010-11-23 21:45:28):

Is this a professional graphic design program for creating icons, cursors, pics, etc? To me it seems that way.

Vlasta (2010-11-23 22:54:42):

More programs, one for icons, other for cursors, other for pictures or retouching...

Unknown author (2010-11-25 12:28:50):

i was looking forward for sub-pixel accuracy so much, so i downloaded paint and photo, wanted to printscreen, select crop & resize, i lost 1 hour of my life with finding a crop command or something like it but no success

Vlasta (2010-11-25 12:31:06):

There is a crop tool in the toolbar of RelaWorld Photos, with blue scissors icon.

Unknown author (2010-11-25 18:58:33):

juuuu apesar que pence que no era nesesario editar mi cursor pus me e equibocau :-D

Unknown author (2010-11-25 19:01:19):

pues e bisto un tutorial de como poner imagan 3d pues pense que con los cursores era igual pues sep es igual 8-) mi puntero es 3D

Unknown author (2010-11-28 16:57:06):

I cannot make the hot spot work right. I opened a cursor and rotated it for a Lefty. I then moved the hot spot to where it should be, but no matter where I put the hot spot it is always a ways to the left of my cursor arrow.

Unknown author (2010-12-01 17:21:09):

how do you get the cursor when it clikes it has like a red ciircle around it thar gets bigger

Davez (2010-12-02 10:26:05):

Anonymous: how do you get the cursor when it clikes it has like a red ciircle around it thar gets bigger

You can change this in the cursor menu of your computer. This isn't something that you make with RWCE (as far as I know)

sixλxis (2010-12-03 00:52:48):

Anonymous: how do you get the cursor when it clikes it has like a red ciircle around it thar gets bigger

Read this.

Anonymous (2010-12-26 04:11:15):

you modify it so it is different to the other cursor to put it in the clicked state.

airboat233 (2011-01-01 15:17:56):

i love the software''''i had windows xp..now i have windows 7..i had no problems with xp but since ive upgraded to 7 i cannot save my work to windows cursor file...so i made my own file...same thing ..i am unable to save to a file......any ideas..i tryed help with windows but there answer was ill get over it...thanks airboat233

Vlasta (2011-01-01 15:50:32):

I replied to your forum topic, no need post the same question in multiple places...

Morris (2011-01-07 20:55:15):

i clicked on the picture resize tool butcould not install any program. I evem made a donations and nothing. How can i instal the image resizer tool and work with it?

Vlasta (2011-01-07 20:56:30):

Please read the instructions on that page - there is no installation.

Unknown author (2011-01-09 11:27:51):

i am new help me ?

Unknown author (2011-01-13 04:00:22):

I have changed the colors of the windows aero cursors but they won't work, they also don't work in the test area can somebody help?

frankg408 (2011-01-13 08:17:53):

I have donated and downloaded the PhotoResize400 but when I try to open it it keeps asking me to donate again. How can I donwload the sw?

Vlasta (2011-01-13 10:59:18):

It is not asking you to donate, there is just a button that allows you to. If you see the button, you have already downloaded it. Please read the instructions in the email I sent you while back, in the window itself or on the homepage of the tool.

Unknown author (2011-01-14 19:04:15):

Can't find the card. Where was it saved to?

Unknown author (2011-01-14 22:42:18):

do i press run of save? |-)

Anonymous (2011-01-15 22:42:56):


Unknown author (2011-01-18 16:37:41):

Good morning every body !!
I use RWIE for 3 months now and I would like to know how can I make a hole in a 3D objet ?
Cause I try different approach but no success !
Is there some one who have a working idea for me please ?

JDDellGuy (2011-01-22 06:37:13):

Currently it is not possible

Here is an idea that you might be able to try.

-Imagine a cube with a hole in it. It would look something like this. (Sorry about the dots- ignore them- they are to keep the shape.)

I. . __ . ..I
I. ./. .\. ..I
I. .\__/. .I

Instead, make just this shape.

I. __I
I /
I \__

Make another one that is the mirror opposite of it and put the two halves together. Then you have a cube with a hole in it.

Applaud my mad text art skillz...

Unknown author (2011-01-25 16:31:52):

come si fa a cambiare il colore agli okki?

Unknown author (2011-01-26 17:41:48):

I have downloaded a cursor and used this to open it... But what do I press to "upload" it so I can use it? Sorry, I am new |-)

Unknown author (2011-01-26 18:24:49):

Never mind I got it- Sorry about that.

ari1 (2011-01-29 16:55:10):

I need help with making cursors i dont know how to make cursors on this page i want to see people useing my cursors and i want to make cursors and send them to this page plz help :-( :-(

Unknown author (2011-02-02 02:51:40):

I can't see the "Online" Part of RWCE or RWIE !

Vlasta (2011-02-02 10:56:57):

You need an internet connection active when the program is running to see it. Also, if you block it in firewall, you will not see it.

bouderbabari (2011-02-06 17:28:32):

icon-image/4576-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2011-02-13 14:00:32):

como faço para mudar o idioma do programa??

Unknown author (2011-02-15 17:56:32):

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to transform my pointer (cursor)to a horizontal-transparent - colored- thick line in order to follow the long text lines highlighting them as long as the pointer is over the text line and then to the next and so on.This will help me read easyer texts without loosing the row.

Unknown author (2011-02-16 23:42:49):

How can I use this tool for resizing images to 2.0 X 1.33?


Unknown author (2011-03-12 21:33:12):

i was just wondering i have downloaded a few epic cursers but i can't use these on runescape because the mouce just goes golden again can u tell me hoe to prevent this to use my own cursers?

sixλxis (2011-03-12 21:35:03):

To the above poster: You cant prevent this unless you had access to RuneScapes code.

Unknown author (2011-03-12 21:36:49):

aww thanks for telling me ;-)

Unknown author (2011-03-12 21:37:45):

wat do you mean a runescape code?

sixλxis (2011-03-13 05:22:55):

Runescape is constructed using Java, a type of programming language. Since no user except the creator of the game can access this code and modify it, you can't prevent the cursor from changing.

Unknown author (2011-03-25 10:41:33):

How can I strait a image make it horizontal aligned. Thanks

Ben (2011-04-10 06:53:05):

I'm really having trouble and I can't even find a place to ask this question besides here. I'm one of those 60+ year old disabled Marines from Vietnam. I'm trying to work on a web site for my combat company and it's mostly going good. But I would like to add a rifle cursor to the site. I found one from here but I have to use this script, "<style type="text/css">body {cursor: url(http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-extern.php?id=7879); }</style><a href="http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-detail/7879" title="Get free cursors for your web.">Battle Rifle.cur Cursor</a>". Now I know that 99.9% of the users in the world know where to put that code but after 4 hours, I'm ready to forget the whole thing. would anyone be so kind as to tell me where the code goes? Thanks, Ben

Vlasta (2011-04-10 10:13:04):

It depends on the content management system your web site is using. If you have access to the direct html code, you can put it anywhere in the <body> section.

airboat233 (2011-04-11 02:32:10):

Hello, I have a "CON".....RWP does not give enough space to enter all the "PROS" cause you run out of room....so i'm just leaving the "CONS"...airboat233 ;-)

sixλxis (2011-04-11 06:52:45):

5 made up cool points to airboat233 for making such a creative way of saying "RW software has no cons."

lol (2011-04-16 09:44:25):

hello how i make a cursor??? |-) |-)

Unknown author (2011-04-17 00:39:03):

how do I put my icon on my website?

Unknown author (2011-04-17 05:43:19):

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

put the link code in your head tags and change your href to the url of where you placed your icon.

then clear cache to make sure it shows before refreshing the page

Unknown author (2011-04-17 06:22:00):

As to the person using runescape:

Java is a server side language like the mod said so the actual code is not easy to alter. But you can search for a runescape cache and change the file they have downloaded as their cursor to the one you want. Generally your online games such as that one download the most common images. Bad thing is each time you empty your cache youll have to do it again so alot depends on how important it is to you.

A quick search supplies " jagex cache" as the name of the cache you are looking for

JDDellGuy (2011-04-18 13:25:29):

Wow, if true. ^^

grim deathx (2011-04-21 05:25:20):

how do i upload my own cursor?..

Samantha Sam (2011-04-27 12:15:44):

how can i sign out of the web site????? :-(

sixλxis (2011-04-27 13:14:56):

Click on your name at the top left and it will take you to your profile, hit "Modify the information about you on your account page."

emilytruong42 (2011-04-28 07:53:07):

how do we log out? :-(

sixλxis (2011-04-28 21:25:10):

I JUST explained that two posts ago.

Rista (2011-04-29 14:35:57):

I can't save it

Unknown author (2011-05-07 02:24:19):

I am Sloan Gardner. Why won't RealWorld Cursor Editor let me turn on the smoothing? :-(

Unknown author (2011-05-07 02:27:31):

I am Sloan Gardner. Now RealWorld Cursor Editor will let me turn on the smoothing. :-)

Unknown author (2011-05-07 18:11:49):

I am Sloan Gardner. Oh, I see. The brush must be smooth; the pencil must not.

jaakko (2011-05-08 18:58:22):

how can i upload my own cursors!????

jaakko (2011-05-08 19:01:53):

i have a cursor but dont know how to upload it :-(

sixλxis (2011-05-08 21:49:38):


sixλxis (2011-05-08 21:49:57):

or you can use the send to library command in the program

Unknown author (2011-05-17 22:55:13):

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-) uh i new.

Unknown author (2011-06-06 23:42:33):

I can't import my own picture to make into icons... Help?

Unknown author (2011-06-07 04:52:40):

Will this download give a vorous? :-(

Unknown author (2011-06-13 17:49:41):

ik snap dit voor geen meter :-(

Solitary Jay (2011-06-17 02:14:56):

20 Icons = Free license... Where? huhuhu! |-)

Solitary Jay (2011-06-17 12:44:31):

after uploading 20 icons when and where will i receive my free license? help please, i really love using this software (RW-Icon-Editor), 23 more days to go before expiration... huhuhu! (T;T) Here's my Icon sets - http://www.rw-designer.com/user-art/25358

Unknown author (2011-06-28 10:27:09):

THANKS FOR MY KARENZA CURSOR ITS GREAT. Could you make an Ione one with rainbow hearts in the background plz xx :-)

Unknown author (2011-07-12 20:10:03):

I have been trying to have the tardis cursor for a while, i've put the code in the right place and everything yet its still the same little white mouse, can anyone help me? what do i do to get the tardis cursor to work on my tumblr? thanks x

Unknown author (2011-07-17 19:54:20):


lee23 (2011-07-18 06:04:24):


Unknown author (2011-07-24 05:25:04):

hey i cant use it as cursor
how? :-(

Unknown author (2011-07-27 02:27:26):

why wont it work? :-(

Unknown author (2011-07-27 02:28:16):

im trying to get the colorful whip :-D but i downloaded it and it wont work? why?

Unknown author (2011-08-03 14:49:26):


icon editor == only makes icons / cursor editor == only makes cursors

Unknown author (2011-08-09 23:58:32):

i am trying to get my coursor to go back to normal. :-(

Unknown author (2011-08-13 17:50:01):

when i try to open the cursor it says it cannot open webpage :-o :-(

will (2011-09-05 21:32:25):

How do you actually get onto the picture editor?

Unknown author (2011-09-07 14:06:20):

what abot sonic chareters moues cours ;-)

Unknown author (2011-09-10 01:00:31):

Just wondering: It says that you can create icons from various image file formats such as bmp, jpg, png, and so on. I'm wondering, is it possible to create a 3D icon and save it in one of these image formats(png specifically) instead?
Inquiring Mind

Vlasta (2011-09-10 09:33:03):

You can convert your 3D image to a .png file, but if you do not keep the 3D model in its native format, you will not be able to modify it as easily. You would be limited to 2D graphics.

shane lin (2011-09-25 11:52:41):

how to upload my cursor?? :'( I really want to upload it..

Vlasta (2011-09-25 11:59:48):

go here

hpfan (2011-10-10 06:25:58):

does anybody know if there is an eyedropper tool of some sort? u no like if your using a picture and you want to use the colour that is on the photo, how do u get that colour?

Vlasta (2011-10-10 09:22:32):

Sure there is. When drawing, you can also press and hold CTRL to temporarily switch to the dropper functionality. If you have multiple layers, be aware that it will get you the color from the active layer, not the final, visible color.

bashaash302 (2011-10-17 23:15:37):

hei i can't make any cursor'a i confused !! any one can help mee ??

Unknown author (2011-10-25 15:04:22):

Hi, great program,when open a picture or photo,the cursor/pointer is always in brush mode ,how to I get the program to open with just a PLAIN arrow cursor...thanks

Vlasta (2011-10-25 16:01:01):

Whatever drawing tool was active last time you closed a picture will be active when you open a new picture. So, there is no plain cursor, because one tool must always be active.

agustiny?? (2011-10-27 23:47:59):

8-)que chingon

Unknown author (2011-11-27 04:01:18):

how do i change so i have the cursor when i start the computer instead of changing it every time??

airboat233 (2011-11-29 14:12:26):

:-( I did or use to love RealWorld paint, but after download of most recent version i really dont know what to say. Having all kinds of problems. I dont think i like this newest version at all. Loved the previous version, but it was unistalled when new version was installed. Man did i screw up. I wish i had the previous version back but cant find anywhere. How sad i am, this was the only thing i have the computer for. Im so mad at myself i could beat this pc with a hammer.Live and learn. Newer is not always better. To most maybe but i cant even use it now.-----turning off and most likely will stay off. thanks for all the previous good fun tho. happy holidays to all :-(

Vlasta (2011-11-29 14:14:19):

here are older versions

Unknown author (2011-12-05 09:54:52):

how do you put the curser codes into a tumblr theme?

Jules (2011-12-14 00:00:43):

How do I change my cursor?? Help!!! :-|

Avery (2011-12-18 03:03:37):

How do I post a cursor :-o

Unknown author (2011-12-22 10:27:44):

I need help changeing my cursor :-(

Unknown author (2011-12-30 10:01:23):

Whenever I open a cursor .. it does not display .. all I see is a ghost image of the open window .. or it's just white.

The preview and animated list below display properly.

Heavy Wepons Guy (2012-01-01 23:04:31):

I Am Heavy Weponds Guy

souleatercurs (2012-01-05 23:20:33):

How do I post a cursor?

my1heart2u (2012-01-11 03:22:43):

I throught I downloaded the drangons but I can't find them on my computer....please help

Unknown author (2012-01-13 12:34:23):

i want to make a cursor in my names :-( but i do not know how to do it.. :-(

Unknown author (2012-01-15 10:11:28):

how can i make a cursor with text :-(

FeniulaPyra (2012-01-22 23:07:26):

where can i see cursors (ones that are not in sets)?

Unknown author (2012-01-23 14:34:42):

they should have btr D:<

Unknown author (2012-01-26 08:36:01):

how to create buttons? :-)

Unknown author (2012-01-29 07:20:47):

how do i let my comp open and use the file cosit says it does not have the correct thngo

Vlasta (2012-01-29 11:18:51):

depends on what "the file" is

The Tazman (2012-02-01 15:08:43):

I have a camera that does not imprint the date on the picture. The date and time are in the meta data but my job requires the date imprinted on the picture. I am looking for software that will put the date on the pictures in batches just like the resizeing software works in batches. There should be a DOS program out there that would do this. Please help.

Vlasta (2012-02-01 15:29:47):

You'll probably find PhotoStamp useful. It can also be done in RealWorld Photos, but that would be more difficult.

Tarzan (2012-02-07 14:15:31):

Ich bin sehr enttäuscht das ich das Programm in Englisch bekommen habe ich spreche Nur Deutsch. Wenn das nicht zu ändern ist dann fliegt das Programm wieder raus, weil ich nichts damit anfangen kann.

Unknown author (2012-02-11 08:38:10):

how to move a layer with respect to other layer

Vlasta (2012-02-11 09:30:57):

with the move tool in the first drawing tool group?

Unknown author (2012-02-24 20:55:15):

How do I enter text WITHOUT anti-aliasing? The anti-aliasing makes the text to light and I need to match the text already in my image that is not anti-aliased.

Vlasta (2012-02-24 20:58:28):

In RWPaint switch to the text tool and in the command line, replace



Unknown author (2012-02-26 12:59:44):

my gif keep corropting when I reopen them with real world paint
and sometimes saving gifs as "file 4"
help :-o

Vlasta (2012-02-26 15:39:33):

can you describe the problem in more detail, possibly in the forum?

MCRpanic1 (2012-02-29 10:59:12):

i am so confused i cant download cursors do i download real world anyway?
yeah i am pretty bad with this type of stuff...im incapable.....

Unknown author (2012-03-05 22:32:26):

how an i change the cursor to it normally way :-o

LiNdA (2012-03-15 00:29:11):

a mi me pide ....que .....aga una configuracion y no puedo editar ni una imagen
:-( no se que hacer ahora con que editoooo?

Unknown author (2012-03-29 06:22:53):

i select the create cursor from image, select from file them get a blank screen with, no user interface configured for this image type! which is a jpeg. where can i find or configure?

Vlasta (2012-03-29 09:15:29):

Make sure you are using the latest version, eventually reset configuration.

Unknown author (2012-03-31 00:14:14):

Fill style set not applicable.


RastaCap892 (2012-03-31 15:06:49):

How do I upload a cursor set??

Vlasta (2012-03-31 15:24:05):


...and next time you create one, take the time to name and describe it properly

Unknown author (2012-04-04 07:19:14):

how can i use this :-(

The Cursor Master (2012-04-06 00:25:14):

I tried downloading a nyan cat set to create the rest to make an entire set for each type of cursor,but instead I randomly went to wetumpka yellowbook pages,and when I came back to the website,I HAD MY CURSORS!But the thing is,I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM!!!WHERE DO I EXPORT THEM TO?!PLEASE RESPOND IF YOU KNOW AT ALL!!!!
sorry for caps i just want to have an entire nyan cat set another thing trying to make something animate,i make the frames but here's the catch:
IT JUST STAYS AT ONE FRAME!!there's like 4 frames,and it stays at one frame while on play.is square play? or is triangle play?

Mosher (2012-04-08 06:18:09):

how do i get spray paint? :L

Anonymous (2012-04-09 08:45:10):

you need buttons in 44

Virum64 (2012-04-28 21:32:25):

When I select the "Fire effect" tool, the fire animation doesn't appear in the Preview window and when I click OK, a message appears saying:

Object doesn't support this property or method.

How can I solve this problem?
I have the same problem with the animated clock, the animated dots and the animated spinning wheel...

Vlasta (2012-04-28 22:03:35):

Did it work before? Also, try running one of the other scripts and then one of the problematic ones.

Virum64 (2012-04-29 11:18:21):

It still doesn't work. I tried running the bevel effect, the drop shadow and the outline effect. These scripts work perfectly and I still have the same problem with the fire effect and the other ones I mentioned before :-( .

Vlasta (2012-04-29 11:22:04):

OK, let's take from the beginning. Try re-downloading the portable version, unpacking it and running the scripts from it. If it works there, then either a file is out of date or the configuration of the scripts is not ok. Resetting configuration will fix the second problem.

Unknown author (2012-04-30 08:25:39):

How Can I Put Cursor On FFSNG ?

Virum64 (2012-04-30 18:08:19):

The fire effect works perfectly with the portable version. Thank you very much ;-) .

Unknown author (2012-05-14 07:52:31):

no hay manera de publicar mis cursores esque he hecho varios bien chidos y no se si see pueden publicar,si me pudieran decir si se puede o no se puede? porfa y gracias | -)

Unknown author (2012-06-16 03:05:58):

i tried to download a rainbow mushroom thing and it didnt work ;-)

Unknown author (2012-06-20 20:00:41):

I've made my cursor. How do I put it on my website?

Unknown author (2012-06-21 00:26:22):

My icons on my windows xp keep moving around and I have tried everything ie. unchecking auto arrange etc. I must be missing something that controls the icons. They all seem to arrange themselves to the left in no particular order.
Thanks in advance. jet

Unknown author (2012-06-23 15:05:17):

Where is the color picker icon?

Unknown author (2012-07-06 02:16:52):

Can I create a transparency? How?

shadowz (2012-07-09 17:47:06):

how do you make your own coursors????????????????????

Unknown author (2012-07-11 21:00:09):

so i made my cursor but now i cant apply it.It will not show up in the "Mouse"
area please help asap :-(

evanos (2012-07-22 11:52:50):

i wanne change my photos

Unknown author (2012-07-24 09:52:56):

Is there a way to download the Languages as a single File? Maybe via ftp?
I cannot update via RealWorld Paint Programm, due to Proxy/Firewall-Settings in our Company...

Vlasta (2012-07-24 11:49:32):

Kind of. The each language has its own file and having it in the right folder (%appdata%\RealWorld\RWPaint for the installable version) makes it available. But downloading it is not trivial as the file is generated from database and changes as people are translating more. It would be best to install the tool elsewhere, let it download the .po file there and copy it.

Unknown author (2012-08-17 03:36:17):

When using the resize tool from the command line how can I maintain the same output folder structure as the source folder(Im using the Recurse option to read my Source folder)

Vlasta (2012-08-17 08:33:14):

If you mean this resize tool, then what you are asking is described in the "What's new in version 2.0" paragraph - the 2nd example.

Unknown author (2012-09-09 17:34:43):

is this free?

Unknown author (2012-09-14 10:28:29):

i know how to save cursor you just file save as documents then you save it click control pannel then typr mouse pointers then theres your mouse or if not there click browse thats how i got mine 8-)

how do you highlight your cursor/mouse i dunno how :-( ;-)

uaua (2012-09-14 18:37:18):

esiste l'opzione "giustificato" per i testi oltre a destra e centro?dovrei allineare i testi
ringrazio chi lo sa 8-)

Unknown author (2012-09-15 03:27:12):

how do u make animated cursors? :-(

Unknown author (2012-09-16 13:01:02):

download pony fortress2 :-(

cdl (2012-09-17 17:57:56):

There are tutorials in YouTube for RealWorld Applications!
No other software can compare with easy user interface!
Just listen and follow along, he is a very patient teacher when you click "pause"!

icon-image/7488-48x48x32.png image

Unknown author (2012-09-25 17:52:11):

hello how do i activate my cursor ? |-)

Mari (2012-10-14 06:55:49):

Baixei alguns cursores aqui, dos memes. Como faço pra utilizar?

Unknown author (2012-11-11 15:02:39):

How can I use a cursor on tumblr? :-(

Unknown author (2012-11-14 08:23:41):

Changing the building's exterior color

Unknown author (2012-11-23 16:56:08):

how can i print my job?

Vlasta (2012-11-23 17:00:06):

Install the print plug-in from the Online page, restart the app and then you'll have a print command in the File menu.

Unknown author (2012-11-26 02:39:00):

how can i make it smaller?

Unknown author (2012-12-01 21:54:39):

uuhh..... how do i even make this my cursor?? :-( confused

Unknown author (2012-12-02 12:50:46):

I made one and saved it on my laptop,

Unknown author (2012-12-03 00:15:39):

can you edit photoshop files in this program?

Unknown author (2012-12-04 18:48:30):

кРутая прога :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2012-12-04 20:27:59):

I down loaded the red pointer, how do I get it to start working?

Unknown author (2012-12-06 16:16:26):

how to draw animation .gif pictures?

Unknown author (2012-12-10 16:11:44):

A good idea is to include Auto Level (Color/Contrast/Gama) feature on PhotoResize.

For now i use Batch AutoCorrector to auto level automatic way all my pictures

Unknown author (2012-12-12 23:56:09):

After I open my curser freezers and i have to restart any suggestions :-o

roxy2123 (2012-12-14 08:11:25):

how do i get a new user picture and make a good cursor?

i can't download a cursor on this website how do i do it?

how do i sign out of this website? ;-)

greenslender (2012-12-17 12:16:28):


Unknown author (2012-12-25 05:49:29):

how do you download a courser ;-) :-( :-o

Jake (2012-12-29 22:10:43):

how do you add a cursor to the site?

Weemus (2013-01-02 15:15:45):

Is there a way to enlarge my icons? Some are too small. When I select a larger size to view in the right column and save the size stays the same. Thanks.

Unknown author (2013-01-10 18:01:16):

Exactly where are the downloads for the Tagged Libraries. Effect, brush, nature. Just telling me there online does little good when I've already spent an hour looking for them. They should labeled somewhere, but where? Thank you.

Vlasta (2013-01-10 18:13:21):

When opening a file, there is "Tagged library" tab near the top of the window(s).

Unknown author (2013-01-11 02:52:23):

Thank you for your assistance, but when I go to File I see 3 Icons. New Raster Image, Image from clipboard and capture desktop. On the left I see Create, Open, Recent and Online. So please guide me further. Where to go from here. I do not see anything like a Tagged Libraries. TY again.

Vlasta (2013-01-11 10:44:28):

Click the big "Open".

Unknown author (2013-01-11 16:32:01):

I did as you instructed. Clicked on the Big Open. Then clicked on Tagged Library. All tags Empty, Matching files Empty as well. TY for your follow-up.

Vlasta (2013-01-11 19:05:36):

It is initially empty. You can save files there yourself or download things on the Online page. Also, when using custom styles or brushes, there are separate windows.

Unknown author (2013-01-12 00:00:30):

how do you install?

Waffsel (2013-01-12 17:31:28):

How do I delete one of my cursors from the site? I have duplicates and want to get rid of them.

Vlasta (2013-01-12 18:37:00):

There is a "Delete icons and cursors" link on your profile page.

yawnz (2013-01-22 18:53:31):

I need to know how to make a cursor set :p

bubbles47 (2013-01-29 17:04:14):

I love this cursor editor, having a lot of fun with it and was thinking about uploading some cursors of my own, but, for some reason, my preview window doesn't show the cursor and when I go to use the cursor it's invisible! anyone know what the problem is cause I can't figure it out. please help :-) Peace -<

Vlasta (2013-01-29 17:22:31):

Are you creating cursors with multiple resolutions? If yes, you need to draw both and not leave one of them empty.

BTW there is no need to post the same comment on multiple pages. :-(

Unknown author (2013-01-30 22:17:02):

So let's say I make a cursor and I want to upload it on this site, how do I do that?

Unknown author (2013-01-31 07:02:13):

to upload it go to the editor and press the button that looks like a sound wave thingy. I have no idea how to make a set though, and I really want to.

Unknown author (2013-02-02 16:38:15):

how do you make the chosen cursor you cursor? aha, sounds a silly question but I've saved it and now I don't know what to do, any help would be great, thanks :-)

Unknown author (2013-02-06 10:44:14):


I've an ICO file that uses 32 bit color, I'd like to reduce it to use 24 or 16 bit.

I can't find anything obvious Realwordl Icon editor 2010.1

I found that when I save the image as a bitmap I can enforce the color deth but not for an ICO.

Can you enlighten me?


Vlasta (2013-02-06 11:11:05):

.ico files may contain multiple images in different sizes and color depths. Neither 24 nor 16 bit color depths are recommended. If you open your icon, there will be an Insert image command in the "Icon" menu. It will add a new image into the icon, based on the currently selected image. You may then delete the 32 bit image and save the icon. But, in most cases, you should not be doing this unless you need an icon compatible with ancient versions of VB.

Unknown author (2013-02-09 05:27:18):

hey so i cant get my computer to "read"? the .CUR file.. how can i get the cursor?

Unknown author (2013-02-09 05:31:34):

I have been doing mouse cursor lately, but I haven't figure out on how to add image stalker behind the original mouse (aero_arrow_xl) Windows Default? Thank you for helping in advance!

blondie (2013-02-11 10:45:02):

i dont no how to log out

Unknown author (2013-02-21 11:45:28):

Hey Nice work really helpful!!!

Unknown author (2013-03-07 04:40:45):

um im trying to take a cursor and put it on my mac but it wont work D: :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

and i have zip files

so yeah

it kinda sucks that i dont have my cool things that i downloaded

Vlasta (2013-03-07 09:40:24):

you cannot do that on Mac

Unknown author (2013-03-10 18:21:41):

where can i find my download cursors from this website :-(

Unknown author (2013-03-12 18:42:03):

How do I chose a color on the drawing

Unknown author (2013-03-12 19:39:57):

hi frds i'm download real world curcer but congigure toolbar don't show this software how to solve the promlem pls help me

Unknown author (2013-03-26 22:46:02):

Hi, I changed several of my desktop icons to ones from the Gallery, and they all seemed OK. But then they disappeared, and they all changed to file folders that look like a page with the corner turned down and a few coloured blocks in it??

Unknown author (2013-03-26 22:49:08):

Hey I'm really bad with computers and sorry if I sound stupid but I've downloaded the cursors and they saved into my folder- how do I apply the cursor?

Vlasta (2013-03-26 22:52:26):

in your control panel or for example with this: change cursor

Unknown author (2013-03-28 18:47:15):

i cannot use it because i have to install some things and i know that there is a high price :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2013-04-11 01:27:42):

hey how do i get my cursor once i download it??

Unknown author (2013-04-12 12:23:33):

How can I change colour of cursor on my iMac?

Chandler (2013-04-12 20:36:22):

to get the cursor once downloaded go to your control panel in your start menu and either go to mouse, or if not found to devices and then mouse, then click and change them there.

Unknown author (2013-04-16 18:04:03):

one of the best application and need to big time advertisement for this lovele and light weight application :-D

Miles Tails (2013-05-02 10:40:21):

Hello I've been creating Pics. with RW Paint. But today when opened it there was just some text:"No User interface configuration is avaible for the current document type.Learn about layouts at http://wiki.rw-designer.com/Window_Layout";
I Cant do anything :-( i tried to reinstall but again this appears

Vlasta (2013-05-02 11:16:34):

The configuration got somehow corrupted - you need to reset it.

Miles Tails (2013-05-02 13:03:10):

Thank you so much :-D :-D I Can say that RWPaint is better than PS for me 8-)

Unknown author (2013-05-08 03:17:16):

My cursor keeps resetting to default after I log off/log on or restart, etc. How to I get it to set permanently? (Windows 7)

Unknown author (2013-05-08 04:01:16):

if anyone can help, please, I need assistance on this most annoying topic...
when I view the cursors I have they all show an icon of what that .cur file is so here's the problem: I accidentally associated a .cur file with realworld cursor editor and now all I see are realworld program icons, I already (finally) discovered how to disassociate the .cur files but im still just getting those identical annoying realworld icons with no apparent way to see my cursors ever again unless I actually open them in a compatible program or select them for use.
please help; I don't want to have to open every single .cur file to see what it is

Vlasta (2013-05-08 08:40:06):

I assume, you have associated them in Windows, not through the cursor editor itself. If you do the second, you will get the previews back.

Mikey Z (2013-05-14 06:23:53):

Where can I get an editor for the U-3D stuff you mention in the tutorials? I can't find any editor anywhere!

Vlasta (2013-05-14 09:29:39):

It is part of the icon editor.

xROGU3xJ3DIx (2013-05-18 06:53:22):

:-( So I made an animated icon and save as .ani, but when I apply it in pointer settings it's totally blank... I'm trying to install on Vista x64. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vlasta (2013-05-18 10:04:50):

What do you mean by "saved as .ani" - I hope you did not simply overwrite the extension

xROGU3xJ3DIx (2013-05-18 16:37:09):

I saved it as an animated cursor giving it the .ani extension.

Vlasta (2013-05-18 18:01:14):

....hmm and do you have the image in your cursor? If you have created a Windows 7 cursor, it has 2 sizes, 32x32 and 48x48 pixels. Both start blank and you need to draw both. Read about it here: multi resolution cursor

cielo (2013-05-24 09:41:48):

como obtengo el codigo del cursor ke hice ayuda porfis

akshaypp (2013-06-03 13:25:46):

how can i use this cursar for my website

Unknown author (2013-06-06 03:22:44):

How do u apply the cursor i watched videos on it non of em' helped me is there a way u can help me? :-(

How do u apply the cursor i watched videos on it non of em' helped me is there a way u can help me? :-(

sorry i doubled it lol

Vlasta (2013-06-06 09:53:55):

video about downloading and changing cursors

Unknown author (2013-06-11 02:57:08):

I have my cursor thing opens wide and I cant close it to make it highlited! :-o

Unknown author (2013-06-14 21:54:14):

How do I make a transparent background of an image?

Vlasta (2013-06-14 21:58:29):

check out the second video tutorial above (Copying objects from photos)

Unknown author (2013-07-07 02:38:45):

I have an image in the Cursor editor and it reports that it is 256 colors.
But when I look at the saved file with a hex editor I see that biClrUsed is FF.

Shouldn't it be 00?

Vlasta (2013-07-07 02:44:26):

256 colors indicates 8 bit color depth, the actual colors used may be lower

Unknown author (2013-07-08 02:44:11):

:-( In your water drop tutorial, you put the arrow head size to 20, (I THINK OR IT WAS OTHER ONE) and it looks so small! What computer do you have? Mine is windows, and the cursor looks not how I expected it to be. THANKS. (Please answer back)

Vlasta (2013-07-08 08:52:24):

I really do not know what to answer. It only works on Windows.

Unknown author (2013-07-14 01:56:21):

Somebody please help me and i want it like rainbow and spinkling

Unknown author (2013-07-26 23:27:06):

I cannot open rcu file extension after make cursor.

Unknown author (2013-07-29 02:58:41):

I want to extend the bottom of a photo so that I can add text about the picture.
Can this be done with this program? Thanks much.

Vlasta (2013-07-29 09:34:34):

Yes, use either the crop tool or the Canvas size command in the Image menu.

Zacocast (2013-07-30 00:23:24):

How can I make my own backround?

Unknown author (2013-08-07 22:48:00):

greate 8-)

Unknown author (2013-08-15 16:54:57):

there is not colors i can see

Unknown author (2013-08-19 19:50:24):

how to I download a cursor?

no abc (2013-08-23 09:38:59):

how do i post a cursor set? :-(

Unknown author (2013-08-23 20:01:18):

I want to use ALL the colors in the complete image. I keep getting transparancy in areas where it is not wanted.

Billy1905 (2013-08-24 03:44:33):

How do you put cursors into a set?

Unknown author (2013-08-25 23:51:11):

i want to download the yellow circle cursor but i did it and i can't seem to make it my mouse :-(

cobra (2013-09-09 06:36:42):


Vlasta (2013-09-09 09:27:43):

^ sent you an email (also, in your case it does not matter whether you put the name into the name or the organization fields).

XxXJordanXxX (2013-10-05 10:31:30):

how do I use the cusor after I downloaded it ?

Unknown author (2013-10-12 20:06:53):

i cant find colors i search everywhere

Unknown author (2013-10-22 16:32:23):

I want the icon to be an image of the picture. At the moment I get a sea scene

Unknown author (2013-10-27 01:25:03):

how do i use cursors?

airboat233 (2013-10-30 10:53:42):

Hello, hope i have this in the right place. Issue with RWP. I have a folder with animated gif files. Paint will not open them anymore. It will open my other files like jpg and so on but will not open any gif files. A message will come up saying that paint has crashed. The only thing i have tryed is uninstall and reinstall. Did not work. All else is ok, just can not open gif. Can you help? thanks Jerry :-( Oh almost forgot. It will let me make a gif image and save, then it will not let me open.

Vlasta (2013-10-30 10:55:31):

Do you have the lasts version? Were you able to open one of these files before? If not, can you send me one of them to info@rw-designer.com?

Unknown author (2013-11-01 10:35:14):

possibile in italiano

versione italiana

Unknown author (2013-11-01 21:58:52):

how do I use it as my cursor?

isabelle5458 (2013-11-07 20:40:31):

how to upload cursors/

Unknown author (2013-11-09 15:20:46):

how do you install a cursor on a mac??????

Unknown author (2013-11-19 07:44:14):

i cant use my cursor

Unknown author (2013-11-27 23:42:26):

How do I center the cursor? :-(

Unknown author (2013-11-28 00:57:40):

I want to add my custom cursor to my tumblr, how do I do it? :-o

Unknown author (2013-12-08 12:55:40):

por que quando eu desligo o pc o cursor volta para o padrao?

Ney (2013-12-08 23:01:24):

spanish version please please

Unknown author (2013-12-15 00:46:51):

Como se agranda un cursor de imagen solo sale de 32x32 :-(

света (2013-12-16 10:44:11):

Как сделать текс на русском языке ?

Unknown author (2013-12-18 06:05:46):

I cant use the thingy

starlaluvsonedirection (2013-12-21 06:37:28):

how to put the cursor on ur mouse:
1. go to start
2. click "control panel"
3. go to pointers
4. click "browse"
5. go to ur desktop's documents
6. double click ur cursor
7. then click ok or apply


Mining Mayhem-Mantum (2014-01-01 08:40:00):

How do you upload your 'cursor' here? ;-)

Unknown author (2014-01-05 16:18:32):

I would like to make a picture appear larger "permanently", I don't mean "zoom in/out." I do remember using "Scale" in my old paint software to decrease the size permanently saved, if that helps you figure what my question is;) Thank you very much!

Vlasta (2014-01-05 16:19:56):

It seems like you want to crop your picture - to remove a part of it. Try the Crop tool.

Unknown author (2014-01-16 15:58:21):

how do i make my mouse into my constum mouse :-D

Unknown author (2014-01-18 05:14:26):

how do i change the cursor on a mac?

Unknown author (2014-01-25 21:02:41):

how do I download a mouse type?

how do I download a cursor?

Unknown author (2014-01-29 22:32:27):

How do i change the cursor on ubuntu?

Unknown author (2014-02-01 09:49:29):

How do I retrieve my password? ^^;

fanatgian (2014-02-04 02:26:31):

I just have one question:
I downloaded the cursor editor and I was just asking if it has a clicking effect lik when you click, a specia; effect happens like you can draw balloons and then when you click the circle will pop.

Vlasta (2014-02-04 09:48:54):

Standard Windows cursors cannot do that, so the answer is No.

Stephanie M. (2014-02-12 20:31:50):

How do I upload my cursor that I have created? :-D

Unknown author (2014-02-15 12:15:05):


Unknown author (2014-02-15 16:58:35):

i want to make my name scrolling mouse pointer but why

please help me

Unknown author (2014-02-23 16:14:40):

how do i get it to b my cursor :-(

TerryConti (2014-03-03 18:20:10):

Please tell me through my email account: How to save the change made in a Picture using your program?
I need to know if this will save the change made.
Thank you,

Unknown author (2014-03-04 18:55:24):

Hoe do you install into cursor fx on win 7?

Unknown author (2014-03-05 01:32:52):

how do I put it onto a site?

Unknown author (2014-03-10 02:25:51):

How would I change the cursor over a certain program for say minecraft.exe a block cursor apears

Unknown author (2014-03-10 10:47:22):

how do i change my mouse cursor into the Cursor i chose :-D :-D |-) :-)

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2014-03-10 12:51:47):

Hi, i really LOVE Real World Paint, it instantly became one of my favorite programs, but i have a really weird problem. :-(

If the default gamma correction is 2.2 colors look the same on the palette, on the image/editor and on other programs, but the RGB values are wrong, in fact for RWP a certain color has a value, for every other paint program it has a higher value. Colors are too light too, to get dark colors i have to use extremely low values.

If i set the gamma correction to 0, palette colors look lighter than on the editor/image, and if i use the dropper i don't get the right color but a darker one, on the other hand RGB values are the same on other paint programs.

I'm on Vista, is it a bug or there's something i can do?

Vlasta (2014-03-10 13:48:05):

This is by design. The numerical values represent true intensity of the R, G, B channels. In RWPaint, for example a value of 40 represents an intensity in the middle of 30 and 50. This is not the case in other editors, because the sRGB and its gamma of 2.2 is not linear. All this complexity is hidden in RWPaint and a value of 50% actually means half-intensity. I would recommend to leave the gamma at 2.2, the setting may even disappear in new versions.

Do you actually need to copy the numerical value between editors? If yes, there is the hexadecimal code below and that follows the sRGB color profile.

Unknown author (2014-03-10 18:23:00):

"This is by design. The numerical values represent true intensity of the R, G, B channels. In RWPaint, for example a value of 40 represents an intensity in the middle of 30 and 50. This is not the case in other editors, because the sRGB and its gamma of 2.2 is not linear. All this complexity is hidden in RWPaint and a value of 50% actually means half-intensity. I would recommend to leave the gamma at 2.2, the setting may even disappear in new versions.

Do you actually need to copy the numerical value between editors? If yes, there is the hexadecimal code below and that follows the sRGB color profile."

Thanks for the answer :-) but the more i think about it the more i'm sure there's a bug.
I don't care about numeric values and i love the gamma correction and the color range option, so please don't cut them!

I'm convinced that there's a bug because with different values of gamma correction both the dropper and the palette work with a 2.2 gamma correction value.
The palette alway shows the gamma 2.2 color version of the RGBA values and the dropper always consider colors with a 2.2 gamma correction value, in fact if the real gamma correction value is lower it returns darker color values, if the gamma correction value is higher it returns brighter color values, only with 2.2 it returns the right color.

In my opinion what shows color in the palette and what returns values in the dropper don't take into account the gamma correction value.

I don't use the 2.2 gamma correction value because i think its colors are too bright, look at this comparison, the same values of grey(from 0 to 250) but with different gamma values, first line is 2.2, second line 1.1, third line 0:

Vlasta (2014-03-10 19:09:07):

In a sense you are right, the behavior is inconsistent. In earlier version, the gamma value set in the configuration affected the whole editor. In the latest version, I have redesigned the color picker and decided to slowly move away from the configurable gamma towards "it just works, no settings needed" approach. Currently, some parts of the application honor the gamma value from the configuration, others don't. So, it is best to keep it at 2.2. (BTW 0 is an invalid value, 1 is used instead)

On your image, the last line looks correct and it actually has a gamma of 2.2. The first line looks like the gamma correction was applied twice. Perhaps, if you told me how you made that image, I'll be able to pinpoint the problem.

I am aware that I am making some scenarios more difficult or even impossible by removing the customizable gamma setting. For example, if someone wants to use RWPaint to create textures for a 3D game and they want the textures to use linear colors (gamma = 1) and apply the final gamma within the 3D engine, there will be problems, they won't see the right colors in the editor. Eventually, RWPaint will support HDR with 32-bit floating point colors and it will be possible to select gamma while saving to formats that allow that. But it will still show colors in sRGB color space while editing. Having a calibrated display is highly recommended, because it is good to see the colors as they are supposed to be.

Unknown author (2014-03-10 19:30:47):

I made that image in RWP, i made the first one with a 2.2 gamma correction value, the first color has 0,0,0 RGB values, the second 10,10,10, the third 20,20,20 etc up to 250,250,250.
Then i made the second line with the same RGBA values of the first line after setting a 1.1 value and then the third after setting a 0 value.

I saw that my video card control panel in the color optimization options has a default gamma value of 1, is this the problem?

Vlasta (2014-03-10 19:49:05):

That looks strange, I tried to do the same and I am getting the 3rd line while having gamma at 2.2 (since the color picker ignores it, it does not really matter). Maybe... are you using the last version - 2013.1 and selecting the colors by typing the values into the boxes next to the color wheel+triangle?

The setting in your graphic card should not affect the editor. You can check how your system is calibrated by for example looking at this image: http://www.otake.com.mx/Apuntes/ColorCalibration/GammaPatterns.phtml When looking from far enough, the black and white lines should become gray that has the same intensity as the really gray box with 2.2.

iAndrewU (2014-03-10 19:57:02):

How do you enlarge your cursor that you made?
please reply.

Unknown author (2014-03-12 12:36:03):

"That looks strange, I tried to do the same and I am getting the 3rd line while having gamma at 2.2 (since the color picker ignores it, it does not really matter). Maybe... are you using the last version - 2013.1 and selecting the colors by typing the values into the boxes next to the color wheel+triangle?

The setting in your graphic card should not affect the editor. You can check how your system is calibrated by for example looking at this image: http://www.otake.com.mx/Apuntes/ColorCalibration/GammaPatterns.phtml When looking from far enough, the black and white lines should become gray that has the same intensity as the really gray box with 2.2."
I have the 2013 version but both the color picker and the numeric values give me the same colors.

I wanted to experiment combinations of vga and RWP gamma values and now i'm really confused lol.

Anyway i downloaded the 2011.1 version of RWP and for the moment i think i'll use this version.

Can i ask you why in the 2013 version you get rid of the Swatches(the custom color palette) panel? Or maybe i'm dumb and it's still there somewhere lol? I love to have an easy and fast access to colors i use the most, the lack of a custom palette panel was the only real big complaint i have for the 2013 version(well if i had no gamma problems lol).

Can i give you some wishes for the next version? :-)
-Don't get rid of features, different people has different needs, more options are always better in my opinion
-1 RGBA value = 1 color, now if i use a low color scale one value corresponds to more colors
-return of the custom palette panel
-add the options to set the size of the grid and the size of the Pencil

... well that's all, i already really love the program as is. XD

Vlasta (2014-03-12 15:59:26):

Every suggestion is welcome :-). The swatches were removed, but it is likely that they will return in slightly different form. The reason was inconsistency. Things are easy when only one color is being used, but all gets complicated when multiple colors are needed simultanously. For example when drawing an ellipse with different interior and outline - 2 colors are needed. Or, when using linear or pattern fill instead of solid color. When you click on a color in the swatch, which color should be changed? It is not clear and may confuse people. For example in the older version, when gradient is selected, clicking on a color may or may not affect the gradient. That confuses people. So, in the future there will be a swatch of not just colors, but also for gradients or patterns. Clicking on an item within the future swatch will always do the same. I know that it will be better if the current version already had this feature, but if I waited until all features are there before releasing a new version, that version would never arrive. Software is never complete.

If you need a bigger pencil, the Brush tool may help.

Unknown author (2014-03-12 19:38:54):

Ok now i understand! It makes sense to modify the swatches.

Even with the blur setting at 0 the brush tool has some smooth and shaded edges, i would like a sizable brush with hard unshaded edges like the pencil.

Thank you for your patience and keep the good work! :-D

Unknown author (2014-03-27 11:41:02):

Is there any way to get on mac

Unknown author (2014-04-24 18:12:55):

how do i get the mouse into the mouse folder so i can actually use it>??!?!?!!?!11!?!?!!? :-(

Unknown author (2014-05-07 03:41:29):

I can't log in. I just made my account about 4 hours ago, and my password still isn't working. My username is Kururu, email begins with mice.

Unknown author (2014-05-15 22:14:01):

how do i chage my mouse curser

cuv (2014-05-17 03:59:23):

It seems like whenever I go to make new cursors, my custom cursor set that I use (my Kururu set) goes away and it reverts back to the normal Windows set. I have to go back to Customize and click "Apply All" to get them back. Is this intentional, or a bug?

Unknown author (2014-05-17 10:15:29):

I'm looking for a cursor set. 1st, the pointer (like the one I youst to have)was Transparent, but always seen. I never had a problem finding it. everyone liked it too. also my busy thingy was a fully automated running red hoarse. I had this pack in a windows vista desk top.
the cursor set I'd like to have should have some features which I can change... not just a cookie cutter set.
thanks, johnny

I am using a HP laptop, with windows 8. In my vista set I could make changes, keeping stuff I liked and make my own preferances... till, I don't know something happened and I was not able to make the changes any more.
but I had kept the transparent pointer, and the red horsey... hahaha.

Unknown author (2014-05-31 02:27:26):

how do you get the icon ;-).

Unknown author (2014-06-02 20:09:32):

it wont let me run the icon on my surface ( I cant open it) :-(

Vlasta (2014-06-02 20:30:14):

You need real Windows (Surface Pro) to run RW software, not the RT wannabe.

Unknown author (2014-06-11 20:14:45):

how can i put a circle?

Unknown author (2014-07-10 12:42:33):

i cant find colors

Vlasta (2014-07-10 12:59:10):

they will appear when needed

Unknown author (2014-07-13 23:00:06):

Portable rw-paint (tablet) - I downloaded it, but when I hit run, it refuses to open. Why, and how do I get it to open? (Android software)

It says i don't have something to open it.

Linda Evans

Vlasta (2014-07-14 08:30:08):

It is a Windows only application. Portable means that it can be just copied from one computer to another computer.

Unknown author (2014-08-07 15:11:45):

android is linux based, you would need to download to a windows based computer or a linux computer running wine, then transfer the icons to the tablet

Unknown author (2014-08-23 01:36:37):

hey, so with a normal cursur, when you scroll over something that can be clicked, the cursor would change to a hand, how do i do that with the cursor editor?

Vlasta (2014-08-23 08:27:40):

you design multiple cursors, each for a different role

Unknown author (2014-09-01 01:34:40):

There is a missing feature that is very desired, that is : the possibility to import the desktop wallpaper and also to export an image we worked on as desktop wallpaper... Can you have a look at it please !

Also, can we open several images in the same instance so we can work on multiple images and be able to copy from one and paste in the other (in the same instance) ?

Regards, Benoit

Vlasta (2014-09-01 09:04:48):

Wallpapers are ordinary images, so you can work with them. Though I agree that it may be simpler if the editor allowed you to open it in a single click - maybe I will make a plug-in for that.

Unknown author (2014-09-02 22:39:02):

how do you open this? :-o

Unknown author (2014-09-04 11:43:40):

how can I print ? cannot find the Print function anywhere. Thanks.

Vlasta (2014-09-04 12:21:04):

Install the plug-in from the Online page within the app first.

Unknown author (2014-09-30 17:43:31):

downloaded it & installd but nothing has changed, and nothing in try to tweak - what next ?

Vlasta (2014-09-30 20:54:59):

what did you install?

Unknown author (2014-10-22 16:56:40):

how do i downlod one

Unknown author (2014-10-25 18:33:03):

how do I download it :-(

Unknown author (2014-10-26 13:19:30):

how to put icon on the pointer :-(

Unknown author (2014-11-07 00:30:14):

how do i put on the cusor

Unknown author (2014-11-07 03:45:04):

Are your software products free, or shareware ($)

Vlasta (2014-11-07 08:14:30):

some are free, some are not

Unknown author (2014-11-09 18:20:40):

ich kann garnichts ihr könnt auch mal erkleren wieman das downloadet :-(

Kalina (2014-11-15 08:45:24):

Hi, I am new to this. I found a lovely set from your library. I normally use and x-large arrow in windows. I see better with it. I am having trouble re-sizing the set I did find. Can You help a newcomer? Thank you.

Vlasta (2014-11-15 09:25:03):

Resizing may not be possible. If there is no more space on the canvas, you cannot make the cursors bigger. If there is space, you can use the Transformation tool, but quality will suffer.

Optis (2014-12-01 12:18:15):

Where can I find an invoice ??

Vlasta (2014-12-01 15:50:21):

Amandine should have it in her email.

Unknown author (2014-12-02 13:40:12):

:-D :-)خلو هذا ماوس

Unknown author (2014-12-02 18:37:38):

it's a great software, free, easy to use without any knowledge of editing, and don't want to install Ask toolbar :-)

Unknown author (2014-12-02 22:56:41):

cool beans bro

avenraven (2014-12-06 06:40:27):

CAN SOMEONE PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WAT I AM DOING!!!!!!!!!!! IT WON'T LET ME DESIGN MY MOUSE. THAT OR I AM NOT CLICKING THE RIGHT THING? I JUST NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEEDS ANSWERS :-o

Vlasta (2014-12-06 10:12:14):

If you want an answer, you need to ask properly. We do not know what thoughts are in your head.

adnanshaikh (2014-12-06 12:49:46):

i would like to download picture rezier, how can i download? is it a free download?

Vlasta (2014-12-06 12:51:44):

sure, click on the program name link on the Picture resizer page - you may need a browser like Firefox or Chrome that does not block unsigned apps

adnanshaikh (2014-12-06 13:01:38):

i have windows 8, does that support downloading picture resize? during download it asks for "donate" or close, i .am using Chrome browser, but there is no free download option, help me

Vlasta (2014-12-06 13:41:53):

Just read the instructions on the page and follow them

computerworld (2014-12-07 13:24:54):

how do we make a cursor? im new here!PLS HELP ME! ;-)

Unknown author (2014-12-10 05:23:59):

Hello. When I try to create an animation, how do I copy layer from one frame to the other frame? I tried using ctrl-C to copy the layer but when you go the next frame and ctrl-P it does not paste the layer. Great software by the way 8-) .

Unknown author (2014-12-12 02:03:31):

i need help beause i want printer a draw that i do now but i can printer

Unknown author (2014-12-15 18:01:52):

How do I make the ellipse a certain color? I NEED to know! :-(

HOW do I make my design be my cursor?! :-(

Unknown author (2014-12-15 21:41:37):

nobody cares about us customers anymore...

Vlasta (2014-12-15 21:51:56):

us "anonymous" customers?

Unknown author (2014-12-16 21:28:07):

If you cared then you would actually take the time to help...

Jaya (2014-12-23 13:20:10):

Text Tool Property is missing in Real World Paint. I'm not able to get it Please help me ASAP :-(

Vlasta (2014-12-23 20:37:27):

missing in what sense?

Unknown author (2014-12-24 23:24:33):

how do i move the cursor when im making a new one? just this transparent grey layer moves and i dont know what to do!

Angel (2015-01-05 14:27:00):

NO encounter the option to create animated cursors help :-(

Vlasta (2015-01-05 15:21:52):

You don't need an option. Just add a frame or more to your cursor.

Unknown author (2015-01-09 00:36:37):

How do I make the cursor icon as my cursor?

Unknown author (2015-01-16 08:41:11):

why I can't download the cursors?

Unknown author (2015-01-16 10:46:33):

how do i install the cursor that i made here?

garin6 (2015-01-22 01:04:22):

Hi vlasta. I have a few questions. my first question is what has happened to my animation? i was working on my animation today and the lines were very neat and strait and i always save my work using the save as option but i do not not save it on dithering.today just now I opened my animation and when I opened it was ruined the drawing and animation were the same as how i created it but the lines have become stat-icky. my animation is ruined all that i worked for is ruined. is there anyway to restore it so the lines are normal? my second question is why does this occur frequently? I work on an animation and its normal then it becomes ruined somehow this has happened to me more than once

Vlasta (2015-01-22 09:56:17):

Could you send me the problematic file to info@rw-designer.com ? I have hard time imagining what exactly happened.

Unknown author (2015-01-22 22:34:50):

how do i use a it i says pdi file not found plz relpy ;-) ;-) ;-) :-D :-) :-( :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2015-01-23 16:47:45):

how do i go back to m original cursor

Lunarmoon (2015-02-03 03:55:12):

how do i get back to the online cursor and icon maker?

Unknown author (2015-02-18 20:19:54):

How do upload my cursor

Unknown author (2015-03-02 02:29:09):

me ajuda está falando aqui que o arquivo está em formato desconhecido ou danificado

Help myself IS Speaking What IS the archive in unknown format or damaged What do I do?

Unknown author (2015-03-13 23:34:41):

How do I make the clicking part of my cursor? I was working really hard on my smile cursor but I dont really know how to make the others, like the click cursor.

and the type cursor

Unknown author (2015-03-19 20:42:14):

hey guys im foxy the piret

Unknown author (2015-03-24 22:27:16):

Can your toolset create a black and white jpg image from a color jpg?

Vlasta (2015-03-25 00:39:45):

Sure, open it in the editor in the menu select Adjust->Grayscale and save.

Unknown author (2015-03-25 14:09:38):

Thank you.
Is there a command line string for that as well?

Vlasta (2015-03-25 14:51:02):

If you have RealWorld Photos, you can go to Batch tab, select the Grayscale icon, click on Create droplet button above the box with icons and it will create a tiny .exe that can be used from command line to make pictures B&W. The .exe will only work if RWPhotos is installed though.

star (2015-03-31 23:57:06):

total rookie here- I created a highlighted pointer for cursor but it lags. Actually I can't use it and have to reboot my pc. Does anyone know what is wrong? Windows 7 64 bit

Vlasta (2015-04-01 00:35:13):

Strange, have you used the standard size of 32x32? In any case the cursor should have no effect on the speed of the computer.

Unknown author (2015-04-01 20:42:50):

how do i upload my cyrsor :-(

J (2015-04-24 14:24:21):

how can i remove my junkyard cursors?
:-( :-( :-(

Vlasta (2015-04-24 14:28:17):

there is a link on your profile

Khushi3105 (2015-04-30 19:16:37):

How do you change your profile picture? (can you?) :-)

Vlasta (2015-04-30 19:49:03):

Yes, you can, instructions are here.

Unknown author (2015-05-01 03:11:44):

how do you mirror an image for example I create a drawing of a person and I want the eyes to be the same but I want to flip the other eye the program wont let me do that

Unknown author (2015-05-10 12:06:10):

How to install cursor ???

Jazz (2015-05-19 07:58:09):

How to create a cursor set???

Vlasta (2015-05-19 09:22:47):

Go to the Gallery tab, then click on Cursors in the line under and finally on Create set on the third line.

Unknown author (2015-06-11 19:49:11):

Soo einfach

Unknown author (2015-06-30 03:45:13):

Help I lost my cursor

Unknown author (2015-07-02 02:05:46):

Can I make icons that look like me?

Unknown author (2015-07-10 22:26:17):

How can I make my selected Icons larger in size, can it be done?

Unknown author (2015-07-18 08:04:08):

what do i have to download for a cursor :-(

Unknown author (2015-07-20 16:35:52):

The RealWorld Paint I have downloaded has some sort of error in the configuration. When I open any kind of image (excluding animations) it will state "Configuration may be corrupted. Reset configuration by holding CTRL and SHIFT while starting the application." I have done this quite a few times, and still no change to the statement. I have uninstalled and redownloaded RealWorld Paint as well, and still nothing.

Is it a problem with my version, or is there something I'm not doing right?

Vlasta (2015-07-20 17:01:40):

Does is ask you to actually reset the configuration? If not, it is not being reset.

Unknown author (2015-07-22 13:58:40):


NomiShy&Meh300 (2015-07-24 20:42:32):

how to hang a cursor with images from my PC?

Unknown author (2015-08-15 10:29:30):

:-o ich kann es nicht verstehen (Love)

Unknown author (2015-08-27 04:20:27):

this is fun but why is there no gothic ones :-( :-o |-)

Unknown author (2015-09-01 12:10:51):

how do i change my cursors

Unknown author (2015-09-02 02:20:18):

i dont now how to get it |-)

Unknown author (2015-09-06 19:08:25):

How can I edit various frames of a GUF animation at once? I want to apply a text to all thee frames of my image.

Unknown author (2015-09-12 14:15:54):

How do I get my arrow to move faster?

Unknown author (2015-09-30 21:02:33):

How do I change my cursor? I think you may call it a "split cursor". I am not speaking of a pointer but the line that appears vertically as you are typing. I have a very had time seeing it when it is on a page filled with text. If I could make the cursor wider/thicker I think that would help me locate it. I hope I am making myself clear.

Vlasta (2015-10-01 11:38:17):

You need to change your cursor for the "text" role.

Unknown author (2015-10-02 18:33:59):

ich kann nix herunterlanden / i cant download ... :-(

Unknown author (2015-10-13 02:40:54):

I have a old computer and it says I have to go to control panel and set associations... Can I not get it? :-(

Unknown author (2015-10-16 01:03:22):

I try and use realworld paint to redo my picture but i can't get any of theim to work.:-(

Unknown author (2015-10-16 12:32:28):

it is not leting me get a mouse

Unknown author (2015-10-22 13:02:01):

how do u change the mouse

Unknown author (2015-10-29 16:13:03):

how i can chang my curser

Unknown author (2015-10-29 17:14:19):

how can i apply the crussor

Unknown author (2015-11-14 11:05:05):

kostet das was

Unknown author (2015-11-14 23:22:11):

:-( No No NOOOOO!

nibbler (2015-11-15 00:27:24):

How do I change my Avatar?

Unknown author (2015-11-16 01:48:40):

Mine is not displaying the window. Help please. I've tried repairing and uninstalling it. nothing!...

Username destroy (2015-11-29 11:21:11):

How do you make a new set?

Unknown author (2015-12-01 06:57:21):

cursor is not working on touchpad help me

Unknown author (2015-12-05 06:27:55):

https://youtu.be/CFlvjBgYY4c this vid should help ! :-D :-)

Unknown author (2015-12-06 22:12:28):

I have lost my cursor what do I do?

nibbler (2015-12-08 16:26:20):

How do I delete any of my cursor sets?

Unknown author (2015-12-13 02:17:04):

question...... can i download this software for iOS? is it compatible? 8-)

Unknown author (2015-12-15 11:15:47):

no because you wont have a ;-) cursor in ios so you wont need it only for pc mac and laptop

Unknown author (2015-12-27 00:55:26):

On RW paint its saying its corrupted, i tried ctrl+shift while starting, and i repaired it by redownkoad. whyÉ

DeathRow (2015-12-28 07:24:38):

How to Rotate image :-(

Unknown author (2016-01-03 01:46:12):

how do you actually change your cursor?

The Icons (2016-01-14 16:58:42):


Unknown author (2016-01-15 18:25:19):

what or where is the crop tool in RealWorld Paint?

Unknown author (2016-01-16 07:18:33):

How do I deinstall it?
There is no entry in the programs list that it can be deinstalled (as it was for the rw Icon editor).

Vlasta (2016-01-16 09:42:37):

There is, if you installed it. There is none, if you used the portable version. In that case, simply delete the unzipped files.

Unknown author (2016-01-16 12:21:39):

Yes, thank you very much! I forgot that I used that version...

Unknown author (2016-01-18 02:28:18):

I want to change the cursor of my mouse and I would like to find a design of a mini mouse to change with the arrow I got... Where can I find it? Thanks. John.

Tony (2016-01-19 17:30:47):

How do i delete or unascribe this account .

nibbler (2016-01-28 18:48:39):

In the accounts page, I select Private in The Section "Profile Preview" and it is showing my profile as if I am logged in instead and showing my profile stats.

Unknown author (2016-01-29 15:37:56):

how do you download the cursors

Unknown author (2016-01-30 00:25:47):

how do u put the cursors on?
:-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2016-01-30 21:27:04):

how do I use it???????

I wanna know how to use the cursor
:-o :-o :-o

nibbler (2016-01-31 13:50:19):

@ First Anonymous: Click the Floppy Disk or Chip beside the cursor name. Or click the download button over the set decription for the whole set.
@ Second and Third Anonymous: Click Control Panel > Search "mouse" > Click Mouse > Section Pointers > Browse > Find your cursor in the folder you have downloaded in > Open > Do it for all rolls.

nibbler (2016-02-04 15:03:35):

How do I use a CRS file?

Vlasta (2016-02-05 09:41:08):

That file works with the Change Cursor tool.

Melonie (2016-02-05 16:42:52):

How do you change your profile image? and how do you become a "registered user" and how do you get the icons and mouse pointers that I uploaded t the site, to be visible on ur profile? :-(

Nvm, about the registerd user, I am one lol :-D

Vlasta (2016-02-05 22:09:44):

If you upload cursors or icons while logged in (in the editor, but with the same email), they will appear on your profile. I can see, you already have 2. If you upload more, you can create a set, now they are in the unsorted area called junkyard.

nibbler (2016-02-08 18:10:59):

Is there a way I can upload a Compressed (Zipped) Folder in the blog editor?

nibbler (2016-02-08 18:47:10):

When I search for cursors, It displays ALL of the cursors instead of the searched ones.

Vlasta (2016-02-09 08:06:09):

If you upload zip, it will stay as zip. Not sure what you mean by the search.

nibbler (2016-02-09 19:43:05):

I am talking about searching for cursors in the GALLERY tab, in section CURSORS.

Vlasta (2016-02-09 20:45:40):

well, if you search for "cursors" then all cursors will be displayed, if you search for example for "pokemon", only relevant cursors should show up - do you see all in the specific cases?

nibbler (2016-02-10 20:28:22):


nibbler (2016-02-12 19:37:27):

When a set is on this site for months, I can't add or remove any more tags.

jood (2016-02-13 12:17:53):

how can I log out

nibbler (2016-02-13 14:38:16):

Go to your Profile.
Click "account page" in "Modify the information about you on your account page".
Click Logout.

nibbler (2016-02-13 17:32:24):

Can I be able to send an icon assembler to Vlasta's inbox on Vlasta's profile? It doesn't work on Gmail.

XGonGiveItTaYou (2016-02-13 21:33:41):

How can i share my cursor :-D

Unknown author (2016-02-17 03:09:50):

my mouse goes invisible 30 seconds after applying it. removed bookmark. never going here again any time soon.

Vlasta (2016-02-17 09:17:30):

perhaps you got a prank cursor... ;-)

nibbler (2016-02-17 16:44:15):

How do I delete a forum entry? I have a Pictures in Sets Entry and I can't delete it.

Unknown author (2016-02-20 00:00:03):

when i download my cursor and put it on and everything, after a while it just glitches away so i have no mouse pointer at all?

Unknown author (2016-02-26 03:58:06):

Uh do one for chrome :-) :-D

nibbler (2016-02-26 17:06:41):

I sent a message to someone at 10:06 and the time said I sent it somewhere at 17:00. How is this?

nibbler (2016-02-26 19:08:27):

How do I delete a message?

Unknown author (2016-03-01 05:05:50):

I am having trouble with the eclipse tool. I am not able to make it colored and change the transparency or at least it doesn't show up as it does in videos on Youtube. Can I please get some help?

Unknown author (2016-03-01 20:53:54):

How to normalize the courser symbol from arrow up&down with a bar in the middle?

nibbler (2016-03-03 19:54:56):

When I delete an image from the full editor of the blog and then refresh the page, that deleted image was returned.

Unknown author (2016-03-07 03:09:32):

Where do I find the plugin

Pixles (2016-03-07 14:48:27):

how do you put coursors you made up for downloads

nibbler (2016-03-08 19:29:09):

I like to have a cursor assembler. Can you make a page for that?

nibbler (2016-03-11 18:07:28):

When I post a second comment on a set when I have already posted one, it sets my avatar on the comment to the "Anonymous" user avatar.

Unknown author (2016-03-14 22:10:47):

Downloaded fantastic icons, how do I get them into Visio 2010 ?

BlackHoleNebula1 (2016-03-31 02:37:33):

how do u make animated cursors

nibbler (2016-03-31 13:01:09):

Get RealWorld Cursor Editor, install it.

Unknown author (2016-04-07 19:50:21):

Is there any way to get animated (.ani) cursors on mac? (Yosemite)

nibbler (2016-04-12 15:04:35):

I dunno.

Unknown author (2016-04-13 01:27:22):

why can,t i print a picture?

nibbler (2016-04-13 02:25:53):

What picture are you trying to print?

nibbler (2016-04-13 16:25:08):

When I edit a picture on RW Cursor Editor and/or RW Paint, it sets the image to have blueish hue to the whole thing.

nibbler (2016-04-19 18:38:04):

Sometimes when I upload cursors, it said that the cursor is an invalid or missing cursor file, but the cursor works!

Unknown author (2016-04-25 13:41:03):

i already downloaded my favorite cursor on this site how can i enable it???

Unknown author (2016-05-06 10:36:40):

how do i remove search history on this

nibbler (2016-05-06 20:42:31):

How is there 30 days to use portable version of RW Icon Editor?

LivSilver (2016-05-14 06:33:48):

I was drawing a picture, saved and closed it. Now i was trying to open it again, but it's all grey and it says 0x0 pixels. Help please :-( :-(

WeHa (2016-05-16 20:38:38):

Hi. I'm new here. How do I remove backgrounds? Thanks :-)

nibbler (2016-05-24 14:58:57):

@WeHa who wrote:
Hi. I'm new here. How do I remove backgrounds? Thanks :-)

Scroll down to the very bottom, find the Select background tab, go to the dropdown menu, select None, and click Set.

Unknown author (2016-06-03 00:18:44):

how do i use the mouse after i downloaded it |-)

Unknown author (2016-06-03 21:37:44):

noob ;-)

Unknown author (2016-06-14 01:05:36):

I need help uninstalling this :-(

Unknown author (2016-06-25 13:31:48):

I haven't been here in a very long time. I want to add more icons to a set I made a long time ago but I can't remember the email I used or my password. How do I recover these?

Unknown author (2016-06-25 17:09:47):

I extracted icons using your icon extractor, but where are they extracted to? I mean, are they in a file somewhere?

Vlasta (2016-06-26 01:06:00):

All info is on the extractor's page...

Unknown author (2016-06-29 12:44:29):

big yellow banannas

forrestvale (2016-06-30 03:34:37):

I just downloaded the program and actually managed to create an icon from a jpeg image. Now how to I apply the icon to a program shortcut on my desktop please? at present the shortcut is a blank white square. Thanks for any help.

sorry I should mention I am running XP sp3 in case the instructions are different

forrestvale (2016-07-01 07:36:25):

Scrap that, thanks. I figured it out for myself.

Inkdream (2016-07-02 04:43:32):

How do you use the portfolio in here?
Because I want to keep track of what I make in here

bigHSG (2016-07-07 15:21:52):

Just tried to open an icon library (icl file) and the program crashed - running XP SP3 + all updated to last one. Will not move to win 10 so what now. Need to extract an icon copy it and rename the put it back in the icl file.

Vlasta (2016-07-08 20:04:12):

Is the icl available for download and testing?

Unknown author (2016-07-18 09:50:50):

how to downlod

Unknown author (2016-07-22 13:16:36):

i can't find where the point clicker is! HELP!!! :-(

Unknown author (2016-07-23 18:04:53):

my curser keeps leaving my typing.

nibbler (2016-08-04 21:34:44):

When I type too much italic text in a post under the comments, everything under the post is in italic. Same thing goes with bold and bold italic. Can you fix this?

Unknown author (2016-08-12 19:17:00):

the program isn't opening, whenever i click the icon on the taskbar the program doesn't pop up.

Unknown author (2016-08-14 04:21:53):

What do you open this with?

nibbler (2016-08-19 15:44:03):

@Two Latest Anonymous Users.
What program are you using? ;-)

Unknown author (2016-08-20 22:11:15):

Wavy tail does not wave. I am running Windows 10 Home with the newest update. :-(

nibbler (2016-08-25 17:33:18):

Try reinstalling your program. (Not Windows! But your RealWorld software.)

Unknown author (2016-09-05 12:40:13):

How do I remove it then??!?!??!? :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

pls help me out

nibbler (2016-09-06 15:01:00):

Start > Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program > Find your software > Click it > Uninstall Button > Follow other instructions > Done!

Unknown author (2016-09-11 07:18:27):

How do you open the cursor file? I can't find the right program to open it... :-(

nibbler (2016-09-12 15:04:45):

Install RealWorld Cursor Editor > Open the program from the start menu or desktop > Top Menu Bar > Tools > File Associations > Find the cursor files and tick them with a checkmark in each box > OK > Open your cursor > Done!

Sum Fun Dude (2016-09-19 21:44:11):

Please help, I seriously don't know how to make sets at all! :-(

nibbler (2016-09-19 22:22:19):

Gallery Tab > Scroll to the bottom until you find "More Cursors" > Click on the link > Upload using the following directions > When you have at least 3 cursors, click here: http://www.rw-designer.com/icon-createset > Follow the directions > Click "Publish" > Done!

Gallery Tab > Scroll to the bottom until you find "More Icons" > Click on the link > Upload using the following directions > When you have at least 3 icons, click here: http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-createset > Follow the directions > Click "Publish" > Done!

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2016-09-20 18:22:54):

trying to add a yellow circle to my cursor for tutorials online...but i can't seem to get the color customization panels on the right side of the program that i see in many tutorials...how do i get the color editor in the right sidebar? Thanks.

nibbler (2016-09-20 19:41:25):

Go to the view tab and find what you need.

Hope that helps!

Sum Fun Dude (2016-09-21 20:49:56):

wow, thx for all the help! :-D :-D :-D :-D

nibbler (2016-09-21 21:10:49):

You're welcome!

Gus (2016-09-25 23:59:44):

How do I upload???? :-(


Unknown author (2016-09-27 13:59:14):

Why does Windows Explorer only show the Cursor editor logo and not the cursor?
The program always works when I double click the logo
Windows 10 Pro
8GB DDR3 1600 Ram
1Tb Hard disk with 600gb free space
22" DGiM wide screen
512 Mb NVidia GE-9600 display card
All drivers are up to date
No Viruses or PUP's( windows Defender & Spy Hunter 4 -regular scans)

nibbler (2016-09-29 19:41:56):

Open RealWorld Cursor Editor > Tools Tab on top > File Associations > Choose the cursor files you want to display > OK Button

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2016-10-09 06:59:27):

How do i equip these? :-( :-(

nibbler (2016-10-09 16:18:19):


Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2016-10-11 18:32:22):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( How do you do the loading cursors

nibbler (2016-10-11 19:53:36):

RealWorld Cursor Editor RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Create RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image New Mouse Cursor RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Create button RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Middle Topbar RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Click either the clock, dots, or circle RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Follow directions RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image OK button RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Done!

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2016-10-11 22:19:38):

Ok, So I tried downloading some of these, and most of them worked except for two of them. When I try to open them, they instead open up my Mass Effect 2 application. WHY?

nibbler (2016-10-11 23:47:44):

I dunno.

Unknown author (2016-10-12 17:11:15):

hola...tengo un problema ,cuando entro a real word paint me dice _no hay configuración de usuario de usuario disponible -a que se refiere? :-(

perdón por el comentario se corrige mucho pero el problema es que no me deja abrir el programa y me dice algo sobre la configuración del programa :-(

nibbler (2016-10-12 18:23:27):

Intente volver a instalar el programa haciendo esto:

  • Ir al Panel de Control, tipo desinstalar programas en el cuadro de búsqueda. Encontrará la sección denominada programas y características. Haga clic en desinstalar un programa. Encontrar el programa que se está desinstalando. Haga clic en Desinstalar y siga las instrucciones hasta que se desinstala el programa.
  • Y luego instalar el programa con el paquete descargado y seguir las indicaciones y continuar hasta que se instaló con éxito el programa!

Espero que ayude!

Unknown author (2016-11-08 01:40:34):

what your name? ;-)

nibbler (2016-11-08 17:07:33):

Look at the text under the avatar.

Unknown author (2016-11-10 14:23:52):

This program is not what I was looking for. How do I uninstall it? I can't find an uninstaller or instructions for removal.

nibbler (2016-11-10 15:01:48):

Follow these simple instructions:

  • Go to the control panel.
  • Go to the programs section.
  • Click on Uninstall a Program.
  • Find and click on the program.
  • Click uninstall and follow the directions.
  • Done!

These instructions depend on what program you are uninstalling.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2016-11-12 02:14:23):

dude can someone help i clicked alot of weird stuff and suddenly all the stuff in toolbar is gone and i cant get it back no matter what i tried removing the configuration in appdata too https://gyazo.com/bcbb05cdac1ea47149b1a4c64c6a6ab5

hold up nvm i fixed it

nibbler (2016-11-14 15:17:58):

@Anonymous who wrote:

dude can someone help i clicked alot of weird stuff and suddenly all the stuff in toolbar is gone and i cant get it back no matter what i tried removing the configuration in appdata too https://gyazo.com/bcbb05cdac1ea47149b1a4c64c6a6ab5
hold up nvm i fixed it

I wrote:
Great thing you fixed it.

Unknown author (2016-11-22 03:52:04):


flame thrower (2016-11-23 23:32:12):

how do you make a avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-o :-(

how do you make a avatar for the 3rd time

king_grape122 (2016-11-27 19:47:27):


how do you make your cursors move

Unknown author (2016-12-09 19:27:27):

In RWCE, how can I paint or draw with XOR colour in an animated cursor ?

PerfectParkerPro (2016-12-16 16:30:41):

I don't know how to submit my cursors :-(

Unknown author (2017-01-03 11:59:41):

Ho scaricato un zip di cursori ma non so dove porli in windows 10. Qualcuno può aiutarmi con qualche indicazione?

Unknown author (2017-01-09 20:55:37):

how do change it

Unknown author (2017-01-13 20:58:03):

how do I print my image?

Unknown author (2017-01-30 20:20:07):

when i use my touchscreen the curser dissapears.

Unknown author (2017-01-31 20:59:03):

I downloaded it. How do I get it on my PC like, Use it?

- Anonymous 8-)

Unknown author (2017-02-02 20:51:23):

Can I use this software for my Mac? 8-)

nibbler (2017-02-03 19:45:10):

@Anonymous who wrote:

I downloaded it. How do I get it on my PC like, Use it?

- Anonymous 8-)

Click on the installer. Click I agree when you get to the section with the long message. Install it. When finished, you can use it.

Hope that helps!

@Anonymous who wrote:

Can I use this software for my Mac? 8-)

No, because Apple does not support .cur files, nor .ani files.

Hope that helps!

@Anonymous who wrote:

when i use my touchscreen the curser dissapears.

Put the cursors in this folder:
When you are the owner of the PC, you can do that. If not, ask the administrator to do so. Then, set the cursors in your mouse settings. Click OK. Then, you can use the touchscreen!

Hope that helps!

nibbler (2017-02-03 20:21:09):

@Anonymous who wrote:

Ho scaricato uno zip di cursori ma non so dove porli in windows 10. Qualcuno può aiutarmi con qualche indicazione?

Tipo file explorer nel campo di ricerca nella barra delle applicazioni. Premere Invio per andare al File Explorer. Vai a Downloads, fare clic sulla cartella zip scaricato. Vai alla scheda estratto sulla parte superiore della finestra. Fare clic sul pulsante Estrai tutto, quindi su OK o estratto nella finestra. Aspettare. Poi, vai a http://www.rw-designer.com/using-cursors di sapere come utilizzare i cursori.

Spero possa aiutare!

Unknown author (2017-02-04 21:11:34):

How do you download another person's font? :-( :-(

Unknown author (2017-02-09 19:56:22):

how do you upload cursors? please help

nibbler (2017-02-13 15:25:47):

@Anonymous who wrote:

How do you download another person's font? :-( :-(

Click the download button on a site that has the same font. (the font names may vary)

Hope that helps!

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do you upload cursors? please help
  • Go to the Gallery tab on this page.
  • Scroll down to the More cursors...' section and click upload''.
  • Then, follow the directions. You must be registered to do that.
  • You can also make a full set by scrolling down to the bottom of the page when you have at least three cursors (most sets should have fifteen according to this page) and click Do it now.
  • Then follow the directions.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2017-03-01 16:33:37):

how do u get mouse to get the cursor i want?

Unknown author (2017-03-02 16:00:58):

i put the cursor i want (i found out how to) but in 60 secs. it just gliches and then switches to the normal one when i dont even touch the settings.

nibbler (2017-03-02 16:49:50):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do u get mouse to get the cursor i want?

Click here.

Hope that helps!

@Anonymous who wrote:

i put the cursor i want (i found out how to) but in 60 secs. it just gliches and then switches to the normal one when i dont even touch the settings.

Put the cursors in C/Windows/Cursors folder and try setting them again as your cursor.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2017-03-10 05:57:22):

Everything works fine until I click okay or apply on my mouse settings in control panel. HELP!!!

Unknown author (2017-03-15 21:52:34):

:-( :-( :-( :-( I don't know how to get the cursor

helppppp :-(

Unknown author (2017-03-30 17:38:30):

eraser ?

Unknown author (2017-04-11 20:51:58):


some one here to talk

Unknown author (2017-04-17 16:03:01):

Is this going to be available for Mac anytime soon?/ |-)

littlelego (2017-04-18 16:50:34):

how do make animated cursors

irhamino (2017-04-18 19:46:25):

How do i make cirkel around mouse bigger ?

richard (2017-04-19 11:22:52):

If I load a new created cursor in my application (C#) it is black
where is the color?
The cursor looks ok in the explorer

Vlasta (2017-04-19 13:56:29):

Maybe you need to specify a color depth when loading the cursor?

Unknown author (2017-04-27 21:18:59):

Hi, how can i do when i click the cursor change? Thanks :-)

Unknown author (2017-05-08 13:04:05):

:-( when I try and get the cursor for my website it doesn't work why?

Unknown author (2017-05-13 23:07:36):

when i try to download one it wont let me. |-)

Unknown author (2017-05-15 19:39:46):

how do i use it?

Unknown author (2017-05-30 23:44:20):


I recently tryed to register but no matter what I do the site won't let me log in it says I have the wrong password even when I cut-paste from the email it sent me. I have checked my spelling of everything multiple times and have tryed to log in on multiple differnt days.


Vlasta (2017-05-31 08:18:10):

Is your email and password reasonably long/short?

dragrob (2017-06-10 06:58:13):

how do i upload i forggot

Unknown author (2017-06-21 06:58:15):

how do i change my cursor

Pusheen (2017-06-22 20:51:40):

:-( :-( :-( I can't get it to work, i try to replace it with the normal cursor, but it won't work, help please?

Unknown author (2017-06-27 14:41:59):


meowkittys (2017-06-28 05:53:58):

Just wanted to say I've had no issues & everything works just fine. Go into control panel & mouse settings & just apply it ... I love this site !

Unknown author (2017-07-17 17:29:18):

How do you make your own cursors?

Unknown author (2017-07-20 09:38:46):

how can i make a picture 3D?

Unknown author (2017-07-24 17:31:48):

hey vlasta, how can i watch video with helping?

Hey vlasta, ¿cómo puedo ver el vídeo con ayuda?

Unknown author (2017-08-03 03:53:51):

how do i make a mouse curser work???

KGGGT-R (2017-08-06 07:00:34):

How do I delete my account..!! :-o

Pls answer me as soon as possible....!!!!!

Unknown author (2017-08-08 23:09:00):

:-( :-( I wanna now how I can get a yellow ring around my mouse but I don't know how to download it.. its my dream to get it!

Unknown author (2017-08-10 14:57:46):

How can I make the elipse around the circle bigger.....I'm limited by the working area can I increase the size of the working board? Thanks

meganYT (2017-08-15 14:26:47):

how to i get it to work

Unknown author (2017-08-18 20:29:39):

how I make it work

Unknown author (2017-09-02 02:24:28):

How I Make Custom Animated Cursors?

Unknown author (2017-09-09 19:32:08):

how can I make line with arrow

Unknown author (2017-09-20 01:51:46):

Strange. No Shovel Knight Cursors.

AnFe (2017-09-22 12:38:02):

don't find the MOVE Icon

Unknown author (2017-09-26 14:31:08):

how to put the cursors on

Kartik (2017-10-02 09:20:54):

How to upload own icons on this site?

Unknown author (2017-10-21 21:50:37):

All I want is to make the black cursor larger!

Szasza (2017-10-28 12:45:07):

The download link is not working it sais cant find DNS :-(

Unknown author (2017-11-10 15:10:52):

how do i make it my cursor?

swaggboi (2017-11-22 06:32:48):

how do u make it be your default cruser

Unknown author (2017-11-25 00:31:06):

cool guys :-o :-D

almost obv1ous (2017-12-12 03:08:12):

best cursor maker ever but how do i copy and paste q image

Unknown author (2017-12-31 22:38:50):

How do you make it your cursor

Unknown author (2018-02-21 07:36:14):

hi, i have just bought a wacom cintiq pro with 4k for very fine detail work, my problem is that there is a curser when i use the pen which gets in the way when i'm trying to draw, i'm trying to find a way of removing it while i am drawing but have looked on internet for hours and can't find anyway at all, i thought at least i might be able to make my own cursor and maybe try to just use it as one pixel ?

Unknown author (2018-03-08 16:45:28):

Hello. I downloaded a cursor pack and made it my cursor, but whenever I touch my screen (since my computer is touchscreen), the cursor disappears and I have to set it back again in the Control Panel to see it. This has happened repeatedly when I accidentally touch my screen, and it's getting annoying opening the Control Panel all the time. Is there a solution to this?

Unknown author (2018-03-29 09:26:32):

i was trying to activate the icon i chose but it is not letting me use the icons for my mouse, how can i activate the icon. please help

how do you make it your cursor. please help :-( :-(

Unknown author (2018-04-20 17:07:23):

Hey guys so i figured out how to change your cursor, follow these steps and you will have your own cursor.

1.Go to software and install cursor editor.
2.When you have installed it then open it and go to Create.
3.Click cursor from image, then on the bottom of the screen, click Create.
4.(it will open up your files when you click create)When you find the picture you want your cursor to be, click the picture then click *Ok*
5.You can edit the picture if you want, when you are done editing,(on top of screen where it says edit, click the blue thing, it should say save when you hover over it)Click save.
6.(the file should have a .cur at the end, DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME!) Click *Ok*
7.Under the X that you click to close the window or tab, there should be another X (a small X) Click the small X.
8.Go to Customize, and then pick the cursor you want to change, when you found the one you want to change, then go to Open cursor file.
9.Find your picture that you wanted and click ok when you found it.
10.Click Apply.
If this helped you than Your welcome.

Unknown author (2018-04-21 02:26:58):

I cant make it my cursor for some reason, Why?

Unknown author (2018-04-21 13:14:17):

I am germany. Ich versteh das nicht wie kann man den downloade

littlelego (2018-04-26 19:04:25):

ummmmm....this is kinda embarrassing but, how do you make a set?

CUTE MAKEINGS (2018-05-24 16:01:14):

How do I put on my cursor. Like how do I put it on so other people can use it?

Unknown author (2018-08-10 04:28:12):

how do I make your own cursor? T.T

Unknown author (2018-08-10 06:23:51):

when i applied my cursor after like 5 in it dissapears and i cant see my cursour (invisible) some1 help!!

Unknown author (2018-08-17 16:49:09):

sono italiano vorrei in mia lingua

Unknown author (2018-08-25 05:19:28):

This is amazing!! It actually works.

Sheriff Kenny (2018-08-31 03:37:54):

I installed Real World Cursor Editor on my Windows 10, 64 bit computer, I put the yellow ball on the end of my mouse. It worked fine, until I shut down my PC for the night. When I turned on the PC the next morning, the yellow was gone. Did I do something wrong? How do I correct it. :-(

Please let me know ASAP.

Unknown author (2018-09-07 18:37:54):

im on mac Where do i put my cursor

Tye (2018-10-09 19:45:18):

how do i upload cursor

Michigan_Man101 (2018-10-12 16:15:30):

how do you create a set

Unknown author (2018-10-23 02:12:55):

how do i upload cursor?

Unknown author (2018-10-29 11:43:00):

how do u up load yar mous 8-) 8-) e



Juan(Spanish Person) (2018-11-10 19:31:09):

Donde pongo mis cursores? :-(

BurninLitt14 (2018-11-11 14:30:45):

There's A Problem In RW Cursor Editor Because i'm Working On A Cursor And I Accidentally Pulled Up The Animation Toolbar Too Far Up And I Need Help Fixing It

Kennie (2018-11-16 12:14:48):

how to send some cursor

Unknown author (2018-11-17 22:05:36):

Does this application work with windows 10?

Fox (2018-11-30 17:53:46):

my 'text in a bubble' no longer gives me a bubble but just acts like regular text

Vlasta (2018-12-01 01:48:59):

perhaps your bubble color is transparent

Fox (2018-12-01 13:22:04):

Thanks but I have checked that. I am running 2013.1 since I am on an old XP machine. I do get the bubble 'placement frame' but can't get the text to show up. The regular text wotks fine.

Unknown author (2018-12-02 16:50:50):


#rotate (2018-12-02 21:21:41):

How do I change my cursor?

Unknown author (2018-12-11 00:11:44):

How do I even equip my cursor?

nibbler (2018-12-12 20:01:32):

@Juan(Spanish Person) que escribió:

Donde pongo mis cursores? :(

Para mejores resultados, ponlos en C:\Windows\Cursors\; si su administrador bloquea esa función, póngalos en C:\Users\<tu nombre de usuario>\Documents\ y crea una carpeta del conjunto de cursores específico que tengas.

¡Espero que ayude!

@Anonymous who wrote:

Does this application work with windows 10?

Yes. It works just fine on Windows 8 or 10 just like Windows 7 or 8.

@Anonymous who wrote:


Try going here.

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do u up load yar mous 8-) 8-) e



@#rotate who wrote:

How do I change my cursor?

@Anonymous who wrote:

How do I even equip my cursor?

Do this

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Search up "mouse" and pull up the mouse options, or Search up "mouse" in the start menu.
  • Go to the Pointers tab.
  • Double-click on the cursor role (e.g. Normal Select, Help Select, etc.) you want to change, or click on the cursor role and click ''Browse...'.
  • Find the filepath of where your cursor is and select it. (When you download your cursor(s), they are usually somewhere in C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads.)
  • Repeat the cursor role steps until you got all cursor roles prepared.
  • Click Apply to test out your cursors.
  • If you are satisfied, click OK; otherwise, try doing another set to apply.
  • All this depends on if you want to change or equip cursors.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2018-12-19 06:20:59):


Hi. Anyone here having issues too after updating to Windows 10 1809? All of my custom cursor's animations became glitchy and is always freezing.

Total Legitness (2019-01-04 15:45:18):

no mine worked


Hammyzun (2019-01-05 07:27:51):

Hi, how do i upload cursors?

nibbler (2019-01-07 17:24:24):

@Anonymous who wrote:


Hi. Anyone here having issues too after updating to Windows 10 1809? All of my custom cursor's animations became glitchy and is always freezing.

@Total Legitness who wrote:

no mine worked


Maybe it's the glitch in the update?

@Hammyzun who wrote:

Hi, how do i upload cursors?

Do this:

  • Go to the Gallery section.
  • Click on Upload at the cursor section below the recent list of sets.
  • Click Upload, find your cursor and follow the form and publish it. You will have it shown on the bottom of the page when you have it published.
  • Repeat with all of the cursors.
  • Click on the link to create a cursor set and follow the on-screen instructions and choose the cursors you want on your set.
  • Then click Create Set.

Hope that helps!

robertj sullivan (2019-01-18 15:27:07):

How do I change my cursor?

microwave (2019-01-19 19:19:56):

how do i make and upload icons???

nibbler (2019-01-23 20:27:23):

@robertj sullivan who wrote:

How do I change my cursor?

Go to the mouse settings in the control panel, go to the Pointers tab, and change the cursors (it should be in the Downloads folder). Repeat with the others and click OK or Apply.

@microwave who wrote:

how do i make and upload icons???

Download RealWorld Icon Editor (it has a 30 day warranty, so if you want to continue using it however long you want to, re-download the program as portable version and keep going) from the Software tab. Make the icons and save them in a folder. Go to the Gallery tab, find your way into uploading icons. Follow the on-screen instructions and you can create a set!

Hope that helps!

Diskette (2019-02-06 02:18:02):

hello how do i make a cursor set :thinking:

nibbler (2019-02-06 18:37:15):

@Disky who wrote:

hello how do i make a cursor set :thinking:

Upload the cursors, then scrolling on the bottom, click on ...do it now where it says something about creating a cursor set. Follow the on-screen instructions and select the cursors you want in your set. You then will have a set.

Hope that helps!

Diskette (2019-02-06 19:20:02):

@The Muffin Man thanks for the answer! now i can make some really cool cursors

Unknown author (2019-02-08 09:34:31):

I was successfully able to make 2 cursors. after that, they all become b&w pixels, loses all the color settings. advice??

Vlasta (2019-02-08 10:39:55):

you have changed the color depth to B&W

nibbler (2019-02-08 20:45:32):

@Anonymous who wrote:

I was successfully able to make 2 cursors. after that, they all become b&w pixels, loses all the color settings. advice??

To change the color depth, go to the top menu Cursors and click change color depth. When the window shows up, click on the 32 bit color depth option.

Unknown author (2019-02-08 20:56:03):

Thank you, it worked.

nibbler (2019-02-11 15:25:36):

Your welcome!


Unknown author (2019-02-20 03:58:07):

How to change the cursor on windows 10??? :-o

siabob007 (2019-02-21 20:24:45):

I posted a cursor set yesterday but it's not showing up on the front page like it normally does, but shows up on my profile. Any ideas?

nibbler (2019-02-22 19:54:21):

@Anonymous who wrote:

How to change the cursor on windows 10??? :-o

You just do it like any other version of windows.

@siabob007 who wrote:

I posted a cursor set yesterday but it's not showing up on the front page like it normally does, but shows up on my profile. Any ideas?

You probably need to look at this to find out:

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-02-28 04:36:48):

how do I open it
what file do i need

Unknown author (2019-02-28 15:42:36):

i love it :-)

Unknown author (2019-03-01 21:01:49):

when i was opening a new drawing my layers tab is gone :-( does anyone know why?

nibbler (2019-03-01 22:07:44):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do I open it
what file do i need

To open the cursor, open RealWorld Cursor Editor first, click on Tools on the top, go down to File associations.... Click on the file extensions you need and click OK.

  • Static cursors are in .cur form.
  • Animated cursors are in .ani form.

@'''Anonymous who wrote:

when i was opening a new drawing my layers tab is gone :-( does anyone know why?

It's actually hidden. Open the image, click on View on the top, go down to the Layers and click on it. The tab will be there for you. Just click that button again to close the tab anytime.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-03-04 01:20:03):

how do you apply the cursor to my mouse?

nibbler (2019-03-08 19:04:51):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do you apply the cursor to my mouse?

Go to Start Menu, search "mouse", go to the pointers tab, browse for the cursor folder after you extracted it and equip each cursor matching its role. Click OK and see what happens.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-03-25 15:10:27):

subscribe to pewdiepie

Unknown author (2019-03-26 19:40:32):

vanihed-I n

HACKED (2019-04-08 01:15:06):

What is a .ico and .cur file?

nibbler (2019-04-09 16:24:10):

@HACKED who wrote:

What is a .ico and .cur file?

.ico is an icon.
.cur is a cursor.

Unknown author (2019-04-09 17:10:10):

how do i change mycouser

nibbler (2019-04-09 17:32:26):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do i change mycouser

Go to Start Menu, search "mouse", go to the pointers tab, browse for the cursor folder after you extracted it and equip each cursor matching its role. Click OK and see what happens.

You misspelled cursor from couser.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-04-09 19:06:32):

how do i apply this cursor on a macbook pro?

nibbler (2019-04-09 19:49:57):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do i apply this cursor on a macbook pro?

You cannot change the cursor, but you can only change the size of the cursor.

Actually, you need software to change the cursor. Download Mousecape from GitHub and follow the instructions.

Unknown author (2019-04-10 21:32:07):

how do i apply a gif as my cursor

nibbler (2019-04-10 22:01:42):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do i apply a gif as my cursor

Open it up with RealWorld Cursor Editor, edit the parts to make sure the cursor size is 32x32 pixels. Click on the cursor icon on the toolbar on top, make adjustments for the 32x32 cursor size in 32 bit color depth. Edit the hotspots, animations, etc. Save it as a cursor.

Hope that helps!

winblows (2019-04-13 01:55:00):

is there any gif to cur converter on this site? i'm interested.

Unknown author (2019-04-13 08:56:28):

how can you make a picture as your mouse ?

Unknown author (2019-04-15 12:06:31):

well shit im on a chromebook

Cursor girl (2019-04-15 16:56:54):

How do i upload coursor's for everyone to use?

nibbler (2019-04-16 16:03:33):

@winblows who wrote:

is there any gif to cur converter on this site? i'm interested.

@Anonymous who wrote:

how can you make a picture as your mouse ?

Use RealWorld Cursor Editor for this purpose. Open up the image, and click on the cursor icon on the toolbar to create ac cursor. Make any adjustments and save it.

@Cursor girl who wrote:

How do i upload coursor's for everyone to use?

Go to the gallery, click on Upload and fill out the form. Click on the link to create a cursor set. Follow the on-screen instructions, click Create Set, and your cursors are published.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-04-21 23:24:16):

deos unicorn3d opens .dff and .txd files?

Vlasta (2019-04-22 00:24:05):


Lucky Leopard (2019-04-29 19:26:59):

how do I change my cusor on thinkpad

Cutie girl1234 (2019-04-29 19:58:27):

how do i delete cursors i maked?

nibbler (2019-04-29 20:40:59):

@Lucky Leopard who wrote:

how do I change my cusor on thinkpad

Start Menu RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Control Panel RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Search 'mouse' RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Mouse RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Pointers Tab RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Upload RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image OK.*

* I used a secret image on this site http://rw-designer.com/RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png.

@Cutie girl1234 who wrote:

how do i delete cursors i maked?

You may need to take a few days to delete the set. First off, you have to rate sets, do a 15 puzzle in under 100 moves, use a button pom, or play Cosmic Journey (that game is very hard, even on level 1). You will earn buttons that way as RealWorld's currency. Then buy a set dissolvent using 13 buttons. Go to your workshop, use the item and select the set you want to delete. This action cannot be undone.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-04-30 10:21:35):

how do I change my curser

Unknown author (2019-05-01 17:40:47):

please let it work on chromebooks are cursors are boring

nibbler (2019-05-01 20:41:20):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do I change my curser

Start Menu RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Control Panel RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Search 'mouse' RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Mouse RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image image Pointers Tab RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Upload RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image OK.

@Anonymous who wrote:

please let it work on chromebooks are cursors are boring

I'm not sure. Maybe it doesn't let you. Windows and Linux are the only ones out there for custom cursors. And besides, there are different cursor roles in a Chromebook. You cannot use Windows programs with the .exe extension.

Try going to this link.

Maybe there are apps, themes and/or extensions out there for Chrome to change the cursor, but most of them have bad reviews.


Unknown author (2019-05-19 19:42:15):

I can't get the colors palette on the left

sorry I mean on the right Instead I get "Editing, Layers, Format
all the boxes under view are ticked and I tried many other too to no avail!

Cursor girl (2019-05-20 18:19:05):

How do i change my picture from the one your seeing right now to the left?

nibbler (2019-05-20 18:23:01):

@Cursor girl who wrote:

How do i change my picture from the one your seeing right now to the left?


Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-05-23 19:24:26):

how do i download it on a chromebook

Unknown author (2019-05-28 17:39:27):

How do i change my cursor? its not working in a chromebook. so i dunno. help!!

Unknown author (2019-06-01 23:00:14):

can u make filmstrips?

Unknown author (2019-06-24 17:00:05):

how to download a icon?

Unknown author (2019-07-09 07:47:49):

how do i change my curser to the one i want

Unknown author (2019-07-16 10:58:39):

how do i change my curser to the one i want

Unknown author (2019-07-26 21:43:23):

why does my cursor disappear?

kyasurinn17 (2019-07-27 04:15:11):

does anybody know how to fix a cursor that has disappeared ??

Unknown author (2019-07-27 21:31:05):

my big red mouse pointer is locking up, how can I remove it to avoid the hassle?

pablo 7u7 (2019-07-31 06:33:44):

if your cursor dissapears surely it's because it isn't on the cursors folder that already exist on the windows folder

Unknown author (2019-08-01 07:53:39):

how do you change mouse :-(

Unknown author (2019-08-02 07:01:42):

yea i downloaded a mouse cursor but i have no idea how to use them

Unknown author (2019-08-13 01:38:00):

my mouse is dissapearing every time i use my touchscreen so please fix that bug :-)

Unknown author (2019-08-16 00:47:32):

how do I make the page bigger?

nibbler (2019-08-22 18:10:05):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do i change my curser to the one i want

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do you change mouse :-(

@Anonymous who wrote:

yea i downloaded a mouse cursor but i have no idea how to use them

Start Menu > Control Panel > Search "Mouse" > Click "Mouse" > "Pointers Tab" > Upload cursors matching their roles > "OK" or "Apply"

@Anonymous who wrote:

why does my cursor disappear?

@kyasurinn17 who wrote:

does anybody know how to fix a cursor that has disappeared ??

@Anonymous who wrote:

my mouse is dissapearing every time i use my touchscreen so please fix that bug :-)

Your cursors need to be in the C:\Windows\Cursors folder.

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do I make the page bigger?

Press Ctrl and + or -. It's obvious if you look.

Hope that helps!

Unknown author (2019-08-28 01:17:58):

how do I apply the curser ?

Unknown author (2019-09-08 10:24:46):

how to type letter arround circle

hi are ou ythere

no answer

Something (2019-09-09 06:09:01):

its easy to change cursor

Unknown author (2019-09-13 14:50:09):

How can i download cursor maker software?

Unknown author (2019-09-17 22:14:03):

how do i change my cursor

Unknown author (2019-09-18 22:39:18):

how to change your cursor

Gem65 (2019-09-19 21:01:32):

If your running windows 7,8 or 10 just look up "mouse" and a list of mouse settings should come up.

nibbler (2019-09-26 20:03:54):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do I apply the curser ?

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do i change my cursor

@Anonymous who wrote:

how to change your cursor

@Something who wrote:

its easy to change cursor

@Gem65 who wrote:

If your running windows 7,8 or 10 just look up "mouse" and a list of mouse settings should come up.

Start Menu > Control Panel > Search "Mouse" > Click "Mouse" > "Pointers Tab" > Upload cursors matching their roles > "OK" or "Apply"

Thanks, Gem65.

@Anonymous who wrote:

how to type letter arround circle

hi are ou ythere

no answer

Sorry for the delay, sir/madam. I wasn't here for days, so I couldn't get to you at the time.

Just make a circle, then use the text tool and click the corner where the upper left corner of the text is going to sit at, use the options on the right pane and type the text (make it small if you need to).

@Anonymous who wrote:

How can i download cursor maker software?


I hope it helps you!

Unknown author (2019-09-27 09:31:00):

Hi! I downloaded the photoresize400.exe but when i am trying to resize a photo I get this message : Find latest version of Photo Resizer and other handy software on
-> http://www.rw-designer.com
What shall I do?

Thank you very much in advance!


vicky (2019-09-27 09:34:07):

Hi! I downloaded the photoresize400.exe but when i am trying to resize a photo I get this message : Find latest version of Photo Resizer and other handy software on
-> http://www.rw-designer.com
What shall I do?

Thank you very much in advance!


nibbler (2019-10-02 20:55:26):

@Anonymous who wrote:

Hi! I downloaded the photoresize400.exe but when i am trying to resize a photo I get this message : Find latest version of Photo Resizer and other handy software on
-> http://www.rw-designer.com
What shall I do?

Thank you very much in advance!


@vicky who wrote:

Hi! I downloaded the photoresize400.exe but when i am trying to resize a photo I get this message : Find latest version of Photo Resizer and other handy software on
-> http://www.rw-designer.com
What shall I do?

Thank you very much in advance!


Does it have an X button? Usually, programs with a message like this should have one.

Unknown author (2019-10-03 01:15:05):

I see you have step by step to apply the cursor for windows, but there is no step to step for to apply the cursor you want for Apple mac. It would be appreciated if you have a step by step for changing the cursor on Apple mac.

Unknown author (2019-10-14 15:05:38):

thanks! its super cute! ;-)

nibbler (2019-10-15 19:08:41):

@Anonymous who wrote:
I see you have step by step to apply the cursor for windows, but there is no step to step for to apply the cursor you want for Apple mac. It would be appreciated if you have a step by step for changing the cursor on Apple mac.


This may help you. Hope it does!

Unknown author (2019-10-25 02:46:05):

how do you do it on a chromebook?

Gamer2808 (2019-10-26 08:36:30):

how do you upload a cursor?

Unknown author (2019-10-27 04:56:53):

How can i can change icon

Unknown author (2019-11-01 00:34:37):
-) how do you activate it on chrome book
nibbler (2019-11-05 17:56:22):

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do you do it on a chromebook?

@Anonymous who wrote:

-) how do you activate it on chrome book


@Anonymous who wrote:

How can i can change icon

Change what icon?

@Gamer2808 who wrote:

how do you upload a cursor?

Gallery RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Cursor "Upload" link RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Follow instructions RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image "Do it now" link RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Follow instructions RW2010beta8/breadcrumb.png image Publish.

Unknown author (2019-11-06 21:18:05):

I can't use them. :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2019-11-15 01:50:27):

me too I cant use them plz fix this

Unknown author (2019-11-17 03:58:44):

how to i download and use the cursors?

Unknown author (2019-11-20 20:17:00):

how to do it on chrome book :-(

Unknown author (2019-11-24 02:42:07):


Unknown author (2019-11-26 15:59:16):

how do you save it in documents cus it downt chows up

Unknown author (2019-11-26 19:49:14):

HOW DO U USE IT ON CHROMEBOOK!?? :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2019-11-28 02:04:47):

How do i use my custom cursers on chrome OS?

Unknown author (2019-11-28 21:20:53):

it won't let me I think because I have a chromebook.Is there a way chromebooks can do it? :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2019-12-02 23:23:29):

how do i use the cursors :-(

Unknown author (2019-12-06 03:23:59):

how do you put the cursors on

Unknown author (2019-12-09 06:05:51):

when i try to download a courser it says this needs to be an app or something like that

Unknown author (2019-12-10 17:43:26):

it will work with eneything but not a cromebook at school if it is at home then it will work

WahoeWeeaboo (2019-12-12 06:02:05):

How do we make our own cursor? I forgot how

Vlazteron (2019-12-14 17:43:22):

@WahoeWeeaboo: Download this freeware software: http://www.rw-designer.com/cursor-maker

Unknown author (2019-12-17 17:01:31):

can you couler you own cuser if you can how do you

Unknown author (2019-12-18 13:54:19):

how do you get it?

Unknown author (2019-12-18 17:36:42):

Every time i use the touch screen, my curser disappers. And i have to apply that curser all over again

Unknown author (2019-12-23 01:59:36):

how to make circle bigger

agergo100 (2019-12-24 22:39:01):

I have a f##king problem.
I would like to construct a frame of a gif image, but the same effect is applied to the other frames.

Unknown author (2020-01-04 09:55:48):

help i need to instal a program to download the cursor or something :-(

Unknown author (2020-01-07 18:00:00):

Comment agrandir le pinceau ou l'outil de clonage

Unknown author (2020-01-21 07:26:17):

how do i use a cursor

Unknown author (2020-01-24 07:05:47):

how i can make my cursor 48 pixel in size ?

Unknown author (2020-02-04 19:40:33):

I Don't Know How To Apply The Cuser To It It Just Go's Into Folder's How Can You Help Me

Unknown author (2020-02-10 10:11:11):

me neither

Unknown author (2020-02-11 23:52:42):

how do you get your mouse back

your normal mouse

Unknown author (2020-03-11 03:23:09):

my mouse disapeared

how do i get it back???????

Unknown author (2020-03-12 20:24:22):

how doi download a mouse :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-03-15 17:10:06):

you dont know how to down load a mouse :-D 8-)

Unknown author (2020-03-15 22:49:08):

como recupero mi mause?

Unknown author (2020-03-17 08:00:01):

For people that do not know how to use it. . . (desktop version)
- You search the mouse you want.
- Download it (its will be in your downloads file on your desktop)
- Now go to settings, then devices, and then mouse.
- In the top right corner there will be something called 'Additional Mouse Options'.
- Click on it and go to pointers (top choices tabs).
- Go to your downloads file then pick the mouse you want. (the one your downloaded)
- Now all you need to do is click okay then there you go, your fabulous mouse.

*BTW If you have a touch screen and you touch the screen with the downloaded mouse, IT WILL DISAPPEAR!! Just repeat the process when its does this. ;-)

juujalexx (2020-03-19 17:08:52):

How do i uploud my cursor to this site?

Unknown author (2020-03-20 03:09:51):

how do i use the mouse that I made? :-(

Unknown author (2020-03-21 21:11:10):

I'm trying RW Draw in Fedora 30 Linux. Text does not seem to work properly. Initially I could type into the text entry box, but then I couldn't. I will have to try it in Win to see if I am missing something. Any suggestions? The review of EW Paint on WineHQ is from 2013, and an older version of WINE.

Unknown author (2020-03-23 09:16:41):

I have a really big problem! When I go to 'ellipse' and chose a circle the color option doesn't show up this software is not good! in my opinion... don't download! (until unless they fix that 'Big' issue)

Unknown author (2020-04-01 00:16:24):

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) 8-) |-)


Unknown author (2020-04-01 00:59:11):

come faccio a mettere il cursore?n so che lo hanno già scritto però io ho un mac

*lo so che lo hanno già scritto però io ho un mac

Unknown author (2020-04-09 00:25:24):

How do I use an animated cursor?

Unknown author (2020-04-09 00:30:27):

how do I use a cursor

Unknown author (2020-04-15 05:06:36):

how do u put it on your curser

Unknown author (2020-04-16 16:52:40):

As said, use this:

cursor: url(cursor url) 4 12, auto;

Unknown author (2020-04-20 16:42:19):

how do I do this

Unknown author (2020-04-22 20:48:08):

i don't know how to use this

itsrucky (2020-04-22 21:51:43):

How Do I Upload The Cursors I Made

Unknown author (2020-04-23 22:34:01):

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2020-04-27 02:03:12):


Unknown author (2020-04-27 15:09:57):

How can you export several layers at once?
and how can you masked an animated cursor into animated cursor?
I don't want to do it manually it takes so much time, time is gold :/
little help pls

Unknown author (2020-04-27 18:16:40):


Unknown author (2020-04-30 20:48:37):

How do you draw a hand pointer?


Unknown author (2020-05-02 12:31:00):

;-) :-) :-D :-D 8-) 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2020-05-03 19:43:52):


Unknown author (2020-05-04 07:18:57):

how to make captain america shield cursor

Unknown author (2020-05-05 05:12:23):

Ur all STUPID!!!!

Unknown author (2020-05-05 18:07:18):

can you help install my cursor

Unknown author (2020-05-07 15:31:40):

i dont get it

Unknown author (2020-05-09 14:02:32):

how can i apply a cursor that i download from here

Unknown author (2020-05-12 02:11:43):

I am an old lady who knows NOTHING about computers. I just bought a new laptop and the cursor is so small I can barely see it please help me download a hand pointer cursor!! PLEASE

ww (2020-05-13 21:06:50):

I need to download my curser but it does not work...

Unknown author (2020-05-14 01:32:35):

I can't find a fucken gingy for Lannan

Unknown author (2020-05-16 18:41:01):

do get it

Unknown author (2020-05-17 09:29:35):

I don't get how to do THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-05-18 14:44:07):

как применить курсооор

Unknown author (2020-05-20 03:59:31):

how can you apply a cursor on a chormebook

Unknown author (2020-05-22 02:47:48):

how do you use it I can't use it. all it would do is say this is not supported

Unknown author (2020-05-24 12:41:25):

how to save file

save file got world format

gustavofitzz (2020-05-24 14:50:46):

how do i upload my things :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-05-25 16:12:21):

When I save the cursor to the desktop it keeps saving it in Windows paint , how do I fix this

Unknown author (2020-05-25 20:01:33):

how do change a cursor on a Samsung Chromebook someone help please :-(

Unknown author (2020-06-03 09:00:05):

i got the download but i cannot get the cursor on my computer

Unknown author (2020-06-05 01:56:34):

Realworld started acting strangely and my file was corrupted! Is there anyway I can fix my file?

Unknown author (2020-06-05 04:15:07):

مرحبا لاييفعفتلت 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)ت

Unknown author (2020-06-05 15:10:57):

it is working for mac user

Unknown author (2020-06-09 09:33:41):

it is ez

ImNotObed (2020-06-15 02:09:43):

como borro mi publicación de cursores?

Unknown author (2020-06-16 23:40:48):

How do I use real-world change cursors I tried everything I know but it does not work :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-06-18 00:22:27):

How do u uplod it on the laptop????

Unknown author (2020-06-20 15:12:22):

devo scrivere dei lavori di cronaca. come scrivere?quale tasto premere,come si usano le lettere dell alfabeto?grazie

Suwako20 (2020-06-22 19:09:42):

i got the download but i cannot get the cursor on my computer

Unknown author (2020-06-23 10:24:08):

it doen't work | :-(

Unknown author (2020-06-26 12:43:07):


you git it kate

Unknown author (2020-06-27 23:03:11):

dont work :-)

Unknown author (2020-06-28 19:28:06):

why this dumb it wont work

Unknown author (2020-07-01 13:14:58):


Unknown author (2020-07-01 18:42:41):


:-( : -o | -)

: -o

Unknown author (2020-07-02 15:21:54):

does it work o windows 10

Unknown author (2020-07-04 13:39:01):

how can I set up and install the circle yellow cursor?

Unknown author (2020-07-07 19:37:03):

the mouse does not move the cursor?

Unknown author (2020-07-09 15:22:25):

como puedo que el cursor que esta descargado pueda usarlo,porque yo veo que mi cursor no esta como el cursor que descarge :-(

como puedo que el cursor que esta descargado pueda usarlo, porque yo veo que mi cursor no esta como el cursor que descargue el verde

Unknown author (2020-07-12 22:47:25):

help me ?, I can't open the program :-(

Unknown author (2020-07-13 23:52:42):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-07-14 20:54:10):

;-) :-) :-D :-( : -o 8-) | -)

Unknown author (2020-07-15 23:03:57):


Unknown author (2020-07-16 21:48:54):

hola en que te puedo ayudar

hola chicos anonymus hay que revelar la cura para el covid 19 muchas gracias


Unknown author (2020-07-19 03:53:19):

pls make canvas bigger

Unknown author (2020-07-21 16:09:45):

it's not letting me download it it says the app is not associated

Unknown author (2020-07-29 14:56:31):

how do i equip a cursor

not used anymore (2020-07-30 02:06:29):

To equip/use a cursor you'll need to read this tutorial: http://www.rw-designer.com/using-cursors

Unknown author (2020-08-11 00:25:26):

instalen freeee xD

༼ つ■_■ ༽つnewscapepro (2020-08-16 11:46:37):

how do i change my name

ARGs (2020-08-25 19:15:28):

What is the cursor junkyard?

Unknown author (2020-09-01 07:58:51):

Is there a way to show and adjust the canvas size (and raster size as well) in inches, and or cm, instead of just pixel?

Unknown author (2020-09-05 04:19:15):

Excellent free software! :-)
I have a question though.

Is there a way to temporarily (with a hotkey/shortcut) hide the GUI and (also) make it full screen like F11 does in a browser?
If there's a way to do that, it would be very helpful. :-)

Sorry I forgot to mention :-o I was referring to RealWorld Paint software. :-D

Vlasta (2020-09-05 13:16:10):

Not at this time. While I see that it would be nice to have such a fullscreen mode, it is not trivial to add.

vinchenso (2020-09-09 15:30:51):

how do i pubblesh my drawlings

Unknown author (2020-09-11 18:29:49):

how do i find it

Unknown author (2020-09-18 04:00:30):

idk how to download a cursor either-


Unknown author (2020-09-22 17:46:37):

8-) how do i reload my the cursor that i chose on the gallery and make it my cursor


Violet (2020-09-23 14:49:27):

Can I make something with just sighing in?? :-(

Unknown author (2020-09-24 20:01:26):

How do yo change it to a watermelon?

Unknown author (2020-09-24 23:51:10):

do the cursors work on a chromebook?

Unknown author (2020-09-30 22:00:14):

I have a problem: I use rw paint for a long time and today when I went to edit an image I realized that when I left a color a little transparent to go over another one the brush erased the drawing, the same thing happens with the "bucket of ink "and pencil, please help !! :-(

Vlasta (2020-10-01 09:35:04):

You probably need to change the blending mode from Replace back to Paint Over.

Unknown author (2020-10-02 21:55:47):

1) do they work on chromebooks? 2) how do i actually make it my cursor

Unknown author (2020-10-08 14:56:58):

How do i make my cursor a circle?

Unknown author (2020-10-08 19:38:48):

how do you update it?

Unknown author (2020-10-09 19:16:43):


Unknown author (2020-10-12 14:59:28):

My cursor keeps turning to the normal one when I turn on my computer :-(

Unknown author (2020-10-12 16:33:33):

How do i apply my cursor?? :-(

Stream_rz (2020-10-13 17:29:28):

pls tell us how to download :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-10-13 19:20:08):

convert to true vector svg

Unknown author (2020-10-14 20:00:11):

Can someone help me? I want to see my GIF and I can't because I don't found the button :-(

Unknown author (2020-10-17 07:45:37):

도움이돼긴하는데다시키면다시월래돼로돌아오는데안돌아오는영상좀올려주시면괜찮을거같아요 :-( :-(

Unknown author (2020-10-20 13:27:54):


Unknown author (2020-10-22 23:00:14):

How do I change my cursor??? :-(

Unknown author (2020-10-23 03:38:38):

to pot it on my cronbook

Unknown author (2020-10-23 18:42:56):

i have no idea :-(


Unknown author (2020-10-23 21:55:16):

how can we set it?

Unknown author (2020-10-23 22:44:30):

como se descarga,son muy lindos pero no se pueden descargar :-(

Anonymous Me (2020-10-25 17:44:39):

Does anyone know how to change the order of cursors in a cursor set?

Whenever I add cursors to a set, they arrange themselves in the order in which they were created, but that is not necessarily the order I want them to be in.

Unknown author (2020-10-26 01:19:02):

How do you add the cursors

Unknown author (2020-10-26 17:23:47):

how do i get a custom :-(

Unknown author (2020-10-27 23:31:50):

no me sirbio me ayudan

Unknown author (2020-10-28 03:52:15):

How do you put it for your mouse do i just press download
O -O

Unknown author (2020-10-28 15:38:27):

how do you remove the corser

Unknown author (2020-10-29 10:19:16):

je n'arrive pas a mettre mon curseur

Unknown author (2020-10-30 22:11:59):

How do you put it for your mouse do i just press download

Adwaith (2020-10-31 11:57:44):


Unknown author (2020-11-02 00:57:46):

how do you get multiple cursors in one

Unknown author (2020-11-02 17:31:27):

how do I use a cursor

Unknown author (2020-11-03 03:45:52):

*How to use a mouse*

control panel>search cursor>change how mouse cursor looks> choose the mouse corresponding with the name of the cursor type.

Nathan (2020-11-03 21:41:14):

Every-time I try to use a regular windows 10 cursor on chromebook the place it clicks on the hand is couple pixels to the left of the finger (that selects it).How do I put the hotspot on the editor so it clicks exactly where I want to (on the index finger, the one that clicks)?

rick (2020-11-04 00:28:23):

it sucks

Karoom (2020-11-04 05:56:46):

I have a tip. you can use any png file make sure that there is no background and then download Mousecape it allows you to use any png file as a cursor even if you take it out of a editing app and that's what I did

vinnypards1970 (2020-11-04 13:14:06):

how to i delete my account

Glen (2020-11-05 12:31:27):

how to unsubcribe or delete the account

KingOfCursors (2020-11-05 19:58:59):


Unknown author (2020-11-05 22:11:26):

How can you instal tyhis app?

Uuhhh.wav (2020-11-08 00:24:41):

help it wont let me search

Unknown author (2020-11-10 21:25:46):

it wont let me use the cursoe

H-boi (2020-11-10 21:35:25):

How do you use a cursor once you've created it?

Unknown author (2020-11-11 05:21:15):

I dont no how to downlod it

Unknown author (2020-11-12 15:14:06):

How can I create one

Unknown author (2020-11-18 07:09:31):

this is a mother fucking site that can crash all your laptop/pc and it is useless to download viruses in there...I WILL BLOCK THI FUCKING SITE!!!!! :-( :-( :-o :-(

Hermitage (2020-11-18 13:11:06):

Anon Relax dude :-)

How to upload a cursor???

Unknown author (2020-11-18 18:00:21):

how do you upload the curser I am new?

Unknown author (2020-11-20 16:47:30):

how do i use this cursor on every website

helpmenow234 (2020-11-25 06:15:44):

pls help: when i hover over words (text select) it gives me an ugly default curser, is there any way, or format to change it? e.g arrow for normal curser, and stuff like that. pleqas eheleplepflepflefple

Unknown author (2020-11-28 12:27:20):

how will I save one of the cursor with highlighted circle around it?

Unknown author (2020-11-30 16:18:06):


Unknown author (2020-11-30 19:25:12):

how do i set the mouse pointer to my

Unknown author (2020-12-01 17:23:07):

How do i change me mouse??

Unknown author (2020-12-01 22:11:43):

how can i change the cusor im on chrome book i really want a custom cursor

hello any one?


.Cxramel_Macciato. (2020-12-01 22:15:54):

i cant log innnn

how do u get it to work on chrome? :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-02 01:23:20):

how can i equip it?

Yui-Kun (2020-12-02 23:06:36):

I need to equip cursor ;w;

Unknown author (2020-12-03 06:22:44):

how do i change cursor on school acer chromebook

Unknown author (2020-12-07 19:58:03):

I don't now how to equip my cursor :-(

Proo_KILLERzYT (2020-12-08 15:04:10):

go to task manager, search mouse, click cursor tab, then choose the cursor type : text, link, unavailible etc. then click apply and ok its done. ;-)

Unknown author (2020-12-08 23:00:37):

how to download

Unknown author (2020-12-10 04:06:17):

how do i set my custom mouse cursor? :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-10 15:48:47):

How do i epup it on a school conpouter

Unknown author (2020-12-11 04:16:19):

how do you equip itttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-11 16:43:25):

I cannot highlight my cursor :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-12 21:22:46):

how to equip cursor?

Unknown author (2020-12-13 03:57:05):

como dentro

Unknown author (2020-12-13 16:47:29):

how equip?

Unknown author (2020-12-14 21:56:43):

¿Como aumentar el tamaño del cursor?

Unknown author (2020-12-15 20:48:41):

how do i equip ;-)

Unknown author (2020-12-15 22:42:19):

How do I set up my custom mouse cursor on a DELL COMPUTER only

Unknown author (2020-12-15 22:57:44):

You just have to type in costom corsor.

Unknown author (2020-12-16 15:05:55):

how do i equip it

Hermitage (2020-12-17 00:51:28):

How do l care my files from RealWorld?

Unknown author (2020-12-17 19:33:13):

how :-(

do i eqip it
Unknown author (2020-12-18 18:28:11):

how do i put it on :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-18 22:32:06):

how do you equip it :-(

Unknown author (2020-12-21 03:45:18):


athony (2020-12-21 13:50:56):

ye uh fo free http://www.rw-designer.com/online-cursor-editor

Unknown author (2020-12-22 08:47:29):

how do i equip

Unknown author (2020-12-25 11:04:03):

а как установить

Unknown author (2021-01-02 12:05:23):

how can i change my cursor

mmdaytontexas (2021-01-04 23:46:25):

How do you find your license information (Serial Number)? :-(

Unknown author (2021-01-06 03:33:24):

how do i equip?

Unknown author (2021-01-06 18:06:24):

how to put the mouse onn :-o :-(

Artistic Me (2021-01-07 16:33:08):


Unknown author (2021-01-07 20:22:41):

It doesn't work

Unknown author (2021-01-09 22:06:15):

how do it normal mouse

Targo (2021-01-10 12:03:04):

how do I make it spin? :-o

o my gosh :-o

Unknown author (2021-01-11 11:16:48):

How do I change color

Unknown author (2021-01-12 09:55:23):

how to use the new cursor iif u go on text or write a text or if i klick on smthng

Unknown author (2021-01-13 14:15:42):

i need so much help :-o

Unknown author (2021-01-13 15:44:50):

what do I do when I remove and it does not let me edit again

Unknown author (2021-01-14 08:53:06):

how du you do the cursor in :-(

Unknown author (2021-01-15 09:25:10):

i cant upload it

Unknown author (2021-01-18 07:54:03):

how put on the cursor :-o i want to suprise my brother 8-)

Unknown author (2021-01-18 19:56:00):

how to put cursor on?

Unknown author (2021-01-18 20:31:51):


Unknown author (2021-01-19 07:53:02):

OOOOOHHHHHHH that's how you do it okay. :-)

Phantom (2021-01-19 19:55:24):


Unknown author (2021-01-20 16:07:54):

how do you use it

Unknown author (2021-01-20 18:55:01):

How do I change my mouse pointer on a chromebook to the 1 I downloaded?

Unknown author (2021-01-22 18:55:58):

I cant put the cursor on and it will not let me upload
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-01-23 20:20:22):

yo se como colocar el cursor es espectacular

ⓟⓘⓚⓐⓒⓗⓤⓡⓤⓢ (2021-01-25 01:48:17):


Unknown author (2021-01-26 21:13:57):

How do I turn it on?

Unknown author (2021-01-26 23:59:05):

am not able to download and store the selected cursor.

Dan (2021-01-27 00:26:25):

How do I open a .svg file?

TheManBehindTheSlaughter (2021-01-27 08:51:37):

to customize your cursor on windows go to setting click personalization and click on themes then click on mouse then when the tab opens you need to pres an cursor. your welcome:)
:-) :-)

:) (2021-01-27 17:20:20):

jak wysać zestaw kursorw :-(

Unknown author (2021-01-27 19:17:00):


Unknown author (2021-01-28 19:12:55):

i cant im triyin but no how do i do it pls help

Unknown author (2021-01-31 15:13:04):

why doesnt it want to download?? please help

LilyMcBilly (2021-02-01 17:59:52):

why can't i put my cursor on I am getting mad for singing in for no reason :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-02-02 14:34:07):

How can I use my cursors?

Unknown author (2021-02-02 16:11:28):

how to download it

Unknown author (2021-02-02 16:51:42):

I don't know how to set my corsor

Unknown author (2021-02-03 11:59:45):

how con i add the

Unknown author (2021-02-03 15:56:02):






Unknown author (2021-02-03 16:10:56):

Yeah, how can I add the curser?

Abdullah Karanouh (2021-02-03 16:30:34):

Yes,how to publish a cursor

Nancy7556 (2021-02-03 20:11:03):

;-) ;-)i dont now how to make a cursor muse :-(

kaleb (2021-02-03 20:37:22):

how do I add the cursor after I download it?

lilo (2021-02-04 19:21:37):

how do I use my cursor

Unknown author (2021-02-05 19:10:13):

i need help on how to change my cursor :-(

Unknown author (2021-02-05 23:02:17):

how do you make your mouse the picture?

Unknown author (2021-02-05 23:54:11):

how do you change your mouseeeee?

Unknown author (2021-02-06 05:56:46):

when i download the cursor set then how can i set the cursor on the screen.

Unknown author (2021-02-06 14:14:33):

i accidentally opened the cursor installer with note block and know i can't install it
anyone help?

Unknown author (2021-02-07 23:14:56):

How do i install?

Unknown author (2021-02-09 02:30:31):

I can't find my mouse on my screen. How can I let it appear on screen?

My name is Socorro P. Soria. I was the one asking the previous quesion. Thank you

Unknown author (2021-02-09 10:47:57):

help! i cannot add the cursor after i have downloaded the zip file!

Unknown author (2021-02-09 17:58:58):


Unknown author (2021-02-09 19:47:10):

hey i also cannot use it after download it said that i have to install some app?

Unknown author (2021-02-09 20:44:36):

i cant do this why is this app here i hate i want is easyer

Unknown author (2021-02-10 02:50:29):

guys hey i will send you guys the link in how to change cursor


there you guys watch that video

right here click this link i you want to know

and go to this link to


ok bye i will come back tomorrow i know how to change my cursor

watch the video and do every step


ok bye

ok buye friends

all those comments are me michelle tavai

guys hey i will send you guys the link in how to change cursor


there you guys watch that video

right here click this link i you want to know

and go to this link to


ok bye i will come back tomorrow i know how to change my cursor

watch the video and do every step


ok bye

ok buye friends

all those comments are me michelle tavai

bye :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2021-02-10 20:42:22):


Unknown author (2021-02-11 09:04:47):


Unknown author (2021-02-13 03:04:16):

hi it me again michelle tavai well um hi do you now know ??

Unknown author (2021-02-15 11:09:32):

How do we download the app? |-)

Unknown author (2021-02-15 12:59:02):

How do i make my cursor rainbow? (Nikentomoog Rainbow Cursors) [I Am skrilexxcreepy]

Unknown author (2021-02-16 03:25:56):

Good :-D

Unknown author (2021-02-18 22:08:13):

go on control panel ang on this link https://www.cursors-4u.com/cursor/2018/02/08/flaming-guitar-pick.html

watch this guy do it https://www.cursors-4u.com/cursor/2018/02/08/flaming-guitar-pick.html

Unknown author (2021-02-19 23:52:14):

how do you make it ur cursor i downloaded it but how do i make it my cursor?

Unknown author (2021-02-20 15:53:07):

How do you set your cursor to the one you installed?

Unknown author (2021-02-20 22:04:03):

how do I equip the cursors I download

Unknown author (2021-02-21 18:19:25):

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

infulsi (2021-02-22 11:19:18):


Morrizzyxz (2021-02-22 15:01:54):


Unknown author (2021-02-22 16:58:40):

8-) :-) :-D :-o ;-)

i help

Unknown author (2021-02-22 20:35:42):

How do I make my cursor an among us carictor?

Unknown author (2021-02-23 10:00:43):

how do you download something?

Unknown author (2021-02-23 23:10:32):


Unknown author (2021-02-24 10:53:00):

how can I download the file? :-(

nibbler (2021-02-24 16:17:40):

@Anonymous who wrote:

How do you set your cursor to the one you installed?

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do I equip the cursors I download

Extract the folder first, then go to:

Control Panel > Mouse Settings > Pointers > Browse > find your cursors > OK or Apply.

@Anonymous who wrote:

how do you download something?

@Anonymous who wrote:

how can I download the file? :-(

There is a frickin' blue download button. You can see it. Click on it, then follow the instructions above to turn on your cursor set.

Unknown author (2021-02-25 22:05:12):

how do I yous this =)

GeneralBinLaden (2021-02-26 06:18:12):

How do you upload your own cursor?

Unknown author (2021-02-26 21:31:58):

How do you set your cursor you downloaded?

Unknown author (2021-02-28 07:30:01):

how do u get to have the courser as your courser

Unknown author (2021-02-28 18:56:16):

This website is cute :3

Unknown author (2021-03-01 08:33:20):

I like this website :))))

Unknown author (2021-03-02 13:56:25):

How do you download on a Chorme?

Unknown author (2021-03-03 16:58:25):

how do i change my couror, it saves to my files but i cant change my cursor

how do i set a cursor and download

it because it will not let me do it please assist
Vivian (2021-03-03 17:20:43):

Hi im having trouble downloading a mouse pointer. When ever i try to download it, it says "This file does not have an app associated with it for performing this action. Please install an app, or if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Apps Settings page." :-( someone please help :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-04 01:55:17):

How do I UPLOAD it tho? :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-04 17:37:12):

I'm having the same trouble, Can Someone Please Help Us! :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-04 23:09:08):

yeah me to :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-05 00:37:54):

How to set your cursor : Go to settings , then go to devices , click on Mouse , on the upper right click Additional Mouse Options , then a window will pop up called Mouse Properties , click on Pointers ate the top then down click Browse , after that click Quick Access , click on Downloads , select your mouse cursor and down right click Open,
then click apply.Enjoy!

Unknown author (2021-03-05 19:53:57):


Unknown author (2021-03-05 20:18:22):

death is a friend

Unknown author (2021-03-07 09:37:55):

Thanks :-D

Unknown author (2021-03-07 16:08:22):

I love it

Unknown author (2021-03-08 13:38:41):

how do i change it

Unknown author (2021-03-09 09:23:30):

I want to download the mouse pointer icon but can't download :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-10 07:35:43):

i cant change help meeee

Unknown author (2021-03-10 17:54:15):

vai toma no cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Unknown author (2021-03-11 15:14:49):


Unknown author (2021-03-11 16:56:10):

this is a scam :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-11 18:37:49):

teu cu na minha vara

tu k na minha vara

Unknown author (2021-03-11 19:02:00):

ya lel



Unknown author (2021-03-13 03:20:32):

this is sooo a scam

Unknown author (2021-03-13 14:17:39):

search for a tutorial.

Unknown author (2021-03-13 20:31:28):

i want to know how to change my view cursor, i cant find anything on youtube, and because it changes my cursor when im clicking on something i wont be able to see it all the time |-)

Unknown author (2021-03-14 13:27:26):

If you are using a windows PC then these are some of the best cursors out there right now. Me I use the neverlost rainbow as it is subtle and everyone that has seen it now wants it. first you have to save the cursor pack so its easy to find like your "desktop". Then go to "settings" and go to "device" and finally "mouse". Once you are there if you are running the latest Ver of WIN10 adjust your size FIRST in the "related settings" section on the right. Now the very sticky part, for this you will have to change EACH AND EVERY MOUSE CURSOR one at a time. Make sure you "SAVE" it a name you can find. I the settings screen you should be in is "additional mouse options" CLICK IT...

.....When that dialog box opens go to the "pointers" tab.
From the drop down menu choose "none"
NOW--- double click the "normal select" mouse icon in the window just below. That will open a file manager window. Look for the "mouse cursor" you just saved. Select the correct cursor you want to replace it with.
Rinse and Repeat for EACH mouses cursor.
SAVE - SAVE- SAVE -!!!!!
I forgot my PsWrd to RW-D so I just typed this here. I have been in and out of IT for over 30yrs now. This is simple but a little complicated for NON techy people. :-)

Here is a Step By Step
https://file.io/jps3n1UU5Uuc windows record MHTML file nothing hinkey just simple

Unknown author (2021-03-16 17:08:51):

seuuuuu filho da putaaaaa rouba tempo das pessoas :-( :-o :-(mente pra elas seu vagabundo

Unknown author (2021-03-17 09:29:53):

:-(it just took my files

Unknown author (2021-03-18 15:43:24):


Unknown author (2021-03-18 16:49:44):

Wait it steals information |-)

Unknown author (2021-03-20 21:07:40):

Seu vagabundo é vc rapa

Saver (2021-03-21 07:09:33):

Can't download one o-o, oof x~x

Unknown author (2021-03-23 16:58:24):

:-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-23 19:48:23):

quiennnnn abla español |-) :-o

Unknown author (2021-03-23 20:09:23):


Unknown author (2021-03-24 20:59:41):

:-) :-)

Unknown author (2021-03-25 11:10:39):

hola :-D

soy losiya :-)

mucho gosto

Unknown author (2021-03-25 18:47:56):

how do i make it my mousee

Unknown author (2021-03-27 23:05:50):

it is so coll no thing can stand in my way

ksora122 (2021-03-29 15:12:59):

nie moge otworzyć zdjęcia

el,master (2021-03-30 02:58:00):

alguien sabe como puedo poner cursores animados en mac

Unknown author (2021-03-30 05:17:20):

so how do you activate them

Unknown author (2021-03-30 20:03:15):

Cant do anything how does this work it only allows me to download the mouse as a png or icon pic... :-(

Unknown author (2021-03-31 08:23:00):

HERE CLICK THIS LINK http://www.rw-designer.com/online-cursor-editor

Çınar Demir PRO (2021-03-31 15:59:56):

super :-D 8-) :-) ;-)

Unknown author (2021-04-01 15:15:47):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2021-04-01 19:40:41):

how do i make it my mouse :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-02 20:25:07):

HOW DO I MAKE IT THE MOUSE aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

T5 :- :-) :-o :-( |-) |-) |-) |-) (

Unknown author (2021-04-05 17:13:47):

how do i make golden crown
:-o :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-06 05:20:19):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-06 22:11:59):

I am able to sign in but when I click a link to something on the site for example upload cursor, it just signs me out

Unknown author (2021-04-08 14:42:35):



Unknown author (2021-04-11 14:47:26):

how do I make it as my mouse cursor

Unknown author (2021-04-12 14:51:23):

how do get rid of them

Unknown author (2021-04-12 17:58:36):

how do you do this

Unknown author (2021-04-13 18:36:09):

haw do mak tis mas

:-( :-(how do you do this
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-13 19:50:04):

how to i make it my mouse?

Unknown author (2021-04-14 02:32:39):


Unknown author (2021-04-14 17:58:23):

how make mous
if u tell dont me
do u want fite answer me don't ingonore my question
answer mous

Unknown author (2021-04-14 23:20:02):

how do i get it to change in to one i selected

Unknown author (2021-04-15 00:19:56):

How i can use the cursors?

Unknown author (2021-04-15 16:39:19):

how do i make this my cursors?

Unknown author (2021-04-15 20:14:35):

there are steps on reddit

bro (2021-04-16 02:01:05):

bros come on its n rds;ldfhjniowefnklkjklrnjghtig 9hnilnlnnnnnndfk;jio[rtk

korakas (2021-04-17 13:21:06):

i don't find the erase tool

Unknown author (2021-04-17 18:24:45):

how can i use the cursors :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-20 17:42:16):


Unknown author (2021-04-21 11:55:42):

youtube :-D

Unknown author (2021-04-21 20:54:53):

watch on utube :-D

Unknown author (2021-04-21 22:02:59):

how do i put the cursor on :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-22 21:07:37):

how can i create a new layer?

Unknown author (2021-04-24 23:05:24):

Anyone have issues working with RWPaint since the Windows 10 update in April of 2021? How do we make this work again?

Unknown author (2021-04-27 01:13:25):

:-D :-( :-D :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2021-04-27 18:02:55):

m,bvvg :-D :-D :-D :-D :-o :-o

Unknown author (2021-04-28 00:32:05):

how do you do it on a computer

? :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-04-28 16:15:36):

my mom don't let me put the cursor on my computer, she will do it when she get out of her work 8-) :-D :-D :-D :-D 8-) 8-) 8-) ;-) ;-)

VamsWolf (2021-04-28 17:21:10):

i already have a custom cursor

Unknown author (2021-04-29 02:34:36):

alto sorete xD

Unknown author (2021-05-03 05:38:56):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( |-) |-) |-) |-) |-)

Unknown author (2021-05-04 13:02:36):

to up-load cursors you need to dowload them and after this put them, you can find some videos on youtube to see ;-)

Unknown author (2021-05-04 17:33:56):

g :-o :-o :-o :-o :-D :-D :-D 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2021-05-04 22:07:49):

u sure this is safe to use???

Unknown author (2021-05-05 17:32:22):


Unknown author (2021-05-06 07:38:35):

:-( you guys know how to use the custom cursor?? I dont know.. so for now im just gonna watch youtube videos on how to install it into my mouse

Unknown author (2021-05-06 20:13:35):

how do you put it on?

Unknown author (2021-05-06 20:54:21):

y'all kids huh

Unknown author (2021-05-07 22:32:33):


Unknown author (2021-05-11 12:49:58):

its useless

Unknown author (2021-05-12 17:26:30):


Unknown author (2021-05-13 20:20:03):

does it give you a virus

Unknown author (2021-05-14 18:04:47):


Unknown author (2021-05-15 17:53:48):

how do i do it

Unknown author (2021-05-16 20:25:24):

bruh this sucks.

Unknown author (2021-05-17 16:09:41):


Unknown author (2021-05-19 09:55:09):

:-) :-) not sure yall

nibbler (2021-05-19 17:05:38):

I usually get 50 phishing messages every day, and I try my best to block them, report them as phishing, and delete them, but more are surfacing up. What is the best way to clean up all spam messages automatically?

Unknown author (2021-05-20 16:44:53):


Unknown author (2021-05-20 19:03:41):

this sucks horibly :-(

Unknown author (2021-05-21 01:30:06):

how do i do it :-(

Unknown author (2021-05-25 18:11:50):

it doesnt show in my fileswhen donloded

Unknown author (2021-05-25 18:49:57):

how do i use it on a chromebook-

Unknown author (2021-05-25 19:40:30):

i,m at school and the videos are blocked so this sucks

come pick me up someone
please please please please i want to get out of school

Unknown author (2021-05-26 18:48:05):


im mad be casuee it s notn let me use it downslod bobby157-

Unknown author (2021-05-28 06:27:43):

how to remove background in an SVG

Unknown author (2021-05-28 14:42:33):

nose descargarlo :-D :-D : -o

Unknown author (2021-05-28 19:16:52):

xd |-)

Unknown author (2021-05-30 02:57:57):


how do i insert the cursor so that i can actually use it, its downloaded but now what

Unknown author (2021-05-31 16:39:00):

yo tampoco

Unknown author (2021-06-02 12:37:12):

click R to do it dumb dumb 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2021-06-03 08:28:36):

hehe stinky

Unknown author (2021-06-03 13:40:37):

what is the app called

Unknown author (2021-06-03 21:05:05):


Unknown author (2021-06-05 15:27:49):

hou can i do plus mouse

Unknown author (2021-06-05 20:14:51):

i cant get the cursors

Unknown author (2021-06-07 09:30:17):


Unknown author (2021-06-08 05:59:09):

the file is zipped and i dont know what im doing

Unknown author (2021-06-08 12:15:13):
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-)
Unknown author (2021-06-08 18:06:29):

can some one the putted pointers can you add ouran high school host club pointers please

Phasm7786 (2021-06-09 10:49:20):

How do i upload a cursor that i have made

Unknown author (2021-06-10 05:00:24):

how do you get the cursors to work?

Unknown author (2021-06-10 14:44:40):

when i downlod the mouse there's no problem but when ishut down the computer the mouse changes to normal mouse :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-06-18 00:55:47):

how can i put one in chromebook

Unknown author (2021-06-18 08:53:49):



Unknown author (2021-06-18 21:41:04):

good 8-)

Unknown author (2021-06-22 18:38:03):


cooool 8-) 8-)

Nightfury (2021-06-23 05:53:19):

How to upload a set of cursors

when i downlod the mouse there's no problem but when ishut down the computer the mouse changes to normal mouse :-( :-( --

my reply

it was the same with me but one day it came to normal

Unknown author (2021-06-23 19:30:16):

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2021-06-24 10:42:04):

how do I change size?

Unknown author (2021-06-24 18:22:37):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-06-25 14:25:31):

how do you remove it??

muhammet (2021-06-27 11:34:50):

when i downlod the mouse there's no problem but when ishut down the computer the mouse changes to normal mouse :-(

Unknown author (2021-06-28 07:44:09):

yes muhammet

Unknown author (2021-06-30 22:54:25):

RealWorldPaint suddenly started to say config may be corrupted, but I reinstalled and it's still spouting this error at me, HELP! :-(

Unknown author (2021-07-02 00:27:11):

#anonimo uwu

Unknown author (2021-07-02 05:21:24):

It's not working

Unknown author (2021-07-03 14:50:50):

I don't know how to get it to be my mouse cursor I have downloaded it

Unknown author (2021-07-04 03:39:12):

ich kann es irgenwie nicht downloaden weiß jemand vielleicht warum ???

Unknown author (2021-07-05 22:34:31):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( |-) 8-) :-( 8-) :-o :-o

Unknown author (2021-07-06 06:46:10):

how do you change into none

Unknown author (2021-07-07 07:19:01):

How to download

Unknown author (2021-07-07 16:15:11):

i downloaded it and did the steps but it doesnt apply.

Unknown author (2021-07-08 04:07:22):

I created my cursor but i cannot download it, when i try to put my one from the change how mouse pointer looks, it's preview is invisible

Unknown author (2021-07-08 15:25:10):

I got mouse pointer but I start my pc Allwys show the windows difult pointer

Unknown author (2021-07-08 18:38:56):

no me funciona para nada :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-07-09 05:16:23):

I Can't hightlight

Unknown author (2021-07-10 13:16:03):

after downloading it go to windows and search 'Mouse' nd click on 'change mouse pointer nd display screen' nd it will appear something but u go to POINTERS nd select browse nd go where u saved the cursor select it nd click on OK then the cursor will appear


Unknown author (2021-07-11 09:15:59):

wath the passworde ??????? ;-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2021-07-18 05:36:51):

n consigo acha o meu mouse neon

Unknown author (2021-07-18 06:13:34):

nig|gers holy :-o

Unknown author (2021-07-22 04:54:41):

When i download it, it show that i have to download app

What to do?

Unknown author (2021-07-24 12:45:40):


Unknown author (2021-07-27 13:21:50):

How to get new copy cusor

♠♣♥♦Liyan Graphicsツ (2021-07-30 13:26:43):

aaaaaaah I want to know how to pack cursors together

Unknown author (2021-07-30 22:25:20):

This is shitty shit and stick it up your ass too

Unknown author (2021-08-01 00:51:00):


Unknown author (2021-08-01 16:06:17):

How to make the cursors????

Unknown author (2021-08-02 05:51:05):

Como fazer os curadores

Unknown author (2021-08-03 21:37:59):

bom ;-) ;-; -_-

Unknown author (2021-08-06 12:05:51):
Unknown author (2021-08-07 08:27:03):

how to get a mouse pointer i dont know

Unknown author (2021-08-11 23:23:26):


Unknown author (2021-08-15 06:28:31):

how to set this cursors

Unknown author (2021-08-16 09:59:33):

among us


amon gus

Unknown author (2021-08-19 22:34:11):

:-( :-o :-o

sus in imposter

among us windows 7

Unknown author (2021-08-20 10:48:27):



Unknown author (2021-08-20 19:27:37):

how to change cursors???

Unknown author (2021-08-21 16:30:54):

how to put the cursors???

Unknown author (2021-08-24 19:23:14):

you like among us dude 8-)

Unknown author (2021-08-25 10:12:53):

how to delete da cursor pwis

Unknown author (2021-08-25 12:17:52):

can any one say how to delete the files

krishnacore2 (2021-08-29 09:15:20):


Unknown author (2021-09-01 13:19:20):

how to put the cursor

Unknown author (2021-09-01 23:58:52):

hello guys that are here :-D

Unknown author (2021-09-02 21:17:44):

how to redo it to normal

Unknown author (2021-09-03 13:08:21):

how to redo it

Unknown author (2021-09-03 14:14:40):

how to equip cursor

Unknown author (2021-09-03 21:35:28):

halt thou tou use cursor

Unknown author (2021-09-06 02:21:41):

how to equip this

Unknown author (2021-09-06 05:53:13):

isso oq

como refazer so vc ir onde tem os mouses e baixar o do windows 10

kkkkk 8-)
Unknown author (2021-09-06 06:21:02):

idk how to use it even show the mose on my screen lol

Unknown author (2021-09-06 14:46:23):

I didn know how to get a mouse

Unknown author (2021-09-06 15:47:50):

:-( :-(

Player1 (2021-09-06 20:04:54):

how to make bold font :-)


please ;-)

CursorMaker (2021-09-07 19:52:33):

How do I upload a cursor?

Unknown author (2021-09-07 23:28:37):

how to put on the curser

like what the fuke

Unknown author (2021-09-10 10:29:34):

How to remove it when i don't like it?... :-(

Barb (2021-09-10 14:42:22):

how to turn a facial picture to an svg

Unknown author (2021-09-12 03:48:05):

How to upload a cursor?

How to create a mouse pointer for this website?

Unknown author (2021-09-12 19:13:35):

can someone please tell me how to even USE THE CURSOR?!!!!


:-( why does this happen to me?

i dont know how to equip the cursor





Unknown author (2021-09-13 20:43:04):

No help or answers on how to equip the cursor. I download it to my computer but idk what else to do. -10/10 :-(

nibbler (2021-09-14 22:00:15):

@Anonymous who wrote:

I didn know how to get a mouse

@Anonymous who wrote:

No help or answers on how to equip the cursor. I download it to my computer but idk
what else to do. -10/10 :-(

@Anonymous who wrote:

can someone please tell me how to even USE THE CURSOR?!!!!


:-( why does this happen to me?

i dont know how to equip the cursor





@Anonymous who wrote:

How to remove it when i don't like it?... :-(

@Anonymous who wrote:

how to put on the curser

like what the fuke

Just click the download button, and go to http://www.rw-designer.com/using-cursors.

@Anonymous who wrote:

How to upload a cursor?

How to create a mouse pointer for this website?


@Barb who wrote:

how to turn a facial picture to an svg


rsrc/paulasignature.png image

Like, what the hell??

Unknown author (2021-09-17 22:33:02):


Unknown author (2021-09-18 15:51:25):

como usa????????

nibbler (2021-09-20 15:00:57):

USA is a country. USA is what it is.

rsrc/paulasignature.png image

Unknown author (2021-09-21 09:02:06):

fgo to control center then click mouse and click browse and press OK

Unknown author (2021-09-23 20:01:01):

how to make a miuse

Unknown author (2021-09-27 06:18:09):

how can i make my cursor normal :-(

Unknown author (2021-09-28 14:25:45):

are you stupid

haw we cuse are mouse and use it

Unknown author (2021-09-28 23:09:12):


Unknown author (2021-09-29 12:43:56):

oh my

stupid people

Unknown author (2021-09-30 09:35:43):

it says i CANTTTTT download it WHAT DO I DO

Unknown author (2021-09-30 21:55:59):

wooowwwwwww people LOOK IT UP

Unknown author (2021-10-01 02:50:06):

how do you put it on

Unknown author (2021-10-01 10:25:51):

what do i do after i download tho

Unknown author (2021-10-01 15:18:16):

Tamanho do A4?

✧ • Skyler • ✧ (2021-10-01 17:07:11):

Ta re facil hacer cursores y ustedes no saben. A ver, primero lo mas dificil de saber, puedes poner un cursor a la galeria poniendo el signo de wifi que señala a la izquierda y que dice "Añadir a libreria en linea", pero solo puedes ponerlo solo si tu cursor es 32x32, y tu despues ya le configuras lo que quieras.

Espero que hayan entendido bien :I

Yo tambien hago cursores UwU

Unknown author (2021-10-06 12:12:43):

How do you use it?! :-(

Unknown author (2021-10-07 13:59:23):


Unknown author (2021-10-08 17:36:55):

I love these emojis ;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Anyway whos here in 20201

Unknown author (2021-10-08 20:50:19):

hello one is online?

Unknown author (2021-10-11 09:27:47):



Unknown author (2021-10-13 05:34:33):

how do you get the chicken that round thing that walks around your screen

Unknown author (2021-10-13 14:17:25):

poto :-) :-D :-( 8-)

Unknown author (2021-10-13 19:51:31):

hello lmao

Unknown author (2021-10-15 11:48:19):

file no sapport

Unknown author (2021-10-15 23:34:05):

?no se

Unknown author (2021-10-16 19:24:37):

nao e 20201 e 2021

Unknown author (2021-10-17 14:00:14):

/e robux

Unknown author (2021-10-18 08:49:57):

thank you based liyan

Unknown author (2021-10-18 08:50:39):

These mouse cursors are really helping me get through some tough times! thanks!

Unknown author (2021-10-20 13:14:41):

fack you tough times your curors are shit
fackig madafaka

Unknown author (2021-10-20 17:57:53):

bruh stfu

nigga balls

Unknown author (2021-10-23 10:49:50):

people are racist these days lol

TTY (2021-10-26 02:20:12):

:-( hi

Unknown author (2021-10-26 16:28:03):

how do u use them after donwnloading

YAZ (2021-10-27 15:28:35):


Mason245 (2021-10-30 06:04:34):


Unknown author (2021-11-01 15:56:17):

hello :-D :-D :-D

Unknown author (2021-11-03 10:04:10):
-) </td><td>-) -)
Lew (2021-11-04 06:13:01):

Where is new version or i will developer :-(

Unknown author (2021-11-06 02:54:52):

hi how can I get a mouse

you can

get it on the same
Unknown author (2021-11-07 11:17:20):

how to get it after downloading it?

Unknown author (2021-11-07 13:56:27):

How do you get the mouse :-(

Unknown author (2021-11-07 22:25:02):

how do I get it after downloating

Unknown author (2021-11-08 02:51:54):

how do i use it

Eiyana (2021-11-09 01:50:29):

are you on lap top

i know how!

first you go on settings

search 'pointer look' in settings

now press the first one

press pointers

and press browse

now find your creation

now press OK

it will load to the mouse you created.

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

your welcome :-D

Unknown author (2021-11-09 08:36:15):

I am on crome book and I dont know how to get it after downloading it! Pls Help!! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2021-11-11 00:12:17):

eat corn might help

Unknown author (2021-11-11 18:27:48):

how do u upload curses so it works

Unknown author (2021-11-12 11:09:03):

como concha uso el mouse de corazon ese ;-)

Unknown author (2021-11-15 06:50:47):

how to chench coin

Unknown author (2021-11-16 18:11:56):

how do you do it on chromebook?

isaquecrystal12 (2021-11-18 01:51:50):

how do i create cursors? |-)

Ben Galeas (2021-11-19 06:35:44):


how do you do it on chromebook?


I am on crome book and I dont know how to get it after downloading it! Pls Help!! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Sorry. It's avalible in Windows only.


It only supports .apk's, so install Stylish on Chromebook/Phone if you want RealWorld on your phone/chromebook

Hint 2:

Windows supports .exe's, .bat's, etc

Hint 3:

RealWorld will be ported soon in a year, two, three, four or five, and it supports .dmg's, etc

Hint 4:

You can use Rufus for Windows to install Windows on a Macbook/Macbook Pro so you can run .exe's inside a Macbook. And Rufus isn't for Android/Chromebook/IOS, so manually that's how you use OSes.

I think i am being the best helper :-D

Unknown author (2021-11-19 17:11:37):


how do you do it on chromebook?
I am on crome book and I dont know how to get it after downloading it! Pls Help!! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
Sorry. It's avalible in Windows only.


It only supports .apk's, so install Stylish on Chromebook/Phone if you want RealWorld on your phone/chromebook
Hint 2:

Windows supports .exe's, .bat's, etc
Hint 3:

RealWorld will be ported soon in a year, two, three, four or five, and it supports .dmg's, etc
Hint 4:

You can use Rufus for Windows to install Windows on a Macbook/Macbook Pro so you can run .exe's

how do you do it on chromebook?
I am on crome book and I dont know how to get it after downloading it! Pls Help!! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
Sorry. It's avalible in Windows only.


It only supports .apk's, so install Stylish on Chromebook/Phone if you want RealWorld on your phone/chromebook
Hint 2:

Windows supports .exe's, .bat's, etc
Hint 3:

RealWorld will be ported soon in a year, two, three, four or five, and it supports .dmg's, etc
Hint 4:

You can use Rufus for Windows to install Windows on a Macbook/Macbook Pro so you can run .exe's

how do you do it on chromebook?
I am on crome book and I dont know how to get it after downloading it! Pls Help!! :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(
Sorry. It's avalible in Windows only.


It only supports .apk's, so install Stylish on Chromebook/Phone if you want RealWorld on your phone/chromebook
Hint 2:

Windows supports .exe's, .bat's, etc
Hint 3:

RealWorld will be ported soon in a year, two, three, four or five, and it supports .dmg's, etc
Hint 4:

You can use Rufus for Windows to install Windows on a Macbook/Macbook Pro so you can run .exe's

Unknown author (2021-11-21 08:37:06):

oh wow

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Unknown author (2021-11-26 13:31:46):

I want my white pointer again is can't downlode

reply to me

Unknown author (2021-11-27 14:09:20):

wat app is es

Unknown author (2021-11-29 05:19:16):

how do u change your cursor!!!!!

Unknown author (2021-11-29 19:49:41):

yes men

WiddleW (2021-12-01 02:15:27):

I wish that this avatar<<<< would change me from a male to a female.

Unknown author (2021-12-03 16:37:16):

how do you do it on chromebook?

Unknown author (2021-12-06 15:10:35):

How tf do you do this :<

Unknown author (2021-12-07 05:54:25):

Hi There,

Would anyone be able to please instruct how to change an iPad Pro 5th generation cursor shape from a circle to an arrow shape?


Unknown author (2021-12-08 17:15:37):

i Want a custom cursor it's not working

Unknown author (2021-12-13 16:02:38):

hoe do i use the minato kursur in my downloads

Unknown author (2021-12-15 01:05:01):

I want to put out

Unknown author (2021-12-17 20:03:11):

hi I need help putting my cat paw on (-------:

Unknown author (2021-12-19 19:00:22):

como se pone el puntero a mi no me va :<

Unknown author (2021-12-20 03:58:28):

how do u do this bs :-(

Unknown author (2021-12-20 11:19:33):

i dont konw how to save it after i turn of my computer

Unknown author (2021-12-20 16:46:42):

your mom

SonicGamer27 (2021-12-21 23:08:35):

How do I make an upload?

Unknown author (2021-12-23 07:33:19):

how do i put on the cursor

NoahBlox_YT (2021-12-25 02:33:41):

How to sell the cursor?

Unknown author (2021-12-26 12:08:06):

how to apply live cursor on MacBook Pro m1?

Hermitage (2021-12-26 12:58:17):

how do i create my cursor without download the offline program?

Unknown author (2021-12-26 17:15:54):

does it work on an hp pc

anyways stan straykids

Unknown author (2021-12-26 21:58:37):

how do i use this?

Unknown author (2021-12-27 00:29:16):

how can I put it on my Cursor

Unknown author (2021-12-28 11:17:37):

how can i uninstall the dart?

Unknown author (2021-12-29 10:22:46):

it won't let me download them :-(

Unknown author (2022-01-02 02:34:52):

How do i turn off the Cursor Changer and revert to my normal cursor?

Unknown author (2022-01-03 11:23:37):


z0inks! (2022-01-04 00:28:46):


Unknown author (2022-01-05 00:18:26):

How do i change the look of my mouse cursor???

How do i change my cursor's look on school chromebook??

Unknown author (2022-01-05 03:22:56):

hmm how i changes my icon cursor in windows if someone now please emain to me my email it's mahardikwijayabryan@gmail.com 8-)

Unknown author (2022-01-07 01:00:29):


Unknown author (2022-01-07 17:25:03):


Unknown author (2022-01-09 15:15:48):

how can I change my cursor if I have an Apple?

Unknown author (2022-01-12 10:24:36):

When I save as apng my file isn't animated. It's just the still frame of the first image. How do I get it to stay animated?

Unknown author (2022-01-12 20:39:03):

Is there any possible way you can have a cursur by not downloadning it? My school blocked it. :-o

teon (2022-01-12 21:57:24):

how do i put my cursor on???

Unknown author (2022-01-13 15:53:59):

Would love if tools like this would be more flexible at cursor size too...
1. Don't assume cursor having aspect ratio 1:1
2. Don't limit size to 256, 512 or anything rather the technical limit (2^8 for .cur, 2^32 for .ani)

My other comment:

Unknown author (2022-01-15 00:36:10):

:-)tanks it Worked

Unknown author (2022-01-15 21:20:59):

my curser is still the same

Y IS MY CURSER THE SAME i wanted this so bad this took forever to find whos making the webstite and i downloaded the curser thing to have a curser and i still have the same thing and how is this going to help does the spider man curser really move when you have it or no is this all fake this better not be do we have to buy this i hope not because this is my school computer and there is obviouly no money on it is a moderator going to respond to this or somthing i have a simple request iv been here for a while and this looks like some sort of old webstite this thing is so useless im going through all this for nothing i mean this would be really cool to have some different curser but really all this this is an easy question so can you awnser it quick i dont have all day. thank you :-(

Unknown author (2022-01-15 22:37:38):

doese anyone know how to put it on the cuser on chromebook

Unknown author (2022-01-16 08:23:50):

dude i how do i dolowned it its says i cant '

Unknown author (2022-01-16 19:38:33):

how do i make it so on a cromebook i can chang my mouse

Unknown author (2022-01-17 13:02:15):

how do i change my mouse on a cromebook

Unknown author (2022-01-17 14:45:47):

give me among us cursor pls

Unknown author (2022-01-18 11:25:49):

i want super man curser

Unknown author (2022-01-18 19:00:00):

my curser activates where I put my pointer without clicking the mouse left button

Unknown author (2022-01-19 09:40:50):


Unknown author (2022-01-19 23:39:44):

how do u equip the cursors?

Unknown author (2022-01-20 11:55:17):

how to create cursors :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-01-22 22:49:57):

yeah how do you do it on chrombook

Unknown author (2022-01-23 04:58:08):

what is the arg for the ARG orange cursors

Unknown author (2022-01-27 20:16:07):

E 8-)

Unknown author (2022-01-27 20:41:26):

how do i put the the cursor on

ya how do you?


;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Justiinಠ_ಠ (2022-01-27 22:46:39):


Unknown author (2022-01-29 16:19:56):

I can't get animated ones to work on mousescape.

Unknown author (2022-02-01 03:25:00):

how do u do it on chromebook

Unknown author (2022-02-01 14:11:32):

homework is shit ;-)

steph (2022-02-01 17:32:23):

so is you

TenZue (2022-02-04 00:41:09):

Homework ssometimes i din't do all my homework most of the time I dont have that much homework it depends on what my teacher(s) give me... But Home work does suck I agree with you anonymous.

Unknown author (2022-02-04 19:54:27):

monkey what monkey more like moonkey :-o

TenZue (2022-02-04 23:11:49):


Ormabey ur future would turn out as a monkey

Unknown author (2022-02-05 12:54:50):

Hello! :-D i love this app now i have a cute cursor!! <3

Unknown author (2022-02-06 18:53:33):

how do you put the cursor on?

Unknown author (2022-02-08 17:54:24):

how do i put my cursor on

kemo (2022-02-09 06:43:03):

how to make cursors????

Unknown author (2022-02-09 07:39:27):

i dont know how to download cursors

Unknown author (2022-02-10 10:50:57):

how do i use this?

TenZue (2022-02-11 05:58:28):




And to mostly make animated cursors is on aPC which I have

Unknown author (2022-02-13 20:21:57):

how do u put the cursor on?

Unknown author (2022-02-14 07:07:07):

please tell me how to equip it

Unknown author (2022-02-14 08:38:10):

i can not remember but what do you do when you download

Winter_Bubble (2022-02-15 04:49:59):

how do I put a cursor :-(

dreamy (2022-02-15 16:20:51):

how do i put a cursor :-(

Unknown author (2022-02-15 19:56:16):

how do i put a fing cursor



Unknown author (2022-02-16 23:55:41):

i want to create my own cursors BTW just click a cursor that you want to equip then click download


Unknown author (2022-02-17 10:31:28):

help me do it this is so hard :-(

TenZue (2022-02-17 19:07:17):

Ḯ̕͠t̔͊̒s̓͑̈́ h̐̈́͝a͊̐͊r̓̽̓d͆̽͠ c̀́̚a͒̔͝u̿̐̓s͛̈́͌e͆͒͌ y͒̿͝o͊͋̓ú͋͘ d͋̈́͛ö́̈́̚ǹ̒̈́t́͑͛ k̔̀͝n̾̿͋o͑̽͠w͑̓̚ h́͑̐o͌͋͊w̔̓̓ t̿̽͐o̿̾̿ d͛͒͒o͐̕͠i͋́͝ẗ́̾.͒̓̕

Unknown author (2022-02-18 17:32:25):

i do

you go to your settings and go to your cursors

Unknown author (2022-02-19 18:56:14):

How do you make your cursor on your cursor?

Unknown author (2022-02-20 15:32:53):

I do not understand how u get the cursor?

Unknown author (2022-02-21 18:33:18):

el cursor es muy facil 8-)

Unknown author (2022-02-23 05:50:35):

how to do this shit

Unknown author (2022-02-24 02:28:38):


리그오브레전드 커서가 없다 |-)

Unknown author (2022-02-25 06:09:15):

i am commenting this by using windows xp lol XD

Unknown author (2022-02-26 19:50:22):

How do i change my cursor it an animated one

Unknown author (2022-02-27 10:43:31):

How to install :-(

Unknown author (2022-02-28 07:04:10):

how do you get the cursor on ur screen :-(

Unknown author (2022-03-02 20:58:20):

how can you add your own picture?

Unknown author (2022-03-03 02:40:25):

como se pone el mause :-(

Unknown author (2022-03-04 15:58:31):

how do you put the moue on

Unknown author (2022-03-04 17:43:38):

how do i put the cursor on my chromebook???? :-)

Unknown author (2022-03-04 23:39:51):

i... don't have it on. :-(

Unknown author (2022-03-05 04:01:04):

how do i do it on mac :-(

Unknown author (2022-03-08 09:06:24):

hoow to get help :-o :-o :-(

Utopianism thornless\gray 6 Richland 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2022-03-08 16:15:44):

pleas help im diying

zayne meguir

can you help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


im poor i need food i found this crom book on the side of the rode

:-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-D :-) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-o 8-) |-) |-) 8-)

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) |-) 8-) 8-) 8-) |-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)


kiding all a joke

8-) 8-) 8-) :-o :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-) :-D

Unknown author (2022-03-08 17:26:11):

how do i put it?

dafo (2022-03-13 01:31:03):

VFG |-) VN

if you have a chome book you can't change your cursor idtot :-)!

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

:-D |-) |-) |-) |-) |-)

ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-)


Unknown author (2022-03-14 15:40:51):


Unknown author (2022-03-16 22:36:26):

How do I get it on my chromebook? :-(

dafo (2022-03-19 08:30:36):

that relly dumb

Unknown author (2022-03-20 02:11:57):

hallo leute ich weis nicht wie ich das auf der xbox one s machen kann,kann da jemand mir bitte hälfen

Unknown author (2022-03-21 14:14:23):




SharkyNot_Found (2022-03-22 06:46:46):


Unknown author (2022-03-23 03:34:03):

how do you change the default cursor of ur laptop

Unknown author (2022-03-23 14:15:08):

how do i change my curser on hp laptop???? :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-03-24 01:53:36):

how do i change my cursor on an hp

Unknown author (2022-03-24 02:51:38):

how do I get my pointer it doesn't work at all :-(

what do I do to get the pointer :-(

What do I dooooo |-) |-) |-) |-) :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-03-25 14:17:23):

huhbjA nsjxh eygwxgubwhjbhdbyavhbds weuhdgwhb oghdgudhbshv ywgudguhdbh y dhuebjhdbhgeud egdyugedbhewarghbejhabfyagwet gyugedhwbyudge ugyuegdybhuebdygewygdweb egwgjbdkhewgayg

Unknown author (2022-03-27 04:29:55):

where do i get my mouse?

Unknown author (2022-03-27 14:28:37):

this is so dumb

JustMe (2022-03-28 03:56:51):

I must not be very good at computers. How do I add the caption to all the frames in RealWorldPaint?

Unknown author (2022-03-29 18:43:37):

how the f i delete search history

Unknown author (2022-03-31 13:58:33):

it dosent work

Unknown author (2022-04-02 00:54:00):

i cant:((( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-04-02 21:57:56):



Unknown author (2022-04-03 14:23:47):


Unknown author (2022-04-04 20:23:49):


Unknown author (2022-04-05 04:58:09):

Where do I enter cursor code?

Unknown author (2022-04-06 10:50:29):

how do i add my cursor?

Unknown author (2022-04-06 18:50:15):

yo ya se como

Unknown author (2022-04-07 09:13:53):

how do i add my cursor huh

Unknown author (2022-04-07 20:38:46):


Unknown author (2022-04-09 10:55:15):

לא עובד

Unknown author (2022-04-11 06:40:33):

Hi, um how do you uhhh put the ummmm the cusor drawing to the uhhhh this link?

Unknown author (2022-04-19 00:06:00):

bts hfiv

Unknown author (2022-04-22 02:46:15):

yall is ulghy boyyyy rbjhfghfrugfr4r

Unknown author (2022-04-22 17:44:36):

how do i add mi cursor

help :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-04-25 01:01:20):

how to upload cursor pls

Unknown author (2022-04-26 07:19:04):

How can I add my cursor

Unknown author (2022-04-26 18:37:45):


Unknown author (2022-04-27 20:05:00):

i need help to get my diffrent mouse



Unknown author (2022-04-29 15:22:23):


Unknown author (2022-04-29 23:20:38):


Unknown author (2022-04-30 05:28:32):

how do i make the mouse i chose my new mouse?

Unknown author (2022-05-02 08:28:45):

Ben faremi yaptım çok kolay

Unknown author (2022-05-02 16:56:38):


Unknown author (2022-05-02 23:39:23):

:-( :-( cant use my cursor

Unknown author (2022-05-03 13:33:58):

can u you guys make muse like starve.io.com please

Unknown author (2022-05-04 02:13:25):

;-) :-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-) :-D :-( :-o |-) 8-)

Unknown author (2022-05-08 14:09:18):

suck a dick

Unknown author (2022-05-09 16:07:35):


haha you stupid

download this app

Unknown author (2022-05-10 01:48:56):

how do i use my cursor

Unknown author (2022-05-13 04:32:44):

how do i activate the cursor?

Unknown author (2022-05-13 16:38:38):

How do I use the cursor?

JUNTENG ANG (2022-05-14 11:58:39):

idk how to give up my cursors and icons to everyone

Unknown author (2022-05-14 19:47:37):


Unknown author (2022-05-16 18:02:40):

it wont work 0/5 stars

thewindowsawesome (2022-05-18 22:12:52):

i want to delete my account

Diman_PRO (2022-05-19 07:36:00):

подскажите, а как переключаться между кадрами в реалворлд пеинт?

Unknown author (2022-05-19 08:21:51):

how can i upload my cursor

Unknown author (2022-05-19 17:30:49):


dosnt even work



(ノ `Д´)ノ

(ノ `Д´)ノ

(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノv(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ Д´)ノ(ノ `Д´)ノ



✴==≡눈٩(皿´҂)ง ✴==≡눈٩(皿´҂)ง ✴==≡눈٩(皿´҂)ง ✴==≡눈٩(皿´҂)ง ✴==≡눈٩(`皿´҂)ง



























Unknown author (2022-05-21 12:09:16):

i cant use it-

Unknown author (2022-05-23 22:21:50):

How do you activate the cursor?

Unknown author (2022-05-26 22:16:40):

how do you download the thingy

Unknown author (2022-05-30 07:37:29):

how do I upload my cute cures

Unknown author (2022-05-30 18:42:33):

8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2022-06-01 19:41:26):

Update it so it will work for chrome!!!!!! >:(

Unknown author (2022-06-06 12:24:01):


Unknown author (2022-06-07 17:53:40):

i do not get it

Unknown author (2022-06-07 23:35:29):

i am a hot baby unlike you noobs have a crappy day

Animelove_1105 ♾️ (2022-06-07 23:48:17):

Comments these days :facepalm:

Unknown author (2022-06-08 18:45:04):

How do you get the custom mouse
when you download it

Unknown author (2022-06-15 11:17:37):

As powerful as it may be, I wonder how to create 8bit style cursors i.e. with visible pixels. Call be stupid if I just don't see it or is there really no way to switch off the obligatory anti-aliasing? :-(

Add: "It" being RealWorld Cursor Editor of course. :-)

Henry vntv (2022-06-21 13:48:49):

my goddnes icon-image/24200-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-06-21 23:07:39):

it's not letting me downloads my custom mouse

Unknown author (2022-06-23 15:58:44):

not work

Unknown author (2022-06-27 19:44:12):

how to
get course

Unknown author (2022-07-07 00:32:54):

What the heck do I do to use the cursor??

Unknown author (2022-07-08 06:54:52):

how do i put my cursor on after downloading it? i think you guys should have a tutorial on your page since there are some oldies on here.

Unknown author (2022-07-08 07:33:34):

idk im trying to do that


Unknown author (2022-07-12 10:31:55):

how do you use this i believe this might be a scam of mega bites

Unknown author (2022-07-17 23:40:37):

:-)esta buena la pajina

Unknown author (2022-07-21 13:47:37):


Normie (2022-07-24 14:01:23):

go to control panel tap on pointers tap on browse select the downloaded file

Unknown author (2022-07-25 05:20:37):

did not help

Unknown author (2022-08-01 23:47:09):

how do you get the cursor?

Unknown author (2022-08-15 12:52:01):

how to get mouse idk :-(

Unknown author (2022-08-18 12:39:47):

need help

Unknown author (2022-08-18 15:44:12):

this is legit a scam you guys its crap :-o

Unknown author (2022-08-22 04:56:06):
-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-)
Unknown author (2022-08-22 22:28:02):

uhhhh... ok for the people who dont know what to do, Control Panel, get in Hardware and Sounds then there will show a thing called Device and Printers at the 3rd option to the end, press Mouse. It should show u stuff then get into your files and choose the mouse u wanted.

:-D happy? TY

Unknown author (2022-08-23 00:11:28):


Unknown author (2022-08-23 15:33:05):

8-) it's mose did bruh

Unknown author (2022-08-25 12:25:30):


8-) it's mose did bruh

-) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-) -) </td><td>-)
Unknown author (2022-08-25 19:38:36):

Bruh you are so annoying and dumb-

Unknown author (2022-08-30 11:58:03):


i need help

Unknown author (2022-08-30 19:10:29):

i need help im on school chrome

Unknown author (2022-08-31 00:38:07):


Unknown author (2022-09-04 18:46:51):


Biker (2022-09-06 07:37:29):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D push the mouse? duh

Unknown author (2022-09-07 22:03:03):

hello guys we are technically trying to fix things right now sorry for the wait and it will work soon thank you goodbye! sep 7 2022

Unknown author (2022-09-08 19:20:30):

hey man im a kid lol ez dubs

Unknown author (2022-09-11 13:58:48):

eu nao sei mudar o mouse e dificil

Unknown author (2022-09-14 08:22:30):

how do i publish my cursors

Unknown author (2022-09-14 10:33:18):

thanks for sharing

Unknown author (2022-09-15 11:43:31):

it doesnt work.

Unknown author (2022-09-15 14:55:24):

can someone tell me how to put my crosshair

Unknown author (2022-09-18 16:11:32):

where can you costomize

Jordan (2022-09-18 22:14:51):

Don't Be A Stranger Anonymous!

Egg (2022-09-19 06:40:58):

How do I upload a cursor?

Unknown author (2022-09-19 14:05:39):

mình không thấy nó

mik ko t nó

Unknown author (2022-09-20 00:22:32):

It says I need an app associated with it to be able to open it.

Unknown author (2022-09-21 22:34:21):


Unknown author (2022-09-26 03:41:35):

cánh nào tải con chuột vậy

Unknown author (2022-10-07 04:42:32):

i have no idea how to upload my cursor

Unknown author (2022-10-10 09:22:54):

what i doing

Unknown author (2022-10-10 18:51:23):

how to change my cursor? :-(

Unknown author (2022-10-11 10:43:44):

How to change the cursor! :-(

Unknown author (2022-10-14 03:09:20):


Unknown author (2022-10-18 05:35:02):

how do i change the cursor, after i downloaded the file

Unknown author (2022-10-19 13:47:55):

how do you change the cursor?

Unknown author (2022-10-19 19:25:51):

Bro just install a custom pack in chrome instead of this.

Unknown author (2022-10-20 02:37:31):

how to change cursor |-)

Unknown author (2022-10-20 15:38:38):

tôi không thể mở được

Unknown author (2022-10-20 22:48:59):

Donde estan los benditos instaladores.?

Unknown author (2022-10-21 18:33:11):


Unknown author (2022-10-25 00:47:22):

i need help

Unknown author (2022-10-26 16:48:48):

how do you even change the cursor. Guys if you are seeing this, this is just a waste of storage so don't download them. (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻

Unknown author (2022-10-27 11:11:03):

the way to change the mouse cursor is in settings to mouse to additional mouse setting to cursor and find ur img

and no sites can change you mouse so stop nagging its a good site bud


Unknown author (2022-10-27 18:21:05):

How do change cursor after dowbload



How cange cursor


anyways check my wattpad ReviloVani i post smut

how change cursor please helo help

Unknown author (2022-10-27 23:35:43):


Unknown author (2022-11-02 12:28:47):

How do I find my recent cursor that I downloaded?

Unknown author (2022-11-02 12:31:52):

cant change cursor

Unknown author (2022-11-02 18:05:01):

im on edge idk how to change my cursor

Unknown author (2022-11-04 04:17:37):

I don't nowhow to use this |-) :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-11-04 19:10:18):

how do i put on a cursor?
:-( :-( :-( :-o

Unknown author (2022-11-04 19:59:16):

איך אני שם את העכבר הזה?

Unknown author (2022-11-06 23:26:15):


i need yt video

Unknown author (2022-11-07 12:18:57):

how to make your mouse into shyguy

how to put a cursor
:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-11-07 17:44:48):

How do we do a cursor? Please tell me :-(

IM on pc

Unknown author (2022-11-08 03:27:21):

idk where the file is

Unknown author (2022-11-09 08:27:01):

shing shang shong

Unknown author (2022-11-09 11:34:49):

can't open

Unknown author (2022-11-10 01:10:54):

how too remove it

Unknown author (2022-11-10 20:38:28):


majaaa (2022-11-11 19:11:45):

how do you put on a cursorrrr :-(

ツ☪ spunch_bop♡♥ (2022-11-12 08:50:24):

how do you put on a cursorrr icon-image/23967-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2022-11-13 09:59:27):

How do you put a cursor?

Unknown author (2022-11-13 20:28:54):

:-( :-( :-( :-(

that akkun (2022-11-14 15:16:05):


Unknown author (2022-11-14 17:56:28):

how do i put a cursorikso

Unknown author (2022-11-15 13:58:30):

how to put cursor

Unknown author (2022-11-15 20:03:43):

how to actuvat

Unknown author (2022-11-17 06:42:22):

HELPS ME HOE OD I PPU THE CuRSOr BRUHSHsuUSUHuh :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-11-17 16:56:57):


Unknown author (2022-11-18 15:57:31):

я не могу поставить курсор :-(

zz (2022-11-19 14:32:32):


Unknown author (2022-11-19 22:26:59):

:-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-11-21 10:42:45):

有无中文?China the best

Unknown author (2022-11-22 23:59:04):

agree this thing sucks

Nightmare135 (2022-11-24 19:30:50):

How do i publish a cursor

Unknown author (2022-11-25 00:13:06):

como pongo el cursor :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2022-11-26 18:25:42):

What is the difference between horrow cur and cur

Unknown author (2022-11-28 19:56:10):

pleaseeeee i want the cursorss D:

Unknown author (2022-12-01 21:57:22):

:-( it dont even work for me dudes

whoever made this is tripping dog :-(

hey chu papi

how're you doing

ima a girl

sike im a alien

Unknown author (2022-12-02 09:31:54):

:-(this is dumded

Unknown author (2022-12-04 08:02:44):


Unknown author (2022-12-07 18:32:21):


Unknown author (2022-12-08 13:56:50):

eu não sei fazer isso

Unknown author (2022-12-09 04:14:19):


Sun_l1ght (2022-12-10 07:15:33):

Lemme just:
1-Download "realworld cursor editor"
2- draw your cursor
3- CTRL+W (or click the red internet sign) to upload
4-pick a name, role, etc
5-Cursor uploaded
6-would include how to put ur cursors into a pack but i forgot how.
can anyone remind me please? i made all the cursors i need for a pack but i can't put them into a pack

Unknown author (2022-12-12 09:35:00):

:-D :-D

Sun_l1ght (2022-12-14 12:48:09):


Unknown author (2022-12-21 21:55:41):

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

:-o :-o

Unknown author (2022-12-23 01:12:37):
Unknown author (2022-12-23 12:48:55):

I CANT DOWNLOAD THE POINTERS :((((((((((((((((((((((( IDK WHY

Unknown author (2022-12-30 23:42:13):

I changed the recycle bin icons and then I tested them.
The empty bin changes to full when I put a file inside it, but when I empty the bin, it doesn't change back to the empty icon.
I have windows 11, can someone help me, please?

Unknown author (2023-01-04 13:44:35):


nibbler (2023-01-07 16:29:25):

To change the recycle bin icons for full and empty, on Windows 11:
1. Go to the Start Menu and search "Control Panel".
2. Click Appearances and Personalization then click Personalization.
3. On the left-hand side of the window, click Change desktop icons.
4. You have the option to change the icon display for when the recycle bin is full and when it's empty. Just click the item you want to change the icon with and click Change Icon. Select the icon you downloaded and click OK. Click OK to save changes.

Unknown author (2023-01-11 11:27:54):

I can't change my favourite mouse. What should I doing now?

Unknown author (2023-01-11 19:49:43):

bruh i can't get the my melody mouse pointer and I even watched a video how to do it on this website :-(

Unknown author (2023-01-13 14:27:26):

hur gör man

bruh det går ej

Unknown author (2023-01-14 01:40:36):

im on xbox and i cant

Unknown author (2023-01-14 18:24:46):

how do i use the cursor

Unknown author (2023-01-19 21:56:51):

how do you download the Corses

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2023-01-20 11:10:03):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-(is dont doing i dont can donlowd sorry im germeny :-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2023-01-21 21:42:58):

how do i upload the cursor

ツ☪ spunch_bop♡♥ (2023-01-22 20:03:22):

i changed dis icon at firealpaca icon-image/24519-16x16x32.png image

Unknown author (2023-01-25 01:10:57):

um hi

anyone on rn?

Unknown author (2023-01-25 19:58:56):

:-( llonose

Unknown author (2023-01-26 02:15:10):

bruh it can't do haikyuu that's crazy

poor me!!! 8-) |-) :-(;)

Unknown author (2023-01-26 14:50:04):

how to change the cursor

igorigabr (2023-01-26 15:57:39):

como faz cursor de mouse seleção de link ?

Unknown author (2023-01-27 19:40:45):


Unknown author (2023-01-27 23:06:45):


rtfrrrrekefreeoe veine eienee


Unknown author (2023-01-31 16:11:23):

Hey pepole

Unknown author (2023-01-31 17:28:30):

yftrd ujerdctfyvuijmutygfr5ed4ws3z4xsde5rct yvubgvfredwsxdc vgybtg

Unknown author (2023-02-01 00:37:34):

this makes no seens I trid every thing and I cant change my mouse is this a skam

Unknown author (2023-02-02 01:40:37):

:-( this dosnt work

Unknown author (2023-02-02 03:59:59):

:-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2023-02-05 14:35:55):

how to donload

Unknown author (2023-02-09 19:19:48):

how do you put the mouse on

Roblox Alan (2023-02-10 16:10:13):

how to see my cursor

Unknown author (2023-02-10 22:42:11):

:-( how

Unknown author (2023-02-18 07:55:34):

wattafuk this dozont wörk

Unknown author (2023-02-19 18:27:50):

This site is amazingly old haha. Miss these / love these.

Unknown author (2023-02-22 07:53:13):

how to put cursor on

Unknown author (2023-02-22 12:26:50):

i need toinstall somthing but idk what :-(

TenZue (2023-02-23 17:50:49):


watch the videos

Unknown author (2023-02-23 18:16:21):

Im on a chromebook

Unknown author (2023-02-23 19:08:22):

ich bekomme das einfach nicht hin
Ich brauche hilfe !!!!

the kawaii girl (2023-02-25 02:34:35):

im fine ;0

Unknown author (2023-02-25 06:43:37):

im find:0

Unknown author (2023-02-25 11:46:26):

i play minecraft and my mouse is stop click mouse pointer no item
:-( :-(

Unknown author (2023-02-27 16:18:13):

i hate blm

Unknown author (2023-02-28 10:40:05):


Sun_l1ght (2023-03-01 12:22:00):

can anyone please tell me how to put my cursors into a pack? i made them already

Unknown author (2023-03-01 17:41:35):

how can u get it as ur cursor when u download it

Unknown author (2023-03-02 17:46:21):

How can u use the cursor after u download it??

HenryCarm (2023-03-02 18:10:30):

how do i post my mouse online :-(

Unknown author (2023-03-02 18:46:41):

I don't know

Unknown author (2023-03-04 01:14:24):

bruh this is a fr joke ngl i download it then i cant even open it lol -_-

Unknown author (2023-03-04 02:13:53):

How do you set up a onclick event in the java script and it would change the cursor to the next one

Unknown author (2023-03-04 12:55:13):

i cant open it to :[

Unknown author (2023-03-07 18:15:02):

i cant i dont know how to do this omg :-(

Unknown author (2023-03-09 22:19:35):

mas como instalo?

Unknown author (2023-03-10 11:26:28):

POV: *Lookes for tutorials* "how to download a mouse cursor" *see's that one video to this website* *clicks it* *after watching that video* DAWG I DID ALL THE STEPS AND I STILL DIDNT GET IT

Unknown author (2023-03-11 14:21:17):


Unknown author (2023-03-13 03:43:38):

how do I get the mouse on the laptop

Unknown author (2023-03-15 22:49:09):

how do i change my cursor

Unknown author (2023-03-16 00:02:59):


Unknown author (2023-03-16 14:36:50):

i need help :-(

im on my school laptop rn and i wanna change the cursor HELP ME ;(

Unknown author (2023-03-18 23:59:58):

How do i change my cursor heeeeelp :-(

Unknown author (2023-03-21 21:06:39):

ship me a ROCCAT please Maybe The kone pro :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-( :-( :-( :-( :-( :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) |-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) ;-) :-) :-)

what if i say f*ck

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Unknown author (2023-03-22 18:20:06):


Unknown author (2023-03-23 00:59:40):

how do I put the deisgns as my cursor

Unknown author (2023-03-23 12:44:54):


Unknown author (2023-03-23 19:48:03):

am also on my school computer asking how to change my cursor lol

Ohsolikeworm (2023-03-24 22:34:12):

Does anyone know if there are ways to install the custom cursors much more quickly? I don't want to keep inputting them individually.

Unknown author (2023-03-25 09:22:31):

how i do change my cursor

Unknown author (2023-03-25 09:58:05):

idk how to change my cursor :-(

Unknown author (2023-03-25 14:10:06):


Unknown author (2023-03-26 20:56:14):

How I can cane my couser


Now I know how to do that but I'm learning a lol is how to do caught this
Mouse couser

Unknown author (2023-03-27 13:06:19):

Schwanz in mein arsch :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

ich esse asscock amk |-) |-) 8-) :-o :-( :-D :-) ;-) ;-)

Unknown author (2023-03-27 20:34:40):

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Liz any bady my friend

And play Minecraft too

Unknown author (2023-03-28 04:52:35):

How do I put the designs as my cursor?

Unknown author (2023-03-28 06:18:29):

I known but I need friend so I can say how caught mouse cursor

I known how to caught mouse cursor! but I need friend Friday one be you my friend

Unknown author (2023-03-31 19:09:37):

How do I make it my curser

Unknown author (2023-04-02 08:05:08):

Just download the always visible mouse! Then go to the mouse cursed and make you're mouse look new! it's the end of mouse curser

EZ right

Unknown author (2023-04-03 10:54:35):

I did not understand.

Unknown author (2023-04-06 20:20:46):

Where in settings do you change the curser for an HP laptop? I'm trying to change it back because my computer restarted by itself and I forgot how to change it back

Unknown author (2023-04-07 11:17:41):

it won't go on

Unknown author (2023-04-08 02:57:20):

it will not work on my laptop

Unknown author (2023-04-11 16:56:07):

i cant select it

Unknown author (2023-04-12 18:18:24):


crying child (2023-04-13 16:16:25):

How do I change my cusor on chromebook

✩Ameliaf0rl1f3xoxo✩ (2023-04-14 03:01:12):

how can i upload the cursor i just made

Unknown author (2023-04-15 03:42:09):

anyone know how to use the curser on chrome

Unknown author (2023-04-16 17:01:51):

@PamellaBlossomツ you can upload a cursor here

Unknown author (2023-04-17 13:29:32):

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Unknown author (2023-04-18 01:02:35):


Unknown author (2023-04-19 15:45:08):

who put that there

Unknown author (2023-04-19 20:08:25):


Unknown author (2023-04-19 23:59:16):

:-( :-( 8-) :-)jiu3wq[[[nvowpev pwnvrpe wuirpwjihuhupwqjmpqwnpqvejkkibieplknkj

-) </td><td>-) -) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)
Unknown author (2023-04-22 10:29:58):

how do you use the cursor?
or how to select/place it?

i mean apply

Unknown author (2023-04-26 05:02:46):

how to change my text cursor

CoolCreeps (2023-04-26 19:53:14):

People are asking for help on the help tab. :-D

Mik ike (2023-04-26 20:07:49):

if u want to change text select go to mouse settings pointers scroll down untill you see text select click on it click browse then go to downloads and select the text select u want hope that helps :-)

Unknown author (2023-04-26 22:17:09):

guuci guuci ya ya here here you just got krised LOL 8-) :-o 8-) 8-)

Unknown author (2023-05-04 00:17:57):

how do i apply it

Unknown author (2023-05-06 13:55:38):


lol it did not work

Unknown author (2023-05-09 17:55:05):

yoooo 8-)

Unknown author (2023-05-10 09:30:53):


Unknown author (2023-05-15 04:25:56):





MY EYES IS VERY CRINGE and kkññññño0-k,


Unknown author (2023-05-17 02:02:17):
Unknown author (2023-05-19 19:20:13):

how to equip mouse cruser

Unknown author (2023-05-22 04:20:30):

to equip the mouse all you have to do is go to settings

Unknown author (2023-05-24 04:17:04):

how to i get this on

Unknown author (2023-05-30 01:57:48):


Unknown author (2023-05-30 16:32:12):

What about Linux

Unknown author (2023-05-31 13:54:12):

how do you get them to work that's what i want to know

Unknown author (2023-06-01 16:36:35):

multi colous

Unknown author (2023-06-01 20:01:36):

how to get a cursor

nanaanan (2023-06-04 05:47:26):


ChocoMina (2023-06-06 05:50:14):

add "delete account" maybe? i need it... :-(

Unknown author (2023-06-07 21:21:04):

how to get mose

Unknown author (2023-06-08 12:11:52):

does it has dark mode?

Unknown author (2023-06-10 18:11:46):


Unknown author (2023-06-11 01:14:05):

can i remove a watermark that i didn't place

Unknown author (2023-06-13 23:49:27):

How i enable it

Unknown author (2023-06-20 03:09:17):

how to use cursor :-( :-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2023-06-20 10:21:54):

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Unknown author (2023-06-21 19:59:44):

my windows 1.0

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How can I Help!

Unknown author (2023-06-22 10:40:34):

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Unknown author (2023-06-23 11:43:25):


Unknown author (2023-06-23 12:43:07):

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MaxWins11 (2023-06-24 19:29:06):

how to go public

Unknown author (2023-06-25 15:57:56):


Unknown author (2023-06-27 16:47:40):

how use????

Unknown author (2023-06-28 15:12:38):

bruh how to install the cursor

Unknown author (2023-07-02 04:06:40):


Unknown author (2023-07-03 14:41:49):

seus cu;

uma bichera :-(

Unknown author (2023-07-04 02:45:58):

cu( enviado com efeito de presente )

ViniciusGamer-blox (2023-07-10 17:06:15):

Pov: os comentarios são esquistos :-o

eu tenho uma pergunta!

O que é Potted Button Pom nesse site?


Unknown author (2023-07-13 20:08:16):

Plz boys help me how do i create an 128*128px canvas >,<

Unknown author (2023-07-15 09:54:50):



f#ck you

Unknown author (2023-07-15 19:29:04):

Potted Button Pom:

Uma fábrica de botões que produz botões uma vez por dia.

Vaso de botões

Botões é como se fosse moeda e tem valor apenas nesse site.

Unknown author (2023-07-17 04:30:07):

cers |-)fvd

Unknown author (2023-07-18 19:07:47):

it doesnt work and the website is unsecure

Unknown author (2023-07-20 10:37:56):

the amongus potion

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-o :-( 8-) ;-)

Unknown author (2023-07-26 23:29:29):

im not dowlod my mouse pointer

eu não consigo fazer o dowdold do my mouse pointer

Unknown author (2023-07-28 13:01:29):

where is mouse setting

Unknown author (2023-07-29 05:04:42):




Unknown author (2023-07-29 17:26:52):

how to change the style of the size of corsor

Unknown author (2023-07-31 18:01:59):

:-D :-( 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2023-08-02 11:26:52):

:-( |-) |-) |-) |-)

Unknown author (2023-08-04 21:13:01):

how do u download the curser

Unknown author (2023-08-05 21:04:55):


:-) :-D :-o :-( ;-) X-( 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2023-08-13 07:01:50):


Unknown author (2023-08-16 10:03:28):


Unknown author (2023-08-16 10:03:39):

:-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

Unknown author (2023-08-17 02:28:27):


Unknown author (2023-08-22 00:11:01):


Unknown author (2023-08-22 23:09:22):

i downloaded the cursor, but i do not know how to activate it.

Unknown author (2023-08-23 20:42:20):

same bruh
:-( :-( :-( :-(

Unknown author (2023-08-24 19:33:55):





Unknown author (2023-08-24 20:16:54):

:-D :-( :-( :-o 8-) 8-) :-) ;-) ;-) 8-) |-) |-)

Unknown author (2023-08-28 16:47:24):

How to activate the cursor? Can someone help me, please?

Unknown author (2023-08-29 21:21:26):

i dont know how to use it

Unknown author (2023-08-30 21:33:15):

8-) |-) :-( :-) ;-) :-D :-( :-o 8-) |-)

Unknown author (2023-09-01 19:35:56):

how do u use the cursor

Unknown author (2023-09-02 11:37:58):

What is the cursor? And why is everyone talking about it! I feel left

Out ⬆️ I don't know why it didn't show

Unknown author (2023-09-03 06:53:23):

i could not activate it ethier sad :-(

Unknown author (2023-09-03 17:00:37):

i can activacte it


Unknown author (2023-09-04 23:05:55):


Unknown author (2023-09-09 20:35:52):

Hi I want to know how to change the appearance of my folders to the pictures i downloaded

Unknown author (2023-09-12 17:28:48):

How to use it?Can someone help? :-(

Unknown author (2023-09-13 09:24:16):

what the drut how do I use this. holy poo this is terrible

Unknown author (2023-09-14 19:42:32):

suck my dick!

sorry guys

Unknown author (2023-09-17 07:09:20):

how can i use it?

Unknown author (2023-09-18 13:42:09):


Unknown author (2023-09-19 23:15:12):

how do i activate the cursor bro



Unknown author (2023-09-20 02:01:27):

it's actually very easy just search up a YouTube tutorial makes it 10 easier :-)

Unknown author (2023-09-22 09:03:25):

how to remove sparkle

Unknown author (2023-09-25 06:49:15):

i love these silly ass cursors the scrimbly rimbly cursors :-D

Unknown author (2023-09-26 04:17:56):

idk how to download itttttt :-(

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